Friday, July 29, 2016

I’d been working on a project.  I took a break after an hour.  That old familiar voice in my head said – “Well, at least I accomplished something this afternoon.”

The new voice in my head asked – “How was your attitude?  How were you feeling while you were working?”

“Were you joyful, at ease, excited and feeling the outcome is already there OR were you stressed?” 

“Were you smiling and breathing or focused and intense?”  
I’ll be sure to heed this new voice of my Soul – guiding me so clearly now, reminding me that it is very important to pay attention to HOW I FEEL while I’m working… not following the old habit of just focusing on how much I can push my self into producing!   

I’m not saying not to ‘work’.   I’m just inviting you to look at the feelings and energies you are running through your body while you are working.  

You can make a different choice now.

What are you creating and contributing to our world?

Reiki Can Help You release stress and old patterns, so you can put new patterns into place.

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Reiki Can Help 
 With Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Pain
Get you unstuck   ~   Balance your energies

Dissolve blockages so energies can flow once again
Giving you a life of greater ease, joy and freedom! 

“Energy Medicine is the medicine of the future,"Dr Mehmet Oz

Reiki is Energy Medicine.


Class includes Teaching, Demonstration, Time for Questions
Hands-On Practice, Notebook and Certificate

* Learn the history and hand positions for giving a Reiki treatment to your self and for giving a Reiki treatment to another
* Learn about the chakras and the energy fields that surround us
* Practice giving your self a Reiki treatment
* Practice giving a full Reiki treatment with another student
* Additional 2 hour followup practice 2 weeks after class

After this one day class you will be a Certified Reiki practitioner, able to give a Reiki treatment to your self, your children and family members, friends and animals too. 


* Reduces and releases stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia
* Diminishes and releases pain
* Quiets the busy mind and calms the emotions
* Diminishes side-effects from chemo and radiation therapies
* Balances your energies, supports healing, strengthens the immune system
* Increases clarity and focus
* Strengthens your connection with Spirit / God / Your Divine True Self 


When:  Saturday,  November 5, 10-6:30 pm
Where:  South Charlotte Location TBA
Cost:     $222. My classes are small which allows for an intimate and empowering connection and time for all your questions.  
* Additional 2 hour Reiki followup practice two weeks after class 

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Please Don't Keep This a Secret Anymore
There is a part of me that would rather go play on the beach instead of stepping out in front of you.  There’s a part of me that loves to write and share AND at the same time I always get uncomfortable when I have to push send. Because like many of you, I too have the fear of  -  "what will they think!" 

And here’s WHY I MUST share about REIKI and WHY YOU MUST TOO. 

I have to write because today we all know someone struggling with cancer or other life threatening illness or with a chronic illness... and the emotional and mental overwhelm and physical pain that comes with it.

Reiki can help. Reiki is offered in over 800 hospitals and cancer centers as well as in private practices throughout the US.  

A Reiki treatment, offered through gentle touch, soothes, comforts,
 releases stress and pain, diminishes or prevents side effects from chemo, helps you sleep, fills you back up with good energy and brings relaxation and renewed balance to the body, the mind and the emotions.  Reiki helps~ 
Reiki is Energy Medicine.  We are made of energy.  

I have been a Reiki Healer for almost 20 years.  Eight years ago I was co-director of the Energy Therapy Program at the local hospital in Maryland where I was living.  That was an exciting opportunity.

Then came the part I really didn’t like – I was asked to offer Reiki at the Cancer Center and to be the Director of the Reiki Program there.

knew how much Reiki helps people.  It helps them heal faster after surgery. It helps their immune system get stronger.  It helps children, teens, adults diagnosed with cancer or other life threatening illnesses with the emotional pain and the physical pain - including the fear, anxiety, depression and the uncomfortable side effects from chemo, drugs and radiation.  Reiki Helps.  I had seen this over and over in my private practice.
But I didn’t want to go into the Cancer Center back in 2008, even though I knew how much Reiki helps, because my mom had died of breast cancer 25 years before. 

I had a lot of painful emotions that were coming up … feeling for the patients AND feeling my own pain, remembering how my mom had suffered and struggled so courageously.  I did not want to feel all that again…. I did not want to be in the cancer center.

Then I did what I have a habit of doing… I took a deep breath, and moved forward anyway, thinking I'd give it a 'try'.  

I have a tender compassionate heart that wants to give and comfort and help.  It is my nature… and when I do that I feel good... and people get better.

I said yes, I would offer Reiki to patients at the  Cancer  Center.

Reiki did its healing work on the patients and on me.

Reiki helped me move into and through the emotional pain  I still had about my mother’s cancer.  My heart healed and opened even more.  Thank you Reiki.  

We gave Reiki to patients, their families and caregivers.  I saw how REIKI HELPED those diagnosed with cancer or other life threatening illnesses. 

I went into the Chemo Suites and gave Reiki to patients there.  One patient shared how it was so much easier to sleep after the Reiki. That was just one benefit ... all the side effects patients have to endure ... patients report how Reiki helps diminish or prevent these side effects.    Please click here to read what patients from the Cancer Center in Frederick shared about how Reiki helped them.
Reiki helps people feel better.  It helps them heal faster after surgery. It helps their immune system get stronger.  It helps children, teens, adults diagnosed with
cancer, other life threatening illnesses or a chronic illness...  with the emotional pain and physical pain - the fear, anxiety, depression and the physical side effects from chemo and radiation.  Reiki Helps. Patients, doctors, nurses all around the country are reporting on the benefits of Reiki and asking for it. That’s why we can’t keep Reiki a secret anymore.

Reiki brings immediate comfort and relief to patients... relief from the stress, anxiety, pain, side effects of the drugs and more. And it’s so simple to give Reiki-with gentle, calming soothing touch.

One of my patients shared that receiving the diagnosis of Cancer is like being thrown into a raging river.  Reiki is an oasis, a sanctuary in the midst of the chaos, pain and feelings of exhaustion, overwhelm and hopelessness.  Reiki helped her feel hopeful and calm again.
You or someone you love deserves this too.

Benefits of a Reiki Treatment: 
~ decreases or releases stress, pain, anxiety, depression

~ calms the over active, agitated mind and balances and soothes emotions

~ supports better sleep so patients have more energy and less fatigue

~ promotes faster healing after surgery and medical procedures

~ reduces side effects/discomforts of chemo and radiation therapies including nausea/vomiting, fatigue, skin eruptions, anxiety

~ strengthens and balances the immune system

~ offers nurturing comfort, feelings of being cared for, cared about

~Increases feelings of well-being, empowerment, inner strength, clarity
You can read more articles about Reiki in hospitals and cancer centers on our Facebook Page - Medical Reiki Carolinas.    

"Patients who had Reiki… just seemed to do better,”  says  Dr. Sheldon Feldman, Chief Breast Surgeon at New York Columbia Medical Center/Presbyterian Hospital and President of American Society of Breast Surgeons.  He welcomes Reiki Masters into his OR and suggests his patients have Reiki pre, during and post surgery.  

Unfortunately we all know someone struggling with cancer, a life threatening illness or a chronic illness.  

That’s why I MUST share about REIKI and WHY YOU MUST TOO.  Reiki can help your loved one feel better. 

Please Click here to contact me to talk about Reiki or to make arrangements for Reiki for you or someone you love.

I am a Certified Medical Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher with almost 20 years experience giving Reiki to children, teens, adults and seniors.

My Medical Reiki Master partner, Tammy Schoolcraft and I are ready to go into the hospital, cancer center or chemo suite to support you or someone you love with Reiki. I also see clients in my private office in Matthews, NC. 

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Big HeartHugs

And how about you? Reiki can help you too.

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed?
Maybe you've tried different things and only gotten so far....
I can help.  I've been there.

I am a Transformation Master.
If you are ready, I can guide you across to the other side
of the bridge you've been standing on.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Angel Whispers

“You could not be any other way. 

All the ways you beat yourself up, feeling ashamed for what you did or didn’t do, feeling wrong or not enough… You couldn’t be any other way. You weren’t meant to be any other way,” said the angel.
“You are perfect… and you could not be, think or do anything differently. 
Only your human thinking mind has an issue."

It is time to move beyond our limiting thoughts and judgments … into the expanded Awareness and Understanding of our True Divine Self.
It is time to create 
Self-Acceptance   Self-Kindness   Self-Compassion

It is time for LOVE to return to our planet. 
It returns through our own individual hearts.

And the angel continued: "It begins with your own Heart’s resolution of the inner conflicts… acknowledging all the ways you bully and are mean to you…
It’s about being honest about all the ways you deny what you feel, what you know, what you need.   Heal your own inner war… and there will no longe
r be war in our families or communities.
You will see. Trust me,” said the angel.  “It begins with you being honest with yourself... noticing how you talk to your self, treat yourself...  
Begin simply and  Just NOTICE and ALLOW things to be as they are.  Be The Observer.  BREATHE and NOTICE.

If you are NOT honest with yourself about your pain, what you feel and how it hurts… nothing can change."

Begin… we must begin now, and I promise things will get better. 

Big HeartHugs

Feeling stuck?  Want to begin and don't know how?

I know what it is to live with bullies and critics in your head.

I learned how to be gentle and compassionate with my self... and I can help you begin your journey of self kindness and
self love.  

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

After the Full Moon and Solstice Energies
Picking up the pieces and finding the gifts 
 I have been writing Miri Messages for years, sharing my experiences, epiphanies and heartful wisdoms with the hopes that you find support and encouragement.
These energies were superb at bringing up and illuminating old patterns that had been hiding, offering us powerful opportunities for transformation.

Well, maybe some of these old patterns are not so hidden, because we live with them every day.  You just accept them as ‘you’ without thinking you have a choice… even though these patterns exhaust you, cause stress, anger, frustration, fear… and don’t support you living your best, healthiest, most joyful life. 

For about ten days I was living with stress and frustration as I worked on transferring my website over to wordpress… cutting and pasting… over and over.   It was so hard. It wasn’t working. Someone had to know how to do this easily - and I felt clueless. I was working in the ‘dark.’

The part of me that didn’t trust in a positive outcome was running the show, thinking that “I have to do almost everything by myself and work very, very, very, hard to have something good happen…

Familiar?  Having to work hard... feeling like you're pretty much alone...

Based on what I could see with these eyes - which I called a mess - had me frustrated and ‘scared.’
  How will this ever work out?!?’  

  ‘What was I thinking when I started this!’  

  ‘Can I go back?   No, just keep working!  Harder!  More!’  


 The Alchemical Fires of Transformation -
  My pattern that was burning up in these energies was about TRUST,
that was being burned out of me… 

There I was in the midst of chaos… looked like a mess... felt like a mess…  I definitely ‘wasn’t trusting’ that this would all work out and that I would be happy at the end –

Transitions and Transformations~

It makes sense that a part of me, based on my past experiences did not know how to ‘trust’ that life would provide for me and that this mess would work out well. 

So many of us have very good reasons not to trust… that we will be taken care of, be seen, be rewarded.  There were many times when we wished for something, and didn’t get it.  So why would that part of us, that had experienced disappointment over and over… why should that part trust or have faith…  Hence I was feeling stressed, afraid, frustrated… helpless.

I was not bad or wrong.  It wasn’t a punishment…  I believe these old patterns were coming up in order to release… to burn themselves self out.
Not trusting is also part of the human matrix here.  I bet you have some of this too. 

AND this part that is not able to trust… is not all of me.  She is just one part of my personality here…

We all have our patterns of reactivity… how we automatically respond and react to what life presents to us. And this limits us in so many ways.

We are getting triggered because these patterns are being illuminated and burned out of us by The Light and Loving FIRE of our Soul.

Remember - you are not bad or wrong. You did not make a mistake.  You are not being punished.

As I struggled with my website, I now see that I didn’t trust in the process… to bring me to the outcome I desired and hoped for.

I didn’t trust that Spirit had my back.  That this was all happening for good reason and that a Good and Perfect outcome was assured… 

Familiar? What we see with our human eyes and from our human perspective is so limited.

I had told myself that I was done working in my Type A personality mode.  HAH!!

Not true.  I was blind to a part of me that was still there, beneath the surface, in my unconscious, reacting in old, toxic, ways…  And the only way for it to release out of my system was for it to show itself… and burn out.  

And for me to realize… after it was all done… that NOW I HAVE A CHOICE.  I do not need to respond to life this way. Please continue reading because I will be giving you some tips for how to break these automatic toxic reactions and move into greater peace.

In order to get to this new place of CHOICE… OF BEING ABLE TO CHOOSE TRUST,  I HAD to experience this old familiar pattern holding me in its grip… so I could really see it and experience it... as I spent days and days copying and pasting my old website pages into wordpress.  Hours and hours… trying to figure out how to ‘do it’ correctly… so it would format and stay in place.  It didn’t cooperate hardly at all which gave me an opportunity to FORGET everything I knew about-
          *  Asking for help from others and from the Angels
          *  Trusting the process… and reminding my self that the universe is always working FOR ME.
          That a positive outcome was assured… inspite of how things appeared – which also meant allowing whatever is happening, to happen… knowing and allowing this to serve my highest good.

I did not think about any of these even once. I just kept laboring away at getting the tasks done...  feeling frustrated and keeping my head down to the grindstone. 

I'd take a break after a few hours and then I'd start again and keep at it. Crazy – I know... No Choice ~ NO TRUST

I was in that old reactive pattern called work hard and just keep going... and you have to figure this out by yourself...
Familiar?  What old reactive pattern of yours came up during the solstice energies?

Of course I now see that this would have to come up so intensely… in order for me to burn through it.

The energies continue to illuminate the patterns, stories, beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve us… that are not appropriate for the life we are destined to live.

The old patterns are COMING UP FOR RELEASING… making space for new.  You don’t have to figure anything out… Do your best to ALLOW and be gentle with yourself…  I know, sometimes that is really not so easy…

I’m on the other side of the bridge AND I see from a different perspective now.  I am feeling like a goodly portion of this pattern of not trusting has burned up… The website is done, and it’s just fine and I’m grateful for my friend how helped!  

I feel like I will be able to MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE going forward… from the place of knowing that I AM Supported, Guided, Loved and Held.   

I TRUST.  I smile and breathe in trust.  I let go. I surrender into the flow of life, that is always happening… I say to my self –

~This is FOR me.  This too is For Me.

If you become frustrated or scared, you can remember to PAUSE, BREATHE, SLOW DOWN and repeat till you are feeling calmer.

~ Meditate even if for just a few minutes.

~ Take a break and get out in nature OR look at nature pictures on the web.   Pause and play with your puppy or kitten. This will totally change your vibration!  

We no longer have to assume and reinforce the pattern and the limited false thinking - that what I currently see - the mess, disorder and chaos – ‘this’ will never work out for me.

It will always work out for me and for you – because Life is ALWAYS working out FOR us... The Universe is continuously serving us opportunities to burn through the old in order to reposition us to receive the stuff of Magic and Miracles… our birthright… so that Our Highest Good and Highest Potential can be actualized. 

I want to trust. It is our nature to be in TRUST… to live and create our lives from the place of embodied knowing and Allowing– that everything IS working out for me and for you, and for our highest good, always. Allowing~ 

I do believe that this uncomfortable experience I had, was to allow the toxic pattern to come up and clear out of my system…
just like your old toxic patterns are being cleared out.

What came up for you during the past two weeks?  Notice.  Allow.  Please stop beating yourself up about it.  It needed to come up to release… to process out of your body... so you can be FREE to choose again, choose differently.  That's why it had come up - to leave!!

I invite you to look back and see what you have been through – and give thanks. Applaud and appreciate your self.  Notice what is different for you now...

CHOICE feels like a big energy for us now. We now have this ability and opportunity.  Allowing the old to leave… choosing our thoughts... choosing what we rest our attention on... and noticing how this directly affects our feelings…

Feeling stuck? I would love to support you as you go through your own fires… I believe in you.  You don't have to do this alone.  


Please  click here  to schedule  your FREE Phone Consultation or to book your session.  

Big HeartHugs,

Miri Klements 
Self Acceptance ~ Self Love Coach
     Master of Transformation    
Medical Reiki Master ~ Reiki Master Teacher