Friday, April 26, 2013

Post Easter Energies
Mon – APRIL 8 Before Tuesday’s heatwave
Post Easter Blessings - What a whole lot of energy these past few days…..  If you’ve been feeling extremely tired, lost, disconnected, achy or in pain, feeling your deep emotional core stuff once again, or whatever else you’re noticing – no surprises because we have just gone through several BIG energy waves here.  And the stuff we’ve been carrying that is not in harmony with this new vibration is coming up for transmutation.  It’s’ like you can’t get through the doorway with your old vibrational baggage that you no longer need. 

Please do take care of yourselves during these times of great shift.  Give your body what it is asking for…..especially fresh air, being in nature, lots of water, deep breaths and rest/sleep. Be tender and gentle with your self as you are asked to finally feel what you have repressed.  Nothing can remain hidden.  Everything returns to harmony.   We have already rebalanced so much!!  In the next few days, weeks notice how you are showing up differently.....this is how you realize how much your vibration has changed.   

Nothing is wrong, and especially not with you!  Spring energies have been starting and stopping and not really fully anchoring……..  On every level we and every thing have been held back to allow for smoother and more complete integration of these new vibrations…..all to support you in releasing who you thought you were…..all your stories, thoughts and feelings that kept you limited and repeating ……everything that keeps you from living  your life in higher heart centered consciousness….Being You!  Spring in Frederick has been the perfect reflection of ‘waiting’ and allowing Divine Timing to be in charge… we have another choice J  And at the same time – many of you are already stepping out and life is meeting you in a deliciously abundant way… you see how you are already flying!!! 

WE NOW have the opportunity to create fresh – from desires birthed from our soul, in freedom… longer limited by our past. You choose.   Release your stories, your limitations, your lack, your pain, your victimhood mentality.  Nothing was done to you that you did not agree to……all for the experiences here on earth……and now everything is supporting your return to God Consciousness.  If you feel like you don’t know how to do this….. ASK for help.  If that means pray, then please do……and allow The Universe to bring you what you need to release you from the limitations, struggles and pain…. 

As I’m typing a robin sits on the branch outside my window.  From Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews:  Robin signifies the spread of new growth. “A new spring is upon you. Trust in your new creative ideas.  Stretch your self into new areas.  Your efforts will be rewarded……there is a need now to sing your own song forth if you wish new growth.  Any confrontations or hindrances are more show than actual threats, so go forward.”   Yay and Yes!  Strike up the band!  You ARE ready now to blossom, to burst forth, to expand into and create your life in a new way. 
Your new way is where you get to sing your song, live a life that is true to you.  Your old stories were not you… was only the part you were playing here in this play of life experience.  You’ve been through so much and now it is your time to experience the opening of your tender beautiful heart and create from the LOVE and Inspiration that is your unique expression of The Divine.   Yes, we all carry this beautiful vibration of Love…….. and as you look around you will find more people moving into living in harmony with their Spirit,  with their Knowing and living Love. 
These past few weeks especially, I know many of you have been dealing with your own issues about stepping out, speaking your truth, beginning something new, releasing the old…… lots of emotions are coming up…….     I have been dealing with all of this too …..moving through and taking the next step, and feeling wonderful all at the same time!  And I AM great; through it all.   I AM wonderful and so very blessed and grateful!
It was a most intense time for me around a primal core wounding that showed up as my need to protect others, especially the ones I cared about…..and especially my children and granddaughter.   I have been able to feel the deep pain I have carried through many lifetimes from my perceptions and misperceptions and my experiences around how we have mistreated each other, for me particularly around how children have been parented in the old paradigm of power over and enforcing behavior and control through guilt, anger, shame, power over……ugh….all that pain in me was coming up.  Thank you everyone who triggered me so I could begin to truly feel what I had pushed down and disconnected from ……(remember that this is how we survive the unbearable and the trauma) ……just touch the hem of the garment of it all with allowing, tenderness and compassion for my self and more allowing……being authentic and allowing my feelings to come up, allowing the memories and aha’s to come……witnessing …....
Now is the time for me to declare – I’m done with that pattern.  How ever it served me……I don’t need it anymore and it is no longer truth for me.  The magnetics of it are now discharged.  And I breathe deeply.   I have felt and experienced the pain of this on so many levels.  I am grateful for those who listened compassionately and wisely.  I am grateful for my daughter – who truly heard me.  What a gift to be deeply heard.  I now know not to keep picking up the thoughts and stories…..which then allows them to continue to roll around in my head which keeps me captive to these old toxic thoughts and emotions.  I particularly notice that when I get ready for sleep…..these thoughts think it is their opportunity to jump in and grab my attention.  In the past I would have just been hooked right in …..playing and replaying scenarios in my mind..  Lately I notice my self saying NO, not going there.  And I replace it with a joyfilled thought instead.  I love when Moooji says:  “Just don’t pick it up”   And I drop down into my heart center…..breathing there…..
Life is a Mystery.  Live in the ‘I don’t know mind,’ not in your conclusions and your stories.  Allow, invite, and expect something new instead of expecting the old to repeat itself.  Dance with The Mystery and The Love of Your Beloved, Your Divine Holy Self who is so present for you now…..present and pushing the old up, so you can finally feel it and release it.  Your body truly becomes a temple for God Consciousness as the reactive patterns of your persona are dissolved.  You have the power of Choice now.  When doubt starts to wave at me, I remember the words:  ”I Can Do It”   I AM the power, I AM the Glory.  I AM.
We live in the most magical of times.  Only a short while past I would not have had the ability to change my reality by changing my thoughts…..even tho many said I could.  I guess I just still had too much to process, feel….whatever – how can one explain the unexplainable……   Now, I see that I can say NO to my toxic thoughts and choose different joyfilled thoughts to focus on. 
More and more I can feel the beautiful peacefilled energies within when I focus on and breathe in my heart chakra ……feeling what it is like to live there. I can breathe and do that right now and notice my mouth drawn into a smile.  I can feel the shift as I practice saying with all things and people:  “I Love You. Thank You for Loving Me.” (from panache desai)  I love living in Gratitude instead of victimhood…..and I watch as my entire life and my beingness shifts…. 
Experiencing ancient, fearbased , self protective and survivor based patterns coming up for resolution and release.  How Divine.  What Grace to witness these     miracles.  There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein. 
No victims – I created whatever is showing up that triggers me.  I have the opportunity and the ability to look at it, be authentic with it all and allow it to move through me …..transforming me into living Heaven here now.  We are creating all the time…..what are you creating?  What is your desire? 
The path is through……… and you can do it.  You have everything you need to open what has been locked up inside you and feel now……feel through ….to the other side – Grace.  You’re not the child who felt overwhelmed and frightened.  Be with God/The I AM and all things are possible.  “Ask and you shall receive”  
Recommended:  Books - The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer and Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander.   Google Ted Videos by Brene’ Brown. 
Listen to music (suggest: Jim Oliver ) It transforms.  Spend 5 minutes with music and experience a shift.   Be with people who support you and lift you up.  Attend to your self  body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Be with nature.
I AM in Love with You~