Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Confession ~

I have spent the last few days feeling like I ‘should’ be doing certain tasks and yet I felt stuck and uncomfortable and couldn’t move forward with them.
* I had a challenging phone call to make that required me to speak up and ask for what I needed.

* I had a recording and a blog post to share…. that I didn’t want to post – for a myriad number of feelings and thoughts around fear of rejection, abandonment, need to be liked and accepted ( know what I mean... familiar words for you too? )

I felt stuck, kept trying to find the underlying issues and fears and allow and love that part of me that was scared… some self-kindness... and nothing was working.

I know Matt Kahn says when this discomfort is happening, it means old stuff is just leaving our systems.  And I was still trying to do something about it, in the midst of 'allowing.'   :-)

The feelings and thoughts that kept running in the background were  
“I can’t do this.  I’m not comfortable doing this.  I can't.”

AND THEN - I remembered the video that is on my website.  

The video is about my experience of going
the thoughts of
‘I CAN’T  ride this bike up the hill. I can't”   

the thoughts of  
“ I Can!  YES I CAN!  YES I CAN! ”

And then I was able to do it!   
And I remembered what a magician I AM!  

and that we all are magicians.

So this afternoon, after remembering the video and after saying 'Yes, I Can' to myself a few times, I started to feel a shift inside of me, the blockages and distress started to dissolve and transmute and within ten minutes I made the phone call and asked for what I needed. 
          The response was – ‘Sure!  We can do that!

And now I'm joyfully typing this up and posting.  The other audio will have to wait because it’s too complicated for this grandma to figure out how to upload an mp3 audio recording, so I’ll make you a video soon instead.

That simple, and that powerful.

Here’s the video that helped me change everything this afternoon. 
 ‘Grandma on a Bicycle’   It’s on the right side of the page  

Here's an extra little gift - a Miri Message I wrote years ago and never shared. Feels appropriate for now and these energies.

I’m listening to the poet and mystic David Whyte.
“Start close in,” David says.
“Don’t take the 2nd and 3rd step… just the first step to what’s right there… the step you don’t want to take.”

And my mind jumps on that – “How will I do this? This is not easy.  I’m afraid.”

Then a sound of laughter bubbles up with these thoughts – “Ah, it’s actually too late for this human mind.”

You see I’m already there. Just like you….  If you’re thinking about it and struggling about something…  we are already in the midst of the first step.
We are already heading in the direction of
where our Soul wants to be going.
Don’t wrestle; just take a deep breath and look around you honestly.

HONESTLY My friend once told me I shouldn’t write in caps.  She says it’s yelling.  I Am yelling.

I don’t want you to miss this!  HONESTLY – only your mind is struggling to make sense out of and accept what The Divine is creating in each moment.  Stop struggling, take a deep breath and look around…

Discover how beautiful the world around you is !!

Find the beauty HERE AND NOW.  GRACE is already present, holding you and guiding you… bringing you everything you need to remember and realize
Who You Truly Are.

Stop and find what is beautiful in your life right now.  There is always something beautiful. Be with that beautiful for a few moments.

God is working out all the details for you and doesn’t need your help.

Find the beauty.  Take some slow deep breaths…. in and out a few times.

And stop bringing your past to interpret the present moment; your past is you’re his-story, your story.  It’s not all of who you are. 

Allow, open……breathe…..breathe in The Light and let Life flow through you. Breathe in the sacred crystalline breath.

Feel your body begin to relax with the breath.  All Is Well ~
We are living in new vibrations now.  What took so long to work through before – now with the ‘right tools, understandings and wisdoms’  we can shift more and more quickly.

I am all about lifting my self and helping you lift your self out of our old patterns and ways that no longer serve us.... as quickly and efficiently as possible.   

Are you tired of feeling stuck, anxious, depressed?

If you're ready for faster shifts, new tools and understandings,

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HeartHugs and Reiki Blessings!