Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2/25  Sometimes I really don't like being vulnerable with you 

I too am one of those who – “Gives Too Much, Cares Too Much”

I used to think it was a wrongness about me - this caring too much giving too much..... it was so hard to say no.

I did not, could not give my self the same time, care, attention and kindness that I had been giving to everyone else.

I was busy giving to so many….and pretty much starving me. Familiar?

At some point it just stopped feeling so good. I found my self exhausted, frustrated with my kindness and inability to say no. I couldn't keep denying me while attending to everyone else. I painfully acknowledged all this, and then judged me.... I was not okay.

I used to think it was wrong to pay attention to me in a caring loving way, to make me a priority, to give to my self, make time for me, to pay attention to and honor my own feelings …. Society calls this selfish….. Familiar?

Then came the exploration into how this all came to be, the healing work for
this avoidance of me…..this inability to receive…… this focus on another while denying me….. I’ve explored my psychological/childhood issues, my wounded child, and the healing came…..

And now a different understanding is coming forth…..the middle way


This caring and giving so much …. it’s not a wrongness. It’s actually a very beautiful thing – to care so much, to give so much

Just think about it, feel into it…… It is the core of The Feminine – giving, caring, nourishing another, feeling another’s pain... As we engage with life and connect with others, we see how often we lead with our hearts.

We Lead With Our Hearts


I am caring, a giver, too sensitive …and I was often told I cared too much. Tears come as I type this….. because I never allowed my self to truly acknowledge how beautiful it is to lead with my heart. This resonates so deeply in me….. I lead with my heart…..I have always cared......just like you.

It’s not a badness or wrongness, it can be difficult…..painful….. and yet, if you’re reading this, I am sure you are someone who naturally leads with your heart, who cares first….. it’s true – look…. It’s true – you care … lead with your heart…….you care so much…and it’s probably true that you haven't been great at setting boundaries and caring for your self, honoring your own feelings and needs


Because you feel…… you feel the pain of another and your heart engages….and you want to help. Of course you do ~ thank you for doing what you do.

I grew up thinking I was 'too much." I must have sensed or been told I was too much or perhaps felt my energies as too much for those around me. I tried to hide, damp down, deny and fix my self, my pain….be what others needed….. and then when this didnt work anymore....when there was no more room under the rug or in the closet.......I began to explore so I could heal.... the traumas of childhood…..  healing the traumas of the innocent child.... and seeing that I was so needy for what I was giving to others …..I worked on all this…. Familiar?

I'm not sharing so you feel 'sorry' for me....I'm sharing so you might find your self too in what I write. We're not so different.... Please keep reading - there is something very wonderful coming out of this 'imbalance' and pain.....

Maybe you have explored your own patterns/issues around setting boundaries, being an enabler, can’t say no, the fixer, the giver who can’t receive…... Yes to all the negative labels we have for this ……FOR CARING

It is time NOW TO BEGIN TO BE IN ACCEPTANCE OF OURSELVES instead of rejection and stop buying into the belief that you need to change or fix you because you are ‘wrong’…because you are different and don’t fit in ……

In this period of deep transformation I AM discovering how to love and give to me, listen to all the parts of me. I AM truly falling in love with my self….with ALL the parts of my self, yes I mean ALL…..

*** I am not sharing this to talk about me.....the point is to share what is possible for you .... that you can move beyond how you see your self, judge your self, talk about and how you talk to your you BE in life....what are you creating? How are you vibrating out into the world?

Last Friday was a special day – I met my Shame…..and for the first time in my life - I met Shame with an open heart. I allowed, opened to her and loved Her, Shame. Wow and unexpected. It felt so natural.

No one likes it when we feel shame. We want to push it away, deny this feeling.

And the acceptance of shame just happened…… imagine….Grace……all the parts of ourselves we have been rejecting and running away from…. Imagine being able to turn back and say I see you, it’s okay, I know you’re here….you’re here for a reason….and you are moved out of your mind and into your heart. Your heart opens to shame or whatever else you have been rejecting and resisting….. instead of pushing it away.

It just happened….this turning to shame with an open heart…..That’s why it is called Grace. To just see shame tenderly with the softness of my heart.

Grace happens….. you can’t make change happen – it comes of its own accord. AND you can do things to prepare and nurture the field for its arrival.

This heartful acceptance actually bubbled up out of a very uncomfortable incident where I was experiencing lots of shame. I wasn't able to do much except be in the discomfort ... feeling so much shame... and then it shifted. ...and there was only tenderness and being present ..... What Freedom!

If I can do it – you can too! It is possible to cultivate Presence/resting in The Divine/I AM and open to these parts of ourselves with tender heartedness. I can help you if you're wanting this too….. this movement away from rejection and self loathing and self criticism into more acceptance, more of your tenderness for you….

It IS possible…..and dare I say, it is our destiny to begin now to open our hearts to ourselves, too all parts of ourselves! The loving, caring, tender heart is present…. We’ve given it to everyone else.

It is time now for self acceptance, for cultivating tenderness with our selves, with all of our selves....just one part at a time.

It may not be shame for you… may be jealousy, anger…… I grew up and lived most of my life as someone who was deeply sensitive yet also disconnected from what I was actually feeling if that makes sense. When we feel overwhelmed and helpless as a child, our coping mechanism is to disconnect, to push down and away these feelings that are overwhelming to the child. It is a healthy coping mechanism.

I digressed…..back to Giving and Caring too much about everyone else. It is true – while I gave to every one around me….alot….. I did not give that same care, attention or kindness to my self. Instead I was super critical of me and had a lot of fears around being authentic, speaking up…..

This shift back into the balance of caring for another AND being able to give your self acceptance, kindness and attention IS EASIER than you could ever imagine it to be.....because it is YOUR NATURAL STATE.

Below are the first steps to OPENING YOUR HEART TO YOU.

Notice, Allow, Observe. Be the Observer of your world….just watch, as if you were watching a movie. Don’t get into the drama or interpretation or judgements. Let the thoughts be in the gentleness of “Isnt this curious. Isnt this fascinating.” Just watching the movie. I like to use the word fascinating when I’m observing. It softens me and helps open and stay present …. lean into what is taking place.

Place your hands, one on top of the other, over the heart chakra in the center of your chest and say I love you to your self…..whisper it over and over….. maybe begin to rock back and forth or sway….

Notice – is this easy, is it difficult to say I Love You to you…. ALLOW any feelings to come up, allow them and be with them. Perhaps you’ll collapse into a puddle of tears and sobs. Maybe you feel nothing…….perhaps because you’ve had to wall up your heartful sensitive feelings. It’s okay. Just be soft with you.

Our world glorifies giving first. We are taught that it is holy to give...and give.... The programming and belief system (bs) is that taking care of your self, receiving is selfish……so when you want to take care of you, set boundaries, say no – there is a conflict. Because
your healthy holy inclination is to attend to youand the programming says don’t.

You may notice you’re uncomfortable because of this conflict between your true desires and natural movements for self care and your programming or belief systems (BS). Be curious …. Heck, I’ve been so uncomfortable being on the receiving end. I”ve been a super giver. Receiving is hard and makes me feel vulnerable……

Look at your childhood and see all the ways your parents, family, adults, teachers reinforced the notion of giving your needs and feelings away for another. NEVER you first…. And perhaps this became NOT YOU AT ALL ......

There is a call on this planet now...
For Self Acceptance and Self Love

OK – I have to stop here. This was a lot to receive..... You're probably swirling with the info and the energies. I hope you will take a break...maybe come back and read it again....

I want to leave you with this. It has NOT been a mistake. Nothing - not you, your life, your ways, your choices and path. God doesn’t make mistakes. Everything unfolds in its perfect and natural order. You have NOT ever been Too Much of a Giver.

What if you have been a beautiful heartfull giver AND now it’s time to open your heart to your self. That's all AND we can do this.....because we see that we already know how to love......

This IS The Divine Feminine in HER GREATNESS . She allows everything. Her unconditionally loving heart is totally open to all of the creations here.

The Divine Feminine is rooted in Self Care because she has the quintessential knowing that it is Natural AND Holy to care for one self….. Both Giving and Receiving. She replenishes her well and gives from this abundance. It is Holy, it is a holy necessity to care and give to one self.

Let us all, men and women, begin to nurture and embody this missing part of The Divine Feminine…… to understand that to say YES to Herself/Himself, to listen to and care about one self is a most Holy Act.

Cultivate resting in the Greater Part of you….The Presence/Higher Self/I AM / Divinity of You AND please allow your self to begin to care for you… She/He cares for her self and all creations.

Think about the examples you are setting for your children, your family and friends........both the girls and the boys. Would you be happy if your daughter treats her self the way you treat and care for you?

I AM here for you… support your releasing the old patterns, beliefs, struggles. I welcome your comments, questions. Please email me

Sat Nam ~All IS Well ~Much Love

                                                       Miri Klements
is a Transformational Coach for
"Women and Men Who Give So Much, Care So Much"
But can't give themselves the kindness, care, attention they give to others
and know they just can't do it this way anymore.

Please contact Miri for your FREE Breakthrough Strategy Conversation. Get clarity. Stop beating your self up. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 15, 2014 Silencing AND Transforming Your Inner Critic

I used to wear my inner critic and judge like a second skin. What did I know…. It was ‘normal’ to me. I didn’t think it was possible to have positive supporting voices in my head.

I went from the committee that was always reminding me - "I was never good enough, guilty, at fault, not really lovable as i was. Be careful. Don't say anything. You can't have that. What a mess. Just get over it" ..... to having a chorus of loving supporters in my head!

So much more of the time now I have the loving, caring, compassionate, supporting voices that tell me I AM lovable as I AM. I AM enough and right and good just as I AM. I AM deserving. Nothing is wrong. It is safe and important to share my feelings, my thoughts.

And the BEST part is - I'm actually believing them now, and my life is so different because of this. And if I can have this change can too!!

This is why I"m having a FREE TeleSeminar (Live Call) Wed, Feb 18, 8-9:15pm. I'll share 5 Easy Proven Tools you can use immediately to Silence & Transform your Inner Critic. Just email me so I can give you the phone number for the call.

It's pretty amazing because when the "Doubter" is back .... and these voices do return periodically …. I am not held hostage any more. I’m no longer a helpless victim.

I now have the tools and skills to transform the voices and my self. And it's not about fighting or smashing them. That doesn't work.

I can be present to the voices in a very different way and shift from feeling pummelled to feeling empowered..... while being supportive and gentle with my self.....and I'm excited to share what I know with you!! Email me NOW and get the phone number for the free call

I could always be supportive and gentle with others... being able to be this way with my self is radical, transforming and feels soooo sweet!!

Sometimes, it is possible to change our internal weather patterns.

And when we can't change the uncomfortable feelings and thoughts .....being with your self in a more kind and caring way feels so good, so right.

It’s not just about silencing your inner critic.

This opportunity is actually about learning how to
SILENCE AND TRANSFORM The Toxic Judge and Jury in your head
Into your Cheerleaders, Angelic choir, and the Yes I CAN voices.

Please join me on this FREE Phone Call with Live Teaching + Q&A
Wed, Feb 18 8-9:15pm


* Regain your Confidence
* Value Your Self

* Feel Super Supported
* Increase your Intuition
* Be Heard in your relationships and at work
* Take back your power

****This call is FREE.  Email me  to register and receive the phone number for the call******


                                                 Miri Klements
 is a Transformational Coach for
"Women Who Give So Much, Care so much"
   But can't give themselves the kindness, care, attention they give to others
 and know they just can't do it this way anymore. 

Contact me for your Free Breakdown to Breakthrough Conversation.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feb 14 - Deepening The Love

I hope you celebrated Valentine's Day both giving and receiving. I was with my grandchildren so there was lots of both!!

Would you be wiling to surrender into love just a little bit more?

The next time you're in front of the mirror

stop and look into your own eyes....

Breathe..... look even more deeply into your eyes ....

be present to you and say to your self

"I appreciate you"

Imagine some one (partner, friend, child, guru) or an animal that you are totally in love with. Get the feeling of "I absolutely cherish and adore you" really going about the person or animal.

And now that you have this feeling in your body and your heart ..... breathe in and out deeply and slowly .... and with this feeling of amazing tender love in your heart and body, look into the mirror again, gaze into your own eyes and think of

5 things about your self that you like, appreciate and/or
that you're good at.

With this feeling of total love present. in you - say these

5 things out loud to your self, while gazing deeply into your eyes

I really like_________________
I Love You and I appreciate____________

I deeply acknowledge how amazing you are at __________________

Notice how you're feeling. Allow and Notice. Maybe you're emotional. Maybe you feel stuck. Maybe you don't feel anything.

Just notice, breathe ....... smile and wrap your arms around your self and say ... if you can....                   I Love You~ 


Miri Klements
is a Transformational Coach for
"Women Who Give So Much, Care So Much"
          But can't give themselves the understanding, care or kindness 
                               they give everyone else. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

10/10/14  Grandma on a Bicycle~ My Breakthrough True Story!

I was visiting my children in Nashville and they wanted to go on a bike ride. Great!  Except, I hadn’t been on a bike in years and I’m not strong and in great shape. Okay and "no hills" I prayed because I also had the bike without gears to shift and make it easier.     

And then we came to a hill ..... my son suggested I simply walk up the hill which I unhappily did.  All the little gremlin voices in my head began to chatter and make me feel ashamed, embarrassed and frustrated with my self.

"Really! No more hills!" I prayed again.  Of course - another hill!  

Watch my short video  and learn the magical words I used that changed everything... that supported me in actually being able to ride straight up to the top of the hill!. 

You can use these same magical words to immediately stop the mind chatter of 
“I don’t know how to do this, if I can, I’m afraid, I can't, why bother, what’s wrong with me, I'm so embarrassed and ashamed”

These same magical words will change your toxic heavy self blame cesspool into a field of Empowering Positivity that will help you **definitely get to where you want to go and have you instantly **feeling so much better about your self!!  

I use them whenever I start to beat my self up about what I can't do..... 
“Grandma on a Bicycle Breakthrough! “


8/14/14  The Gift of Robin Williams

The passing of Robin Williams gives us all moments to pause, reflect and receive the Gifts of his presence and passing from our world. 

My heart opens to his suffering AND his brilliance, of how challenging it is to try to fit in, when it is clear you do not, and that it can often feel uncomfortable being here in this human space suit. 

The gift of his Light, his Brilliance and how he made everyone laugh, and cry…… Could you also sense his suffering through it all.  Let those deep places be touched in you…….    Breathe and allow….. Let your heart be touched and let it open, perhaps a crack more…… to receive The Light of
Your Own Compassion and Love

Breathe……Allow……Feel…….Release ….. Return to Compassion, Kindness and Love…..Perhaps noticing that you have more caring tenderness now to offer your self and the world.
And sometimes you just can’t do it alone – Please reach out for support.
All Blessings


7/27/14  Are you someone who learned, just as I did, to give your self away - and now you want the Real You back?

Did you behave a certain way so you’d be accepted, loved, fit in, feel more comfortable with others?  These types of patterns of behavior are often put into place by some part of you ……to serve you… protect you…to help you feel safer….for acceptance, for love   In a way these patterns of behavior are our servants, they served us.  Maybe you learned to not ask questions, or you learned to be independent, or aggressive, maybe you learned to be as invisible as possible, maybe you learned to be _________. 

One day you begin to see that these behavior patterns aren’t really true for you or serving you anymore.  You don’t need to get angry with them or your self.  All of these patterns served you for very good reason….   And you keep allowing them, until there is a realizing that you want something different – that you want to get more in touch with the True You, The Authentic You.

You want to begin to craft your life from authenticity instead of from appeasing, adapting and fear.   

I’ve been disassembling my patterns for quite a while……. I’m down to another layer. The gift for me at this point is that I have developed skills and tools (that I’m happy to share so you too can move into more authentic living!) that allow me to move through the pains and traumas that are beneath these patterns, that actually caused the patterns to come forth……..with gentleness and kindness towards my self…….which makes everything a whole lot different. The outcome is inner peace, joy and a whole lot more possibilities!! 

Like you, I yearned to be free of the limitations I have placed on my ‘self’ that kept me from expressing my true self…… and now there is a whole lot more of peace and calm within me instead of conflict, doubt, confusion, anxiety, depression……

 Does Spirit/God limit, or is there simply a marveling, an allowing with all of creation.  Notice the tendency to get annoyed, feel ashamed or even angry with parts of your self – parts of ourselves we reject, disconnect. 

So here’s a simple tool to try with something you don’t have a lot of charge with.  If you see a pattern that no longer serves you…….   just allow your self to NOTICE what is there…..Allow it to be as it is…..BREATHE and allow some more.  Rest in your heart center.   Breathe in and out while focusing on your heart center, not your mind.  

In the nonjudgmental simple noticing and allowing is the opportunity for transformation of energy into something different.  You don’t always have to contract and resist.  Grace is right here~  Allowing what is,  embracing instead of rejecting.

Then ask what is authentic for you. What do I need here?  Be curious, like a child…..innocent and curious…..  Breathe – and choose something different for your self~

 What are the lies and stories you believed about your self – that are not true – and you’ve crafted your life based on them, limiting your possibilities, damping down your True Magnificence.  Let’s free ourselves.  Take just one step, just the next step….What one small thing can you do differently for you? 

Would you like support for crafting a life of authenticity?  Is there something you are ready to more deeply understand and embrace about your self?   I can help you  ~


6/13/14 How Solar Flares Effect Us

Welcome Home ~  Have you been feeling weird and off this week?  We experienced 3 intense Solar Flares (explosions of gas and particles that are released from the sun) this past Sat, June 8 and again Tues & Wed June 10 & 11.  Your recent feelings of jitteriness, exhaustion, emotional overwhelm, disturbed sleep, sadness, grief are right on track and appropriate to these flares….  We are all experiencing the effects of these magnetic explosions because we are electromagnetic beings.  Everything around us is effected….and us too!  Learn more about solar flares from Nasa and I hope that what is shared below helps you.
You’re okay and you’re not doing something wrong.  Stop looking to criticize your self, once again.    Stop worrying, drink lots of water, breathe, allow, get out in nature.  Schedule a session for your self and have your energies cleared and rebalanced and receive support for releasing those old emotional patterns and toxic thoughts!  Allow your self to receive~ Drink even more water, and give extra water to your children and pets too! 
If you’re a Lightworker, a Starseed, an Angel, a Sensitive  – it’s hardest on us because we  tend to think we must still be doing something wrong and why cant we be done processing our stuff.  We’re getting there and doing such an amazing job, truly!!   I AM here to fluff your angel wings – Come for a Session -  Release ~ Feel Peace Once Again
“ Many people will feel jittery and un-easy during high solar flare activity. The solar flares can break apart old thought patterns that are no longer needed so new ones can emerge. This can make us feel the extremes of either hyperactivity and exhaustion. It can also wreck havoc with technology such as computers. ……. Solar flares can cause us to be nervous, anxiousness, worrisome, jittery, dizzy, shaky, irritable, lethargic, exhausted, have short term memory problems and heart palpitations, nauseous, queasy, and to have prolonged head pressure and headaches. … The solar flares and photon waves are changing the fabric of our physical reality as they have a dramatic effect on our physical cellular level, causing our cellular memories to awaken and clear….. we find ourselves releasing these lower emotions of sadness and grief without knowing why.”   You can read more at

Much Love

5/29/14 Memorial Day Forgiveness

Beloved~ As we leave the energies of Memorial Day and move into June, I share this Miri Message that I actually wrote on Monday Memorial Day.  I have the sweet habit still of ‘hesitating’ to send out these messages.  I’m getting better….just like you xo (If you’re new on my email list, I share Miri Messages as they come through me, hoping that something I write about allows you to realize that I am sharing something you’re familiar with…..and that this helps you see your self and your choices, your life differently – ultimately with more tenderness, awareness and belief in your ability to create and have something different for your self.)

Memorial Day - As I pondered what to share about this day……something happened to show me.  I had a new client scheduled for our first session this afternoon.  We had reconfirmed earlier that day, so I knew the client was aware of our scheduled time.  I waited. I waited.  15 minutes past our appointment and no word. ….I waited.  I felt the frustration and feelings of annoyance rising in me and all the thoughts that went everywhere from concern to annoyance, noticing my reaction seemed  a bit out of proportion, and you know how that is…..

I paused. Okay, what can I do here, I asked.  I’m one of those, like many of you, who isn’t comfortable with anger.  I watched the feeling of victimhood arising in me, blame……  Then I took a deep breath and a few more deep breaths.  Then I stopped and checked in to my body to see where I was feeling this energy of frustration and blame……  
Anger, Emotion, E-Motion, Energy in Motion. 

It was pooled in my lower belly, second chakra, contracted,tense….
THE MEDICINE –  No thinking.  Just Observing, Breathing, bringing soft Attention and breath to the belly, the area that felt tight.  It was maybe 30 seconds until I felt the tight energies in my belly begin to soften, to open and …….begin to dissolve.  I continued to breathe deeply, bringing soft gentle allowing and attention.  Again, no story, no thoughts….gentle watching, allowing and breathing.

I shifted my attention to my chest, my heart chakra and I breathed here….allowing the energies to expand and open my heart, encompassing my client and my self. 

Something totally different now - my energies had changed and shifted and my entire body was now relaxed and open and my heart and belly were soft.  The previous ‘story’ was gone, unless I wanted to work at resurrecting it – which you may well be able to do.  Now why would you want to do that!

Notice – there was no fixing or changing the story, me or the other.  There was just noticing, allowing, breathing, being, breathing……

FORGIVING  -  Most of us are taught that forgiveness is about forgiving another, the other who had ‘wronged’ you, in this case, this client who had caused my stress and anger.  That is only half, maybe less than half of the process, and truly incomplete at best. 

In my world, I have discovered that the one who needs the forgiving -  is me.  Most of us are not taught to pay any attention to ourselves in the Forgiveness Process……. forgiving your self.  Look again at what you are still holding against another.  It is YOU who still suffers because it is not another you need to forgive, it is your very self you need to forgive. 

Forgive your self for all the thoughts and feelings you had, your reactions…. and the difficulties you still have around letting go.  Forgive your self for feeling helpless, hopeless, anger, being a victim to another, sadness…...  Forgive your self for not being able to move on. 

Beloved - You can’t move on because you haven’t done the other part of the Forgiveness Work, the true part of the forgiveness work.  Allowing you to be you.  OF COURSE you felt wronged.  Of course you felt betrayed, abandoned, distraught, dismayed, discouraged, confused etc.  OF COURSE you felt however you felt.  Now breathe into that.  You haven’t had PERMISSION TO FEEL what you felt, what you continue to feel.  You worked on understanding and forgiving the other. You didn’t look to understand your self.  You keep pushing you and your feelings away, pushing your self away, denying you the  compassionate understanding for what you experienced and felt.  Simply give your self permission to feel as you feel.  It’s like wanting a zebra to not have stripes.  It’s just the way of it.  Feelings arise.  They come and they go, unless we stop them and try to push them down or disconnect from them.  They just want to pass through us.  E-motion – Energy in Motion

Where do you still not have permission to feel?  What you are feeling?  Can you give your self permission today, the way you would gently notice the child who is at a birthday party….you can see the child wondering and worrying if there will be enough cake on the plate left for him/her to have a piece……of course the child might be feeling all that……. innocent thoughts and feelings until someone shames you and you must disconnect and shut down all those innocent feelings that come up in us….. Zebras have stripes; human beings have feelings.  It is natural.  No one told you that.  No one gave you permission….to feel… be you….. And you’re angry with your self ….  How painful…..

Breathe deeply even as you are reading this.  Continue to breathe deeply down into your belly.  And out of this lack of permission to feel, grew all the ways we judged ourselves and closed our hearts to our very own self.  The acknowledgements, permission to feel that you did not receive from another…… can now give this to your self. 

My gift is in creating the safe compassionate space for you to share and release these judgments you have against your self, the pain and anxiety …….and to once again experience the flow of life energy moving through you, emotions, e-motion, energies in motion.  What have you not had permission to feel completely through….and you’ve actually been holding it and feeling the heaviness of it for so long.  Are you ready to dissolve it - Together we can discover that it is actually safe to feel, and in the permission to feel, to be who you are – is the Gift of Golden Peace

I see You – I’m here to hold your hand, you are safe……you deserve to be free and to dance in magical expression of the Beautiful Divine Being that you truly are.

WELCOME HOME.  You can arrange a session with Miri via phone, skype or in person in Charlotte
I SEE YOU – I AM in Love with You

5/29/14                            You Are Innocence and Perfection......Remember~

5/22/14                      You Are Angels In Disguise.....Remember~ 

5/9/2014 Greetings~
Innocence –   Remember  Wonder and Innocence?   Barely?   

So much has happened to remove these two qualities from our way of being with ourselves and how we interact with our world.   Wonder & Innocence.  What happened to us that caused us to begin to allow all the stories, beliefs, and our experiences to define us and become more real than the very truth of our Being.   Notice how we define ourselves, limit ourselves and decide what is possible in our lives based on our past, our struggles, difficulty with emotions, lack, pain etc.  …and it all feels so real….

The reason this shift away from Innocence happened is simple – it was part of the design of having this human experience. 

We’re at the Edge of Glory – we are ready now to return Home, while still in physical form.  It’s a vibrational shift I’m speaking of and thank you Albert Einstein for confirming for us that everything is in fact -  vibration/energy. 

We are ready now to claim our birthright, to realize and live from the True Source of our Being and our True Self, from our Spirit/Soul/I AM, as The Divine Manifested in Form and realize this, not just as a nice thought – but to actually get it and live it …..becoming aware of who we truly are and what we are capable of creating.  

This return to Source Consciousness always begins within and with ourselves.   We change, and then our outer world begins to mirror the vibrational shift  in us.

We are shifting the foundation of our lives, how we define ourselves, what we believe ourselves capable of doing, being, becoming……possibilities that are born from our true nature ipo living from our old reactive patterns. We are ‘changing lanes’.  We are moving into SoulFilled living instead of continuing the drama, limitation and lack that our human personality has known.   

We are being gifted with the sacred opportunity to shift the framework, structure, our foundation from which we live and create to Christ Consciousness as our foundation, to living from The Heart, to seeing that we really are capable and DESIGNED to change our vibration from dense, heavy painfilled living to a return to Wonder & Innocence.  

We’re at the Edge of Glory.  It is not about reviewing, fixing or changing what was -  This movement away from identifying and seeing ourselves as our stories is actually accomplished by shifting our vibration.  One cannot be here, having a human experience without having been sent by the I AM of you, by the Soul, Spirit, The Divine and this continuous connection must be in order for us to have life. …. (though I surely do get this feeling of separation and ‘aloneness’)

We’re on the Edge of Glory – because the human is being taken up and into the vibration of the Divine True Self.  It is as though your parent finally shows up, sweeps you up into their arms and with the most tender understanding and unconditional love embraces you, embraces all of you and says I AM here now, Welcome Home.  This is the transformational Love that changes everything. 

It is already who you are……this part of you has just been waiting in the background, if you will.  Actually, we are already held, loved and embraced this way.  And now it is time to know, feel and experience this level of self acceptance, of unconditional love that no one, except your True Self can give you.  It has always been Truth – it is not another’s love and acceptance you need.  It is your own.  And we’ve been looking to others and the material world to help us feel loved, we’ve been trying to fit in, manipulating ourselves and those around us …. so that we can feel better, be accepted,  loved.  It’s an inside job Beloved…..and your Soul is coming to claim its place now, to fill your body with its perfection, to live the rest of our days in Splendor and Glory! SoulFilled Living

I know because I am experiencing this shift into feeling the deep acceptance and love of my Self for me, for all the parts of me……  Magic & Miracles….and if I can, you can too!  It is not the ego that is learning to love itself.  It is The Divine of You that is coming forth to bring all its aspects back home into its HeartI know what it is to feel disconnected, not enough, broken, ashamed……  We are same-same.  
I promise– YOU CAN shift your vibration and your life into Acceptance, Grace, Miracles, Peace and Glory!!!

OK – so how to begin to change your vibration to more easily access your True Self so the personal dramas can begin to release their grip on your life.
I love Einstein’s words – we cannot fix the problem at the level it was created at.  We must go to a higher level.  What this means to me is that we must go to a higher vibrational level and once there, the ‘problems’ and issues are actually transmuted, changed by this vibration.

Here are my 3 favorite ‘medicines’ for vibrational shifting into your higher vibrational self... into Peace, Calm and Gentleness. 

1- Be in Gratitude as much as you can whenever you can REGARDLESS of what you are struggling with.  Find things to be grateful for.  They are everywhere and I promise you that when you pay more attention to these, breathing and savoring the good, instead of allowing your monkey mind to capture you you will begin to feel better. 

We see how we are just playing the same painful angry unresolved stories and situations over and over in our thoughts – so change the tape that is playing….….This morning I was grateful for the coffee beans, the coffee pot, the ability to smell and to drink my yummy coffee. Thank you plants, thank you to the folks who harvested the beans, to the ones who made my wonderful French Press. Deep breaths and smiles. Thank you my Divinity for allowing me to be here…to wake up and smell the coffee finally : -)  I promise you’ll feel better. This is my # 1 game changer -  Gratitude.   Your vibration, you, your life will change exponentially.  You will actually notice that many of your issues have literally dissolved and disappeared.  You’ve switched lanes and you’re now cruising through life in the JOY LANE!  Thank you computer, thank you fingers that type away, thank you eyes that can see…..try it now and see for your self. Stay in the Gratitude…no comparing.  Stay in your lane. (Do not take this suggestion as a 'bypass' to doing any emotional work or inner child work that you need to do) 

2- Spend time in nature.  If you can’t get outside then google nature images.  It works, trust me…..

 3 - Do the things that bring you joy….small simple things.  You are refocusing your attention and actually changing your vibration.  Small thing – huge result. Remember Einstein’s wisdom!

I AM here to support your shift with Intuitive Guidance, Coaching and Energy Transmissions including Soul Infusion….. supporting you to change lanes, leave your baggage behind and shift the very foundation and the matrix of your life here – release anxiety, depression, doubt, trauma…… receive new perspectives and create the changes you've been longing for in all areas of your life. There is no such thing as ‘distance’, so if you feel drawn to working with me please connect 

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YOU are the Blessing~ You are Blessed
Much Love