Friday, September 27, 2013

9/27  Intense Equinox Energies Subsiding
Beloved~    As always, I share these words with you in the hopes that you find support and encouragement and realize that you are not alone when it feels like you may have lost your wayI’ve lost sense of time…..was it this crazy before the Fall Equinox?  Did it get even more intense for you around the Equinox and this whole week?  I feel like it has now begun to settle back down.  I remember writing last year that this would be the year of emotion clearing and healing.  Well……no mistakes about this.  Whatever energies just opened for us….seems they found and we got snagged on any and all rough edges, sometimes the ones you thought you had already finished with.  Surprise, surprise.   Or not : -).  Seems we are done when we are done and that we have absolutely no say in what will show up for exploration and release. You mean we are releasing control too!  

I AM Purity – and if this is Truth…..then all these uncomfortable feelings and thoughts are a product of my choosing a human experience.  They are not the truth of who I AM…..why continue to believe them…….believe what they appear to say about me……and sometimes I still get hijacked by them.. 

I found my self talking to my self about feelings this week.  I was in Charlotte NC with my family, looking for a new home, looking to make some spiritual/business connections.  Fear, excitement, doubt and more…...  Excitement is easy to allow and embrace.  Fear and worry….my self talk at times was:  “Yes, I can feel this. Yes, I can allow this to be as it is as best I can…. or notice when I’m hijacked.”   

Allow, Notice.    I don’t want to talk my self out of how I’m feeling. I don’t want to compare or explain ad nauseum.  I just want to allow … and I CAN feel these feelings of fear, anxiety, doubt, helplessness now.  Sometimes I can remember to move out of my head and the monkey mind thinking and notice the sensations and contractions in my body.   I see that I don’t collapse or always respond like I did before when I had similar experiences and feelings.  Yes…..I can allow my self to feel now…..  I can check in with my body, find the tightness and contractions and breathe and allow….Sensations and vibrations moving through and out.  

And I’m remembering to be tender with me…..tender with that part of me that is scared. I absolutely love being tender with my self.  

Allowing our selves to feel opens us to life in such a different way.  I’m not closed in, shut down, ‘protecting’ my self, cut off from the flow of life and energies.  I’m opening up more and more and I AM  receiving the fullness and multi textured richness of life as I discover that I can allow my feelings….. And now, I discover that I can watch them….. body tight and contracting or sensations  just moving through without the labels of good or bad, acceptable or not.  BREATHE, BREATHE,  BREATHE.  And sometimes I can watch (the observer) my mind making up all kinds of explanations about what is going on around me that actually caused the fear to begin. It’s a ‘beginning’ for me with this type of deeper watching.  You can do it too because we’re experiencing the same contracted limited human self that is cracking open to reveal our True Self.  Look how much you’ve changed these 6 months!!!  Really - YOU – Look how you have changed!   

And I can promise you that the energies that are coming in after this turbulence ARE TOTALLY AMAZING…..       We will have opportunities to realize what has been cleansed from us by GRACE.

Ex – My office is overflowing everywhere (I know, no comments and judgements please) with all the stuff I have to tend to, organize, let go of.  I realize that I have to clean out my files…..and I’ve done so many workshops…..I didn’t want to look at those files from years past and let go….. of that me…..who I was then….. that created them……I wanted to take everything with me when I move and start my new life in Charlotte NC.  I ‘need’ this stuff from my past : -) 

Grace & Miracle – I just felt the realization last eve that I AM ready to go through my files lovingly and release what I have done & completed…..  Just like that the knowing came.  I know that I am now being prepared for, not the next chapter of my life – I’m starting a new book.  JUST LIKE YOU!   A NEW LIFE   I don’t need to bring the past with me.  I will absolutely have everything I need to create new and wonderful messages, workshops, classes in Charlotte and beyond. You too will have everything you need to create your new life.   I FEEL the readiness and excitement. Do you?  I didn’t want to think about clearing out my office before.  This evening I had the thought – I’m ready to go through the papers in the office.  WOW – so again… for the gifts coming now after these turbulent equinox energies …..GRACE……simply because YOU ARE SO LOVED.  We are all leaving our past behind.  OPEN to receiving all the energies and supports for you to create your life/heart’s dreams.   

It is our time now…..truly – to live our hearts’ knowing and dreams….. We will live them into this reality.  It’s what you came here for.  Stop playing small…..dare and leap for that is your truer nature – YOU ARE CREATORS.  Discover that you can have your hearts’ dreams.  Discover a world that you secretly ‘hoped’ would be there for you…….  YOU ARE SO LOVED.  Thank you…..thank you for being here, for staying the course…..SHINE BRIGHTLY NOW.  YOUR TWINKLES ARE UNIQUE AND MAGNIFICENT AND WE NEED THEM.  Please keep twinkling!  Come and see me for some support before I leave for N Carolina end of October.  Soul Infusion and Divine Alignment, Reiki, Spiritual Coaching will help you so much more easily shift your perspectives and release and balance your energies so that you too can live Magic, Miracles & Grace with Ease ~
I AM in Love with YOU


9/11/2013  Spider Web & Another Video - I Feel Therefore I AM Part 2
 What’s going on behind the curtain? We all want to SEE what’s going on, see the proof that the universe is actually for us… me!!!  Show me that I can let go, show me that I can trust,  that everything is actually working out perfectly and okay, and that I will be fine.   Sometimes I still have those thoughts…..and today I have this reminder.

The sun pours in through the window in my office in the late afternoon.  I pull the curtain closed so I can be more comfortable.  It’s been a couple of days and what a surprise when I pulled the curtain back and my eyes saw what the sunlight was now illuminating.  First I noticed a big ugly spider…..then on second glance I saw that the spider had woven a huge 2 foot web in front of the window.   It’s beautiful…and it is reminding me that behind the curtain, much construction is going on….much is happening even though we can’t see it.  Please trust some more….. please allow…. breathe…… go and play…… there is no need to worry (not that worry ever helps anyone) because behind the scenes much is being created and constructed….just for you!!!  No need to worry.  More and more every day I can feel the peace and the joy and the love.  More and more every day I can shift into these vibrations.  I was at the front desk at the gym the other day and it was pretty stressful… some point someone asked how I was.I noticed my spontaneous reply – I’m stressed and I’m great.  Both ~ And     

Choose to live Peace~Choose to keep your heart open.
My goodness… much resistance to posting my video on youtube for you.  Can I smile…..can I be gentle with these energies of resistance……can I breathe deeply…..detach just a little. 

Be Gentle with your self about what is showing up…..

Breathe Deeply

Can you detach and back up just a little bit and not take it so personally.  Can we remember to be like the sun and just watch the clouds come and go.

Repeat this sequence several times until your vibration has magically shifted : -)  …… or not!!!  If not, then you have something to look at……then you can ask – please show me what it is that I am not seeing clearly here.  Let go – do not go looking for the answer with your limited human mind.  Allow Your Divine Self/Presence to bring you what you need to understand differently.  Go play while construction is happening behind the curtains.    Oh, I just watched the video – I really like it!  I hope you do too.  Thanks for watching and being here with me.

I Feel Therefore I AM part 2         (remember to let it start and run about 10 seconds, press pause and wait a couple of minutes and then let it run so it plays through easily : -)  

I AM in Love with YOU

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beloved ~  I Feel Therefore I AM
Do we really have a choice about what we are feeling? Descartes said "I think therefore I am." Even though I have a very active mind, I would have to say that my emotions and feelings have often held me captive.... hence, I feel, therefore I am. AND I see that with all the energy shifts unfolding, things are different now and I very often actually do have a choice about being hijacked by my feelings - or not. I do have a choice about being hijacked and entangled - or not! Sometimes : -) …and more and more often now.

I’m feeling a funny bit of scared and some excitement because I am being carried by this energy of ‘make videos and post them on youtube’. 
I hope you find these videos as supportive, loving and informative as the written messages…..catalysts to support you in your evolution. The only constant is change and so come join me on my Magic Carpet ride.
This video is about I feel, therefore I am.
  **Please press play and let it go for about 10 seconds. Then hit pause and let the entire video upload….a few minutes. Then hit play again. This will allow your computer to play it all the way through without the stops and starts. I know the volume is soft....I'm working on it : -). 
Love I AM

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I was sitting on the floor in my office this morning and I glanced over……at this printed page from a Miri Message that ‘happened’ to be on the floor next to me.  It felt right to share it with you again.  Written 1 ¾ years ago…..and the message is still so appropriate. 

The Jewish New Year begins tomorrow eve.  May we live Namaste’~  The Divine in Me sees The Divine in You, as You.  “I Am God is not blasphemy.  It is your identity.”  Wayne Dyer.
I AM in Love with You

12/1/2012  Beloved~
I was reading a message from Beyond Awakenings….and  reading the lineup of the teachers/leaders/gurus that would be speaking and I had this thought– please let’s be done with that.  

By that, I mean what we’ve all be doing - looking to find just the right teacher with just the right message that allows us to release all the misunderstandings and pain we’ve been holding onto.  I listen to them too….and they do help me remember and also some of these teachers, like Panache Desai, carry such a beautiful high heart vibration that by simply listening, your vibration and consciousness is changed and raised.  And then we turn a corner and it seems that our old life in the here and now comes back….though not in the same old way!  Again please honestly look and see how much you have changed! 
I digress…….because what I want to share is that the very best medicine is to discover that within you, Love is and has always been.  Actually, the medicine we’re searching for isn’t the most correct method or the latest teaching or the love and acceptance from another….  the Love and Acceptance of your self by your Self.   

Go within……honor what is there.  No one knows your truth, your reasons for all the experiences you’ve had……. as you do.  You do have the keys and the solutions to unlock the doors you have fastened shut and purposefully denied yourself access to….until just the right Divine Holy Moment which, if you’re reading this……is Now, My Beloved.    

It is time now…..for you to stay in Your Divine Lane ….ReDiscover, ReClaim and BE YOU. Fall in Love with You.  Remembering that we are all holy manifestations playing here ….  No matter who and what we appear as….still pushing each others buttons…. triggering each other to remembering that we are not our reactive responses…….we ARE HOME, THE LIGHT DIVINE. 

Nothing is what is seems to be, nothing is as your human mind would understand it.  That which is irritating you (a little or a lot!)  is helping you to break apart and burst open…. to reveal Golden Light such as you have not experienced until now…….   That which is still irritating you, is like the pearl in the oyster…..all that irritation….. it is to gift you with the pearl of Magic, Miracles and such Grace.  

So please be patient with your human self and its limitations, its irritations, its tendency to self blame and judge….to resist and whatever else it does.  It is NOT about you Beloved.  Does the magnificent beautiful pearl forming in the oyster have any idea what all that irritation is really about, what it is about to become (just like the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly).  Again remember please that your human mind is limited (by design) and therefore it is not able to see the bigger picture that is unfolding.
Each time I am about to birth yet another pearl…..each time I find my self in this closed dark shell, experiencing all these thoughts, feelings and irritations, urrgggh……   I see that I just can’t not be irritated.  Of course – and I’m smiling now as I type these words.  While truly it has gotten easier and faster - this time that we need to spend in the dark and fertile tomb….. the tomb that is actually a womb……the tomb becomes the womb where I give birth to an ever greater expanded creative life – 
Irritation is a holy facet of this human experience – Irritation is what brings forth the pearl in the oyster’s shell. It is the searing fire that destroys …so that the phoenix may rise from the ashes.  So it’s ok, it’s perfect…..please stop judging your self…..can you open your arms just a little bit and embrace your self…..and maybe a little more, for your self…… 

After my return from my wonderful family Thanksgiving gathering on the beach in warm sunny Ft Lauderdale, I surprisingly found my self crying ….crying from a very deep place and I just allowed the sobs to come up and release ….. I love the feelings of release and expansion that always follows these deep sobs.  I know these profound releases that come in the form of deep sobbing are cracking open the oyster’s shell…..   

Nothing is as it appears.  Nothing happens the way my personality would expect.   We are all experiencing ourselves now as even more sensitive, more aware, more centered, more peaceful, more joy, more allowing…… and more of our 'stuff’ is still coming up ….yes, we’re learning to live and allow all of it – …….. perfect and a little crazy making you might say!   

All those around us ….. every one we are worried about, pissed at, irritated with……each one is here to serve us in the grandest ways…..bringing us the greatest gifts.   

Breathe deeply……allow as best you can…….do what you need to do to care for you……be tender with you……watch how you talk to you…….. as we move more deeply into the energies of 12-12-12 and the solstice…..we are being bathed and rewired for delivery into The Promised Land.  It’s all about you Beloved…… You are The Divine LoveLight you have been waiting for.  It’s in you…….. and it is everyone around you….now.  Holy  Blessed  BEing ~ 
Loving You