Tuesday, April 19, 2016

 What the Lilies Taught Me

3 Life Lessons From Nature  
                    Lessons 3, 2 and 1 are below,  in this upside down order.

Lesson #3 is about our FEELINGS... about letting them be as they are, including the feelings of sadness. 

Are you human?  Of course!  Well then - You FEEL! 
                                     It is in our Design to FEEL.    

As I sat looking at the lilies, what came this time was about paying attention and acknowledging that we often feel sad when something ends… when a cycle completes… and that we usually don't know how to allow ourselves the time to feel and acknowledge these natural sad feelings. 

I also saw that even as we complete something or something ends or dies... sometimes we are BOTH sad to let go AND are looking forward to something or someone new.  BOTH ~ AND  For me when my marriage ended after 29 years… and that was fine... there was also an unexpected sadness for something that was completing.

When I moved here from Maryland a few years ago there was BOTH the sadness of leaving the community AND an excitement for what was coming.

Sometimes we have a BOTH ~ AND experience/feelings.

And sometimes there is JUST sadness.

Remember – everything is Holy Perfection unfolding…. Whatever you are feeling is holy and right.  Can you ALLOW and validate your feelings?

Our bodies are about 80% water.  Water represents emotions.  Our nature is filled with all the shades and colors of feelings.

Did you grow up with a manual or with parents and teachers who taught you that feeling is a natural part of being human... that all feelings are okay?   
Or did you grow up like me - judging your self as too sensitive, too much, or not enough, for this world…
Can you appreciate your tenderhearted sensitivity instead of shaming your self and beating your self up for this?  Perhaps your parents didn’t know how to help you with your tender sensitive heart… how to support you to be present with your different feelings...
There is much on Forgiving others... What is missing is teaching us how to forgive ourselves... so we can stop holding ourselves hostage... discover how to open our hearts... to ourselves.  So important!!
It is not another’s acceptance that will ‘heal and transform you and your life.'   It is your own acknowledgment and acceptance of your feelings and validation of the beauty and sensitivity of your own heart... that will set you free… to be your unique, magical, amazing self!

It is never too late to open to new perspectives and wisdoms… so we can heal and claim our birthright of JOY, UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE FOR OUR SELVES and INNER PEACE~
Learning how to give your self The Permission to feel what you are feeling.
Do you need support with your Feelings, with Forgiving someone or Forgiving your self?

Would you like to stop rejecting and hating parts of your self...  and discover how to open your heart… to you.
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Trust.  You are always and all ways 
Divinely Guided, Protected and Held in Unconditional Love  Always and All Ways... no matter what 
You know

 you have to feel good about your self

in order to manifest your Highest Potentials and Dreams! 

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Big HeartHugs, 

Self Acceptance~Self Love Coach      
Transformation Catalyst        
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Monday, April 18, 2016

Nature is here to nourish us… and to teach us.
Life Lessons From Lilies
Lesson #2 is about comparing.

The first lesson is the blog below this one.

Are you human?  Of course!  Well then ... You compare!  
It is in our Design to compare... We all do it.   
It is part of The Human Design... until you begin to awaken out of it.  

Today I am going to give you some keys to   
 unlock the painful pattern of comparing. 

Comparing is very painful. It is rooted in feeling not enough or okay as we are. We always come up short when we compare. Comparing makes us feel sad, anxious, heavy, frustrated, angry... The mind begins to tell us all kinds of stories...  and we believe them...and then we feel less than, unworthy, not enough, ashamed, not right, jealous, not where we  should be, not_______.   

Fill in your own words. Gosh, as I'm typing this I realize that we are always comparing and judging.  And for sure, we end up feeling heavy and sad or depressed when we compare ourselves to others.  
OR - you feel superior! Even when you compare and end up thinking that you are now superior... please gently realize that this too is coming from a feeling of inferiority.  Your ego has temporarily propped itself up.   
Here is what I was reminded of as I sat with the lilies - Every flower (actually every part of nature) is in its own Different, Divine, Perfect, and Holy place... Feel into the symmetry and perfection. I saw that some of the lilies are still held in a tight bud. Some are complete and dying. Others are in full bloom.  Nothing in nature looks at another and compares.  Imagine... the lily looking at the sunflower and thinking there was something terribly wrong about its 'Holy Design'... only perfection in continuous manifestation...

Everything is in perfect order and flow... adding to the Magnificence, Abundance and Splendor here.  Everything makes its unique contribution... in Divine Right Order and Timing. And you, exactly as you are, are part of this.  Think about it...  no mistakes, nothing wrong... ever...  only... 
~Divine Perfection Unfolding~
What to do about this painful comparing?  Just as you can observe nature in all her forms, variations, and wonders... can you step back a little and observe your self too.   

NOTICE when you begin to compare.  BREATHE... NOTICE... ALLOW...  without judgments and additional commentary. Breathe and Notice the same way as you would acknowledge and allow what is happening in nature. See how nature has gifted you by having you practice being the Observer with her. See how you already look at nature in awe and wonder...  Noticing, Allowing...   Can you bring the same noticing to your human self...?

Breathe deeply. Now bring noticing to your thoughts.  Perhaps you can begin to see how they may well be rooted in fear and untruths... Notice the feelings that arise in your body... BREATHE deeply a few times. SMILE gently and BE SOFT, as you would be with a confused child who is in pain...    BREATHE... NOTICE...  ALLOW...

Every part of Nature lives in its own perfect cycle and flow of birth, life, death and rebirth... and does not compare.  Look around outside - such abundance in form...

We are all different too... except instead of celebrating ourselves, we compare because - we were designed that way... for now...

The Gift of being human is that we have the opportunity to birth new realities.  And we are creating new Designs and Realities now! 

You always did the very best you could.  The pain you felt or feel is so yucky; you just did not know how to deal with it any differently... till now. Because if you are reading this now, and you feel a pain in your heart or your belly... you are ready to birth a new way of being.

Would you like some help?  Do you feel stuck?  Would you like to stop comparing, bullying and judging your self?  

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Trust.  You are always and all ways 
Divinely Guided, Protected and Held in Unconditional Love  Always and All Ways... no matter what 
You know
 you have to feel good about your self
in order to manifest your Highest Potentials and Dreams! 
Please click here to schedule  your FREE Phone Consultation or your session.    
Big HeartHugs,
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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nature is here to nourish us... 
 to teach us.
I bought lilies last week and 
I’ve been learning life lessons from them every day.

 Lesson #1 

Through the Lilies I came to recognize my own impatience,
and to see that it was based in fear.

The lilies then led me into the reminder about Trust and Allowing for
 The Design and Perfection of all of Life. 

To Trust in a Divine Plan and Divine Timing  

Not my plan or my timing...which is my ego's plan and ego's timing.  

Remember the acorn.  The blueprint for it to become an oak tree is already there inside it...  was always and already there.

Just like you and your purpose and your life plan.

Do you really need to work so hard to make things happen?

What are you believing about your self that is not true- 
and this...has been running your life?  

As we move through these strong energies of March and April…. our buried ‘treasures’ are coming up for healing.  I call them treasures because as we learn how to be with our pain and the disowned and rejected parts of ourselves... as we bring them up into the light and open our hearts to these parts of ourselves... we receive gifts that are so much more than we could have ever imagined. 
Trust the Process. Trust in Life and realize that Life is always working For You... bringing you exactly what you need to heal, integrate and manifest your highest potential. 

Trust that wherever you are is exactly where you are meant to be... no matter what it looks like or feels like.  I'm right with you; it takes a lot to stay the course of Trust... and recognize that you are always  
Divinely Guided, Protected and Held in Unconditional Love  
Always and All Ways... no matter what 

You know
you have to feel good about your self
in order to manifest your Dreams and Your Highest Potentials! 
Having a hard time?  Feeling stuck?  Would you like some support, guidance, energy clearing, rebalancing?   Please click here to email me and schedule  your FREE Phone Consultation or your session. 

Big HeartHugs, 
Self Acceptance~Self Love Coach       Transformation Catalyst        Reiki & Medical Reiki Master               www.OpportunitiesForTransformation.com