Friday, January 10, 2014

LOL because this isnt going to be what you’re thinking.

It is about time.  It’s about the way that we engage with time…..the way that time has controlled us and turned us into stressed out ‘robots’ about time…..  We let it control us, instead of our taking back the controls.

Now if you never get stressed out about being on time, don’t find your self ‘hurrying’ out of habit….then this message is not for you.  If you do get stressed out about time, then please read on

Here’s what I mean.  One day when I was still living in Maryland, I had an aha moment while I was driving …. and I was rushing. The personality of me used to rush a lot, and I confess that I still find my self ‘rushing’…….finding my self under ‘the hypnotic spell of hurry up.’     

I’m just driving and then I’m noticing that I’m thinking that the person in front of me is driving too slowly… And then I watch my self speed up to go through the yellow light.

Then The Wisdom of me dropped in - Where am I going?  Where do I have to get to in a hurry? 

I see that I hurried up and drove faster in order to get through the yellow light.  I’m always rushing through the yellow lights….   WHY?   Why do I need to always rush through the yellow light …….all the time trying to go faster.  Hurry up to get to what, to get where? What exactly is this sensation that is pushing me and having me feeling all stressed out?

This has been such a quality of ‘me’…..hurry up.  I have hurried me up way too often.   I even hurry you up, sometimes……: -)

For what?   Where exactly am I or you going?  Can I take a deep breath, and another, and another…. Let’s stop rushing around.  There is no reason to be held hostage by time. A very curious habit.  Actually, it is a form of addiction, mass consciousness addiction here.  Yes….really it is.  Can you pause when you’re rushing and notice how you are feeling in your body?  Does your body feel tense and contracted like mine does when I’m feeling like I need to hurry…..  Notice the level of stress we have created.  We don’t want to do that to our bodies anymore.  It isn’t necessary.  Really……for what good reasons do we continue to hurry? 

Breathe.  No looking for or creating stories, analyses, no whys or explanations ……and especially no judging and admonishments.  Please simply and gently move into breathing, noticing, stopping, breathing, smiling and slowing down. Deep belly breaths….Smile

I remembered this today because once again I was brought to conscious awareness of ‘rushing and hurrying’ to get…….where? why?  and feeling the stress……

My angels were showing me how I hurry when I’m driving – and realizing it is mostly for no reason, other than habit.  So what else are you doing in these energies of hurry up – probably just about everything……otherwise we’d all be smiling, not worrying, and enjoying each moment.  Take a breath.  Choose just one thing to do differently.  Maybe I’ll stop at all the yellow lights…..ouch I can feel my system in rebellion of that.  It won’t like the change.  The ego system (personality) likes same….even when it isn’t healthy. 

I know better.  You know better.  Choose just one small thing to do differently, slowly, mindfully and smile.  Smiling changes your body chemistry and your energies.  Let me know how it goes!

And of course if there was an emergency, a life/death situation, then yes, there is a need to be mindfully moving fast.  But most of the time there is no reason to rush anything…..
What would my life be like if I slowed down……just slowed everything down……especially when we’re rushing ‘somewhere’ ‘nowhere’ really, for what or whom?  This amount of stress….really?  Notice, allow, break out of this matrix of feeling like you have to be rushing……. and breathe deeply, smile and enjoy.

Let nature be your teacher…..reminding you how gracefully birds fly because they follow their true rhythm, and don’t hurry.…flying without stress, outside of time

Make ‘time’ a friend that supports you.  Literally. Say to time: “Let’s be friends now going forward.”  Play with time; expand time. Here’s what I mean:  If you have an appointment and you are in fact running late……say “I will be on time. I am rearranging everything so that I will be on time…..I will not be late.”   I have done this…..only to arrive ‘late’ by the clock and see that the other person is just arriving too……ready to apologize and then we just look at each other and smile – we ARE on time!  So remember, if you are running late for an appointment – tell the universe to arrange it so it isn’t a problem… that everything and everyone will be in sync with time.  I have friends who can actually slow time, slow the clock down.  I haven’t been able to do that yet : -)
Be Stress and Worry Free … Fly in sync with your natural rhythm. 
Blessings and Love from the Most High

I AM in Love with You

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