Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday, May 12         Happy Mother’s Day ~ I See You

“…The Divine Feminine, in all of her lunar/solar glory, has taken the reins on Planet Earth…..   The solar feminine embodies yang energy, strength, passion, creativity, and action……  The solar feminine is quite different from the lunar feminine, whose yin energy is gentle, receptive and nurturing…..”   ‘Unplugging The Patriarcy’ by Lucia Rene’  

The masculine and feminine that is WITHIN EACH one of us continues to rebalance.

So many emotions come up on Mother’s Day….. so many memories, thoughts…...  Be with all of life’s experiences…..hold it all …….tenderly.

Someone gave me a very powerful lesson recently.  We had just connected and she really felt a call to have a session with me…..   However, she explained that she first had to see how much her car repair would be.  What a gift that was.  How much we still attend to everything and everyone else without hesitation and leave ourselves uncared for or at the bottom when there is almost nothing left to give – Still.  And I do appreciate and honor the progress we have all made. 

A gift for everyone – periodically during the day pause and check in…..listen to your self, listen deeply to what is needed.  If you are upset, this is a good time to stop and listen deeply…….  Can you give to you as you would give to a dear friend or family member?  Notice how we still have a hard time with this.   Just NOTICE, ALLOW everything to be as it is, FEEL what is there without thoughts, without judgments…..BREATHE…..ATTEND to you.  And if needed and you are able, SIMPLY choose something different.  CHANGE can be that simple.  No resistance, no forcing, just make a different choice, following your inner guidance, your heart.

And I honor where she was coming from because most of us still have Money Fears - I see that I’m still plugged in and feel the trance of scarcity and the programs of fear that are on this planet around money. 

My favorite word is “Really?”  Is what I’m believing or telling my self really Truth…….  Really?   

So how courageous can I be – and create a different world for my self…..a world anchored in the abundance and kindness of The Energies we are created from. 

I like jumping lanes……the best way to break a habit is to do something different.  I think it is Einstein who said that Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome!  So do something different.  It’s great for the brain…… take a different route to the store, do small things differently. Get out of habit.  JUMP with me into a different lane by doing  something/anything differently.  I promise you if you’re curious about this, The Universe will present you with opportunities to break free, to move out of the illusion, the habits and into Greater Truth.  

Sometimes when we experience waves of fear coming up ……just allow them to wash through while you breathe deeply.  And if you can, don’t pick up any thoughts to explain, don’t poke around in the fear  Sometimes you have to because you’re still in process……and sometimes you’re done, so please stop cultivating and adding to ‘this garden’ by poking around with your thoughts.

By the way…..the person I wrote about jumped lanes and made an appt for her self!!

“…The Divine Feminine, in all of her lunar/solar glory, has taken the reins on Planet Earth…..”  Lucia Rene’  

Enjoy the Gifts and Grace of this Day

I AM in Love With You
New Moon Solar Eclipse May 9 & 10th ....and More!

The Cosmic Story: Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse May 9 & 10, 2013: Eclipses mark times of cosmic redirection and energy shifts. Something that we’ve been working on, learning about or struggling with comes to an end at a lunar eclipse. Something we’ve imagined and dreamed about begins to manifest at a solar eclipse. This Taurus solar eclipse on May 9-10th marks a new beginning, an especially fertile new beginning as it takes place in the astrological sign of manifestation. Taurus is the most earthy of earth signs, marking a season of fertility and growth, of beauty and sensuality. It is the energy of building and making, of new possibilities and passions.

Solar eclipses mark the end of a 19-year cycle relating to the activities relevant to each astrological sign. A Taurus solar eclipse brings up issues of self-worth and values. Since this eclipse is near the South Node of the Moon, we might have to examine old value systems that no longer serve our lives. Do you honor the talents you have? Do you know what values stand at the center of your life? Take time to dig deep in the soils of Taurus and weed out any old negative behavior patterns entrenched there. Prepare the soil for new growth.

When we know our own worth, we can also access to the archetypal realm of Beauty, Desire and Fertility which is ruled by Venus/Aphrodite. Know what you value in this precious life we have, because why build something you don’t value?         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Beloved~ So… we are…. Do you resonate with what is written?  For me, it feels like the past few months, since Dec 12 actually, have been all about this….lots of reexamining, lots of emotions coming up for rebalancing in The Light.  Old paths and connections are completing…….new people are in my life, new paths are opening AND I have experienced the eruptions of the most painful emotions…… of seeing my core wounds  ( never mind that I thought I had handled all that already J) and the principal pattern/role/defense system that I have carried through this life and many other lifetimes…….seeing the patterns, being with the pain, seeing me ……. in ways I have not before…..all so that the unraveling and the completion and disconnect from the old can happen…..and as each part of the old matrix is removed, I feel so much Clearer, Lighter, Joyous, Spacious and Grateful.   Grateful for these tunnels and cocoons that allow me to shed my old skins……like the snake.. 

Again I share my ‘stories’ with the hopes that you realize that you are not alone, not wrong or going crazy and that we are being shown our ‘stuff’ so that we can choose again……release all that does not serve us, is not who we truly are and does not even belong to us - it is part of the collective consciousness and/or our tribal lineage that we are disconnecting from…… We release so that we can begin to embody our True Essence Self here and now and through all time and space, systems and realities…..   Max Simon says we cannot change anything until we have an awareness of it.  So we are being shown what is old, repressed, blocked and buried, was never in balance …….that has been inside of us and these patterns and fears have been driving, yes driving and defining and limiting our lives.

Briefly about me – a few weeks ago I was back in the mama bear protector role.  I am a mama bear.  I love the role…..I lovingly share my heart with many ….supporting, loving, enfolding, uplifting, guiding…….and recently I was shown that inside this role of mama bear protector was a deep shadow part of me  – especially the role of “Protector of the Children.” 

Shadow?  Oh, I thought this was The Light of Me.   Nope… also carried a lot of my pain and it was time to acknowledge the pain, allow it to be felt so that the warmth and tenderness of me and of my own heart could now finally begin to melt what was frozen and blocked up ….and allow the energies to flow once again…….    It doesn’t feel to go into the details of my story now.  Suffice it to say that what I felt proud about, right about re my mama protector role …… I was shown a different story about it all……given the opportunity to see it differently, along with so much of my pain, my beliefs, my positions ( “I know what’s right and wrong, good and bad.…... )   All the ‘work’ I’d done on my self,  and here I was face to face with undeniable truths that I had not seen before…..and oh such deep pain that I could barely be with, such that I was continually pulled back into the thinking mind, so I did not have to feel …..  Grace came by touching the pain, just enough, allowing it…… so that it could actually be released.  We do NOT have to relive all the trauma…..just allowing some true feeling (not with the mind, with the body) will begin the unraveling.

Not to figure anything out  – allow…….trust…..breathe….  As you are being infused with the Higher Vibrations of your True Self, you are held and you are carried into higher vibrations…..  “Darkness cannot drive away darkness, Only Light can do that.”   

As I shared in a recent Miri Message (see April 13) – “This is spring – our old winter baggage and protective garments are no longer needed… wont be able to go higher/into the new vibrations that are here for you,  carrying all that old, heavy stuff with you.”  You are being carried, you will be shown, Ease & Grace, Allow….. Be…. Trust….. Breathe….

Now, and again, and over and over….   I Live in The I Don’t Know mind…… Resting and Abiding in The Mystery…… Letting myself be Carried, Be Shown……

Let your His Stories/histories dissolve.….. let your self be shown what is truly yours …… allow your self to be carried, stay in your own lane and your own light……we all have our own Light Source…. We do not ever need it from another, ever…..

Please stop pointing fingers at someone else.  Do you realize that when you point your finger at someone…… 3 fingers point back at you.  What ever pisses you off about someone……when you want to say: “They are_________!”  Try this – Say what you’re saying about them…..and then say – “Just like me.”   Feel the Ouch : -) and look to see if it is true…..

Your time is here now…… ask for the help you need…please ask.  Everything is coming in to support you in GodRealization.

I AM in Love with You

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April 13 - Where Did I Go? 

Beloved~ Oh my goodness. It is glorious out and all I want to do is nap. Also feeling like whatever held this ‘me’ in place……has been smooshed and moved around. Where did I go? I can’t find that old resonance of the familiar and comfortable me. I’m good; just feeling a bit off and odd…. and smiling as I watch ‘me’ try to find the old familiar. And so if one day you feel like this too…..maybe you’ll remember this message and know All is Well…..we’re just being recalibrated once again to accommodate new LightCodes.   For Sure!!! And yes, often times the body needs a lot of rest when this is going on. Happy blue skies, sunshine, flowers and tiny leaves opening everywhere. The skyline went from brown to green overnight – did you notice? ~Magical~

New Spring Vibrations: Imagine that you’ve been through a cold long winter, just like we have been through. Spring has finally come and you’ve still got your favorite warm turtleneck sweater on. You’re wearing your very warm down coat and it’s still buttoned up. You’ve got your scarf, gloves and hat. These are no longer a match for the vibration of spring you’re in.

This is us now. We are in a new pattern/vibration. Yesterday, the coat, sweater etc. served and supported you. It all felt right and comfortable. Today our old garments are no longer appropriate. Remove, release them and receive your new garments.

You can’t keep your old stuff with you as you come into this new vibration. It is no longer supporting or a match. Some of you have hit the wall hard these past few weeks. Our stuff continues to come up for release and realignment. Old limiting stories, beliefs, definitions, playing victim are just going to get more and more uncomfortable in this season of New Growth. The job, the relationship, the friendships, where you live…. Some of you are on your new paths already. Do some thing, ONE thing different please. Simply Stop, breathe and do or say some thing differently. 
I once again find my self in ‘I don’t know anything’ and I can only be in the moment and do what is needed. What Grace.   Remember Maureen Moss’ words: ‘Become a stranger to your self.’ It doesn’t feel comfortable….I hear you….and we are OK. “Re-examine what you have been told. Dismiss what offends your Soul,” Walt Whitman. It’s time for SoulFilled Living. Every way you smile and say - this is me……may well be that some or all of “that me” is being removed or rebalanced. We are being unhooked every which way. You are unlimited, expansive, expanding…. You are the un nameable made manifest here. GodBeing in Human Form. Godlings I heard someone say! Be willing, be curious… let go of what you think you know and how things work, live in the I don’t know mind ……so you can open to Grace and Conscious Heartful Living .
All Love,

            *Workshop - Saturday, April 7 
“When you are in acceptance of your self,  You and God are One. 
When you are no longer judging, which is a form of resistance and separation, you are in Oneness. 
In this Oneness -  peace, abundance, joy, unconditional love are your natural state. 
You and your life are the path; there is no other and no other way.” Miri
Reflection  ~  Release  ~  Realignment
through Music,  Writing,  Art,  Dialogue,  Spiritual Yoga

                                                            ~open your heart to you~ 
We’ll be gently exploring and joyously dissolving our limitations, stories, beliefs and struggles around
**PERMISSION – Most of us do not have permission to be ourselves……to FEEL what we feel without having to continue to stuff it, deny it, judge it; to SPEAK our truth; to honor OUR KNOWING and stop denying what we ‘know’.   It’s time for you to experience Permission to Be You without judgment, shame or guilt!!!  The Divine doesn’t create mistakes.  All judgments, shame, guilt you have about yourself come from someone else.  Let’s step out of someone’s else’s stories and beliefs.    
**What have you been BELIEVING ABOUT YOUR SELF THAT IS NOT TRUE ….and it has been running your life?
**Do you sometimes JUDGE YOUR SELF as 'TOO ______".  I'm too bossy, too sensitive, too much, too controlling ......playing with this and finding the pearl within the judgment and misunderstanding and the freedom to be just as we are!

~~Join us if you’re ready to move into more Self Acceptance, Self Love, Allowing, New Discoveries, Insight, Revelation. Gratitude, Joy, Freedom and Grace ~~