Friday, December 30, 2011

The Poet and Mystic David Whyte

I’m listening to the poet and mystic David Whyte.    Start close in …..dont take the 2nd and 3rd step……just the first step to what’s right there……the step you don’t want to take…….he says.

And my mind jumps on that – How will I do this….not easy, I’m afraid. 
Then a sound of laughter bubbles up – ah, too late for this human mind.  You see I’m already there……already in the midst of the first step.

We are already where we want to be going…don’t wrestle – just take a deep breath and look around you honestly.  HONESTLY (my friend told me I shouldn’t write in caps…..she says it’s yelling …..I Am yelling…..I don’t want you to miss this – HONESTLY – only your mind is struggling to make sense out of and accept what The Divine is creating in each moment.  Stop struggling, deep breath and look around – how beautiful…..find the beauty HERE AND NOW.  Stop and find what is beautiful……there is always something beautiful.  God is working out all the details.   Doesn’t need you…….Find the beauty and breathe…… And stop bringing your past to the present moment to interpret …. Allow, open……breathe…..

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Conscious Alchemy

This was my first paragraph:  How lovingly gentle the energies are this week……so much has settled.  You have done so much these few months to release and clear your self of old stuff.  As we move into the energies of Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza and the Winter Solstice there are wonderful opportunities to gather together and deepen our connection with The Light of The Love that You Are.  I got a clear message yesterday – love everyone you come into contact with….in your female body – give this love especially to all the men you see… your heart, look in their eyes……share This Holy Love that you are a vessel for.

And then today I became aware of so much chaos (and opportunity) around me in people that are close to me.  I guess the waves of change are still passing through.  Be gentle….ask for what you need……Only miracles await you!

Miri Message 12/15:  A good analogy would be that I feel like I’ve been sitting at the waters edge.  I have a form…..and as the waves keep coming up to the shore, the form is being washed.  Sometimes the waves are big, sometimes they are very small, soft and almost gentle.  No matter…..I am being transformed by each wave.  What is becoming of me?  There is less and less of the  me that I knew, that I know……

 I notice~
My desire has always mirrored my teachings…..I wish to connect with the Unlimited, Unbounded, Joyously Free part of me……that which is beyond my conditioning, beliefs, history/stories about me……all my limitations that exist in my biology, biography and belief systems, in my cells……  

What are my feelings, thinkings…..where have they come from?  Partly from Mass Consciousness … The  Archetypal patterns written about by Carl Jung.  I see all the limitations, I am able to accept them for what they are more and more AND I also see that as I am being continuously washed by these waves of Light, if you will…….that the Nothingness and Everything that I AM is beginning to reveal itself.

Where to go for answers – Source is within my self.   Not the small limited, linear, logical human design   (and design it is!!) …….but to the Infinite Presence that I AM.  

Over and over I seek the Stillness, catching the spaces and pauses in between this busy mind…..I cannot always go there, and that is ok. 

God experiencing life with a very busy human mind. 

Miri Message 12/19 :  CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY   I read that in a message this morning and thought – these are the words I want to share with you today.

Last message was titled – “We’re Here…..It is Done.”    We are here.  2012 will come in the same as 2000 came in …….a very simple turning of the page……because of all the ‘work’ we have done clearing ourselves and releasing old patterns and relationships in order to let the Light of our True Divine Essence shine here……

2012 will come in on the wings of Love, Harmony, Inner and Outer Peace (in your own personal world) and Joy.  They are your wings……you have done all the work and how splendidly magnificently amazing YOU are!   Look and see how much clearer you feel, how much lighter you feel, how much more love and joy you are letting in to your life. 

Conscious Alchemy – Never before have I experienced the power that is available to us now to truly change our reality - Consciously.  Before when people would say, think different thoughts…..lift your consciousness into a higher vibration, honestly I struggled.  Sometimes it worked.  Most of the time it didn’t.   Now we have arrived into a new level of energies that allows us to shift into Higher Vibrations much more easily.  I see the thoughts and worries that take me down……and then consciously I am able to choose different thoughts, a different focus and very soon after it happens - my vibration shifts.  Conscious Alchemy – you have the power to change your reality, your world.  What is different is Presence is here…..enough of The Divine that I AM is active in my life, that I no longer am afraid or reactive in the old ways (or at least it just doesn’t last very long) …..I ’trust’ ….and my ability to live in a vibration of Love and Joy lasts longer and is more easily accessed…..until clouds come, and as I now I know…..they are only clouds temporarily covering the sun, not obliterating it. 

Love is the answer, love is the healer……
It is not another’s love you need – it is your very own love… Turn to your self and ask - what do i need/want here…..  Listen deeply and then give it to your self.  
Free the others you have held in bondage and captivity.  
They never satisfied you any way……they could not, because it wasn’t their love, acceptance you needed. 
It was your own.  Love your self free.  You hold all the keys.  
This is ‘the work’ now – discover all the ways your thoughts create your limited and suffering reality.  Over and over i see that my thinking, when it brings me to worry and doubt, is just not true.  Love is all around me.  

Do you want to know something - ask and then surrender the question. Ask and wait in the ‘uncertainty of  'I don’t know'...
Be there – I don’t know…….
Feel that and open your self to the deep raw feeling of this uncertainty……and soon you will find your self lifted up into a place of such lightandlove ….a place that you had forgotten existed.   

“I don’t know”……the uncertainty of saying that, letting it all go and not knowing……let the river carry you…….it has only one destination now – Home. 

My journey, all the woundings and dark places have given me much opportunity to discover how to be compassionately present to my self.  
My deepest joy and passion are to support and guide YOU and remind you How to Love Your Self Back into Wholeness.  If you’re feeling stuck……please come for a session.  I Am here ~