Monday, March 27, 2017

Are you tired of feeling like you always need to be fixing something about your self or your situation…. and that you need to hurry up and do it fast? 

My mailbox is filled with messages from Teachers who want to help me dissolve the blockages in my life so that I can BE BETTER and HAVE MORE. 

I’ll take responsibility for the fact that they didn’t end up there by chance.  I signed up for them!

It sounds very spiritual and the right thing to be doing...
making me 'better...  faster."

Heck, you don’t even have to see yourself as spiritual to be on this ‘never ending self-fixing and improvement journey’

Of course I should be looking to do everything so I can dissolve what I believe is in my way asap, for ‘a better life, a better more improved me...”

And somehow,  most of this just doesn’t feel good to me anymore. I'm exhausted. 

Part of me is rebelling because I'm beginning to notice the thoughts of –  Am I really that broken, bad, wrong, hopeless...? 

I think not, especially if you’ve been following me, you know that I’m all about reconnecting with ourselves in a different way –            
     -recognizing and experiencing ourselves as Divine 
     -which means naturally shifting into accepting, understanding and loving every part of ourselves just as we are.

I’m a coach, so it’s a funny thing to be sharing with you about being exhausted from the self improvement journey!

And yet I believe there is a middle way –
> a way to honor yourself and be with yourself right where you are 
> understand the Holiness and Perfection of your situation and your feelings
> truly accept and respect your self
> be in the present moment instead of avoiding it because of your uncomfortable thoughts and feelings
> experience greater peace in your life
> end the war with your self... stop beating yourself up about where you should, could, ought to be or really should be doing now
> respect the times of 'pause' that come
> while allowing and integrating change into your life

I love helping you find the middle way so you can have
* self-acceptance and self-compassion 
* the ability to truly be in your life with greater ease and peace, instead of resistance, exhaustion and feeling that you MUST change your self because you are somehow not 'okay' as you are
* tools and wisdoms that support your continuous evolution and transformation with greater ease and inner peace.


Nature was my reminder about these truths this afternoon and so I made you a short video, sharing how nature helps us all remember how everything moves in perfect sequence and harmony and to help you discover that perhaps this drive for self improvement IS MISSING A KEY piece.

Yes, change is always happening – and what if you don’t have to keep beating yourself to get there faster or feel like you’re never quite right or doing enough to make it happen…

Honestly, wouldn’t you like to feel better about your self?  Do you realize that this stress you are causing your self, is destroying you? 
What would it be like to lean into life with greater acceptance, feelings of inner peace and a greater ability to accept what was and what is…. instead of always rejecting or fixing or wanting something different?

What if You Could Stop Beating Your Self Up and Making Your Self Wrong or Bad?
More and more I find myself living in deeper peace and harmony with what is… releasing the painful conflict created by the feelings and thoughts about how I should be different... how my relationships, career, health, family, abundance should be different…. that I should be working to hurry up and change or fix something about me and my life...  It is Exhausting and Painful.  Is this you too? 

If you’d like to
     > stop pushing so hard 
     > have greater peace in your life 
     > have new skills that allow you to move through transformations and changes with Grace and Ease
     >  stop beating your self up and stop feeling like you’re never okay as you are, that what you do is never quite enough or good enough.
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Here's the video... the wisdom of nature... how the tree and my orchid plant helped me remember, yet again :-) that everything is always moving along perfectly, never randomly, and in perfect harmony with your Spirit. Are you ready to step into that?

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