Monday, March 18, 2013

Written February 17, 2013 Beloved – In these Miri Messages I share with you both my challenges and pains with the human experience and my experiences as I transmute and transcend into higher vibrational dimensions……. as we all receive and integrate our Divine Essence into our bodies. May you remember that we are not separate; you are not alone.

2/15: “The world is in a major "Shake Out" from the force of the 2012 Galactic Alignment, and many of you are reporting feeling "letdown" after the great promise of this momentous event. From the Diamond perspective, it is very clear that the "Old Ways" simply will not work any longer, and that we are sitting in a very pregnant VOID while we are in the process of creating what I call a NEW, NEW, NEW Diamond Aloha World ... a Multidimensional World of Unlimited Possibility ... in our individual lives and on the Planet!

This VOID can be misinterpreted as a "letdown" that "nothing is happening" when in fact, the most profound things are happening deep within.” Jacqueline Joy, Diamond Alignment

I liked reading this the other day (Feb 15) because I have been feeling so different these past 2 months since Mid Dec.……I’ve written about the quiet, the ability to trust and rest in spacious allowing where it feels like nothing is happening…. and then a moment of feeling like I want out, want to be done with the heaviness of this dimension. Many of us are wondering what’s going on……. wondering about this call to deep rest (or am I depressed) and releasing expectations about how things should be looking, what should be happening in our lives, how we should be feeling, what we should be Doing. Ah – the shoulds
Being and Receiving and Transmuting. That’s what we’ve been doing. We are remembering how to BE and in that Being we are able to open and receive more of our Divine Energies. And remember that it is difficult to hear and sense Presence/God if you keep running around and doing all that worrying and thinking!

On reflection, I see so much shifting in me. A big one is that I am moving from noticing, allowing, accepting into LOVING ME. That’s a big thing to write to you. For the past few years, I have been called to pay more attention to those parts of me that I recoiled from, rejected or denied (our shadows)…… I was introduced to The Work by Byron Katie. Katie’s first book is called Loving What Is. Loved the book, disliked the title. That was too much for me. I wasn’t there. I couldn’t love what is…….the best I could do was begin to notice, allow, and work on accepting. But I surely couldn’t feel any big heart loving for those parts of me I could barely acknowledge. Nope no loving what is, but definitely noticing, allowing, more accepting…….

These past few years, there has been an exponential shift into a greater acceptance of me, meaning all my parts/characters of me - the actions, reactions, feelings including shame and jealousy, memories, my thoughts that sometimes I’m too much, stories, behaviors, etc all the ways that I show up, that I call ‘me’.

I became much better at acknowledging and accepting…..but truth be told, gosh I’m tearing up with the pain of this…..I could not say I loved me….all of me. And today – I am discovering that Grace has opened a new path and placed me on it. I AM beginning to feel a yearning to LOVE ME.   Not just tolerating or accepting me, but full open hearted I Love Me as I AM. I want to experience that in this lifetime.  Imagine the possibility of having such a deep acceptance of your self that you just love you….that one day you notice that all the dark and heavy shaming, blaming, analyzing, recoiling, comparing and judging is truly fading because The Light that I AM, that each one of us has become so Bright.

I am not any different than you ~ I have had lots of trauma and pain in my life….a difficult childhood, where I was not seen, loved the way I needed to be loved, heard, or supported as I believed I needed. So for me, survival was about becoming like a chameleon……I became what the others that I depended on for my ‘survival’ needed me to be, or what I thought they needed me to be. It’s all done on an unconscious level at the beginning of this ‘molding’ of a personality period…..I tried to figure out how I needed to behave and show up for first my parents, then with ‘others’’ for their love and acceptance. It’s called surviving in what felt like a basically unsafe world (unsafe to the personality of me. I’m big on differentiating between my ego/personality self and my Divine Self…..most of our lives have been lived by our responding and reacting to life from our personality….remember personality comes from the Greek word persona - mask. Oh the many masks and costumes we have put on)

I gave me away, to get their love. I pushed me down and disconnected. I didn’t have my voice, couldn’t speak my truth, ask for what I wanted….actually didn’t even know what I was feeling or what I really needed or wanted. Very disconnected from my authentic self - body, emotions, mind, spirit.

So there I was…..and here I AM. Many of us are experiencing alchemical healing and transformation as we receive the energies of our Divine Selves into these holy vessels we call bodies. Miracles, Grace and Love are available right here and now. Please DO what you need to do to get out of your victimhood, limitations and your stories. You are NOT any of that – Let’s stop living life in reactivity.

Actually, if you just say to the Universe with sincerity that you are ready to release these patterns and shift into Love and Possibility then The Universe by its nature, MUST respond. Now it may not respond in the way you’re thinking it should……!! 
 You are Love, Love Magnified. You are a most precious and holy Spirit wanting to have this wild crazy human experience that comes with a one way ticket that has recently been activated – a ticket taking you back home - to realizing the Divine Being you have always been and to living life from that realization and that embodiment of Divine Knowing. You are LOVE. Nothing has ever been wrong, and there were no mistakes.

Ready to awaken and move out of the dream state? There is lots of support to help you shift your energies and vibration…..

I AM in Love with You ~ Remember, we are to do this together….remember…… you are never alone~