Friday, December 30, 2016

December 29 

‘LOVING What Is’ by Byron Katie – You MUST be kidding!@!
I can’t do that !@!

I promised to share something healing and inspiring as we clear and cleanse in preparation for Jan 1.  3 more days! 

"How worthy you are to live out
the glorious fulfillment of your destiny."

‘The Sophia Code’ by Kaia Ra
Keycode 4 Mother Mary Initiation

When I began to do my deep healing and transforming work… when my Soul began to take hold and grow in me, I began to realize that my problems and issues were not caused by other people or the situations in my life.  

I had to turn around and look at my self and how I was interacting with life... how I was showing up with others...   Not easy to look at me and my life honestly.

When I found Byron Katie’s book ‘Loving What Is’ , my  first thought was -  ‘Loving” – you must be kidding!   Actually – I was a bit more exuberant than that.

You must be F**King kidding me, I thought.  Loving!!  I can barely look at and honestly acknowledge what is – I surely can’t love what I’m seeing in my self…. my patterns, defenses and issues, my faults.

I had quite the committee of inner critics, bullies, haters and judges in my head.  
Tomorrow I'll share about how I began to shift out of all the self rejection, criticism, denial and self hatred… and we are no different - you can shift too ! 
You too can truly find self-compassion, self-acceptance…  
and understand what Byron Katie meant when she wrote the words - 
Loving What Is  

Love is the medicine.  Love is the answer... not the sappy romantic love... It was about discovering the eternal Unconditional Love that had always been nestled inside of me... that is inside each one of us.  That ability to love myself had always been there... waiting to blossom.... everyone has this bud, ready to blossom. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey of

Sacred Transformation back into the Heart of Peace and Love

I See You ~ I AM In Love With You


Miri Klements
Self Acceptance and Sacred Transformation Coach
Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher ~ Medical Reiki
tm Master

December 28

This is the journey now.  Join me in Sacred Transformation back back into the Heart of Peace and Love

“Unconditional Love is not something you must earn.
It is, always was, and always will be with you … 
Because I AM.

God is in your very breath, and your next, always”  Miri


I hope you had a chance to read yesterday's message.  It is below.  Thank you

As we continue – I would love to offer you a method for HOW to begin to unravel the programming, conscious and unconscious beliefs, unhealed emotions, limitations, experiences, and conditioning that have been running the your life.  Yes, we are like a computer that has been programmed – by our parents, family, culture, teachers, peers, media, religion. 

This cannot be avoided.  For example - If you lived in South America you would naturally take a few hours siesta in the afternoon – a big meal and perhaps a nap and then return to work.  

Here many of us eat our lunch as we sit at our desks and continue to work – work all day… without a true lunch break.  Even if you take lunch… how long do you take?   We would NEVER consider taking a few hours every afternoon.  

Working hard... it's the American way! We have been ‘programmed’ if you will… It’s almost in our blood and bones.

This creation of a human self and our personality cannot be avoided.  It's what being a human is about.

The programming we received creates viruses in our lives and informs all aspects of our lives.  Look and see...  We so often live on automatic pilot, in repeating patterns, numb, reacting
without the ability to make a different choice…

We live lives of limitation and bondage. 99.9% of us.  It is simply the way it has been here... I am just giving you something for your mind to chew on.... and consider. 

Then our Spirit rings a bell and it’s time to undo, unravel, heal and delete the programs... that have been running our lives.  It's happening to you if you're reading this! 

It's time for Freedom, Inner Peace, Joy, Deep Acceptance, Self Compassion and Conscious Aware Choice ipo simply reacting to life habitually. 

I love the words below.  They form one of foundations in my life and in my coaching practice. 

“The most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.” 
Pema Chodron

Looking at ourselves Gently is critical.  Self Compassion. 

I began my healing journey with none of that.  

Now it informs and influences every part of my life.

Are you kind and gentle with yourself? Would you like to be?

As we begin to awaken from this ‘dream’ of life… often times the things we see about ourselves, our situations, our relationships… aren’t pretty.  

It’s likely you have responded just like I did – with a whole lot of self loathing, judgments against my self and a whole committee of inner critics in my head.  All I wanted to do was run from my self and from the feelings that were bubbling up…. feelings of confusion, anger, pain, overwhelm, helplessness, sadness... about the mess I saw.

I wondered - why am I like this, how did this happen AND I wished I could go back to not seeing so clearly... How could I get rid of this part of me...   How do I fix and change this - fast!  The feelings that were arising were everything uncomfortable and painful.

I promise you that when you begin to see more clearly, uncomfortably and honestly – it is a good thing, a very good thing…. because it means that you are being called into change. You can no longer pretend that everything is okay… Your Soul has a plan and it is a good plan, an excellent plan.

GOOD NEWS is that you came totally equipped and prepared in this lifetime to handle the change, the healing, the transformation… You came in with all the resources, tools, solutions and new skills… EVERYTHING YOU NEED AND WILL NEED is already there inside of you... and will come to you… in Divine Time… as needed…  I PROMISE.

 Remember a few messages back I wrote about your Soul’s Journey and Plan for this life.  You make a plan and then fill your suitcase and toolbox with everything you need TO SUCCEED IN YOUR DIVINE PLAN AND MISSION.   That’s how it works.  Even though we feel separate, alone, unsupported... we never are.  Please note that these are my interpretations... my beliefs.  And others have written in this way also.  My experiences and transformations have affirmed for me what is possible, that you can transform your life too, which is why I share.

We are not meant to stay in suffering, lack, limitation, disconnect and fear.  We are meant for so much more. 


"Your Destiny is a Promise you made to yourself.”

Our shells are cracking... even more now. We have already been through so much. You may notice that you feel like you have less and less that you can hold on to, that you are grasping... unsuccessfully.  

You may feel like you don't even know yourself ... What is happening to me?  

Your Spirit wants to be made known to you. It wants to become your most Divine Intimate partner... in your life... in a Conscious Way.
Yes, Spirit has always been your partner... but somehow we humans have believed that we have been the 'drivers,' and have tried to control and figure things out...  My way!  Let me figure out what's needed here.  When Spirit comes in... life becomes so much easier and sweeter...  in the end.... In the middle part - the part of realizing that you aren't in control, have never been in control, have no control... that part is not easy... and then at some point the sun begins to shine again.  

We have lived with fear, lack, struggle and suffering, conflicted within ourselves ex- i way to say this; i can't say this.... and all the conflicts without.  

Our Spirit is whole, intact and made of the very fibers and threads of Peace, Unconditional Love, Joy, Abundance, Ease, Grace.  

As your Spirit comes in to your life, into your body... it must, by design, bring more and more of these attributes into you and your life.

And it must have a space.... so it causes the things that are not of its nature that are holding the space to come up... for release.  

That's what we are feeling now.  It's all the stuff coming up and out and making space.  Some of it just goes... and as some other patterns come up, we need to do some work... we have to look honestly, feel the feelings, cultivate self- acceptance and self-compassion... in order to 'heal', reconcile and release what is in the way of God Realization.

That's what we are going through...  making space for God- cleaning the basements of our lives, every dark corner...

HOW TO BEGIN, OR CONTINUE... in the most efficient way, because I know some of you have been at this for a while!    

BEGIN BY NOTICING... NOTICE what is happening... what is showing up. 
Noticing has a bit of detachment... I'm not asking you to watch carefully.

Remember the words above... have the courage to be honest and gentle with yourself.

Now begin to cultivate the part of you that is The Observer...
that notices... with curiosity, fascination and a bit of detachment... just noticing... like you are watching a movie on a screen.  Literally pull yourself back a little bit, create some space, sit back in your seat and notice what is happening. 
Notice as if you are a reporter.  You will be pulled in, of course.  Your emotions will start to churn and flow. 

Breathe, notice and allow... as best you can...

It was hard for me in the beginning to be honest and accept what I saw.  I wanted to run from what I was seeing... I could barely put words to it. 

I was being shown, by my soul, that in my life it was difficult for me to speak my truth and stand up for me. My Spirit kept bringing me into situations where I had to continue to notice these painful dysfunctional patterns... 

I also so that it was difficult for me to connect with my true feelings and express them. Ugly and Ouch.  I just wanted to run away, reject my self all over again.

But don’t think that this is where God/My Spirit/Divine Higher Self left me… or where you will be left.

I had a lot of unraveling and healing to do… and I DID, just as you will do, because all the tools, teachings, people and support needed for your healing will show up including people who will trigger your patterns, and people who will support you in moving through them and into new life.

I AM in a very different place now.  Remember –
We are 
BOTH~AND.  We are Human AND Divine... I continue to live life from some of my old patterns, limitations, programs and conditioning... and that's just fine.  

Finally, I AM more and more okay with who I am, my quirks and actions... with this character of me, birthed here by my Spirit... in Unconditional Love.
I have been given the Gift and Grace of
Self Acceptance, Self Compassion, and Self Love. 
And LOVE OF SELF is the Gold.
It is beyond description or words. 

It is the Master Key~

May I support you in discovering your Master Key? 
Please contact me for your Complimentary Discovery Consultation. 

Did you listen to this song yet?
For me it’s the Love Song from my soul, singing to that part of me that felt scared, alone, separate and uncertain...


I See You ~ I AM In Love With You

Big HeartHugs

Miri Klements
Self Acceptance and Sacred Transformation Coach
Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher ~ Medical Reiki
tm Master

Monday, December 26, 2016

We are Divine Beings, choosing to have this human experience- 
Holy Divine God Love In this Body. 

Our Soul has chosen this life, with its specific plan and purposes.  We can never be off course.  We are always on course.  Mistakes are simply of the human mind.

We live in the grandest experience and delusion and illusion of separation from The Divine –  this distinct feeling that God/The Divine is something outside of us… that we are separate.

This is the greatest Mystery – how the One can appear as many and separated from itself. 

What if Life is simply an experience to be lived – all of it... because God has a plan - and I AM that plan...  I AM God's Holy Precious Creation.

What if actually there are no goals to reach…  What if the goals we set each New Year are mostly designed by the ego mind… not our Souls.


What if everything comes in Divine Flow and Divine Right Order and Time.

What if there is no such thing as ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ ... only what is unfolding in each moment - Holy God Love.

What if it’s all about the experiences we came here to have… our Divine Plan unfolding.

In this human experience we must develop an ego/personality.  And the ego is designed to avoid, pull away from and protect itself from pain – physical and emotional. 

And our egos surely have their preferences and wants. This IS The Design … and not a problem...

At some point we are Graced to truly realize that we are here to live ‘Both ~ And’, 

and we begin to have more and more of a sense of ourselves... that is more than just our struggling ego self.

We begin to realize our Divinity, our Holy Divine Nature AND our choice for this human life and its experiences.  
 We can be..,  WE ARE      BOTH ~ AND 

And we begin to stop rejecting ourselves, judging and hating ourselves, needing to be different from how we are showing up...
I began to do my deepest healing work about 20 years ago.  There was a lot of rejection (aka self hatred) of so many parts of myself, a lot of avoidance and inability to look honestly…  and a lot of blind spots… because THIS WAS MY DIVINE PLAN… Just like Your Soul has Your Plan…. and it could not have been any different.

When it's time to 'wake up',  it's like our Soul rings a bell, the switches get turned on and we journey into The Time of Re-membering... who we truly are.

While it is happening –it’s not so fun.  Now, I call it Grace… this being called back, the journey back to my True Self.


For me this healing and reintegration brought me into a place of deeper acceptance, allowing, compassion and kindness towards my self... for my human pain, reactions, choices... deeper allowing of the parts of me that rejected, judged and felt like she would never get it right... never figure out how to be truly acceptable...

I smile as I type this.  I didn’t’ know how much I was struggling.  It was my ‘normal’.

No one can do the work for you.  There is no opportunity for transcending or bypassing this inner work... and in the end you’ll also see that another’s love is not the answer… though we surely try that alot...

It is your very own love for your ‘selves’ that will take you Home, back into your own Heart… the Love that birthed you… that you thought you were separate from… but in truth you 
never left.  It is what we yearn for – that feeling of Oneness, with ourselves.   Inner Reconciliation is what GP Walsh calls it.

Two very important things were key for me.  I had a lot of pain in my childhood.  I had to do a lot of healing the wounds of my inner child…. the sweet innocent part of me that had been abandoned.
I had to give her all the loving and the attention and the listening to that she had needed and never received.  I became the unconditionally loving parent she never had. 

The Second Key would BE THE KEY that actually allowed me to Love her so deeply and completely, instead of continuing to judge and reject her. 

The key was spending time connecting with that  part of me that was already in love with her - My Divinity,  My Soul,  Higher Self, I AM 

You see, our Divinity created the human… allowed for the creation of the personality and is in love with and fascinated by all its parts and pieces.  I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU is the whisper we never hear as humans… that we all long for… this total and complete love, adoration, cherishing and acceptance that our Spirit already has for us...      

I see that I have a lot to share with you…

Please allow me to continue tomorrow…

Meanwhile, here is one my favorite healing songs.  

For me it’s the Love Song from my soul,  singing to that part of me that felt scared, alone and uncertain...

I See You ~ I AM In Love With You

Miri Klements
Self Acceptance and Sacred Transformation Coach
Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher ~ Medical Reiki
301-788-4525     hedymiri@gmail.comI promised to share some simple, inspiring, and helpful messages for you,
as we complete 2016 and prepare for 1/1.

Peace -
It does not mean to be in a place
Where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.  
It means to be in a the midst of those things and still
Be Calm In Your Heart. 

This is the sacred journey now...
Join me in Sacred Transformation back into the Heart of Peace and Love

I'm telling myself a BS story and then I wrote about yesterday...  Then we're both believing what i'm writing.  We get so used to describing ourselves and our lives a particular way - this is me, this is what i'm like, this is what my life is like...  Too often we don't like to share our progress and amazing changes. So we hide our Light and pretend and play small.

Enough.  Done with the BS.  As we begin to shift, change and shine more brightly - please acknowledge yourself and your progress.
We will discover - WOW! WE ARE TRULY AMAZING!! 

So let me say it all differently from how I said it yesterday - I AM blessed. And I'm paying more and more attention to the many blessings in my life. I'm getting to live in that vibration of joy and blessings and 'sacred expectation.'  Sometimes it's the trees outside my living room window, my orchid plant that reminds me I have no control over when things bloom, the grandchildren that lift my spirits and fill my heart to overflowing, it's all my children - including my daughter inlaw and son inlaw who are soooo very good and caring with me.  I hear so many stories about inlaws.  I am sooooo blessed to have amazing children, amazing family... I could go on.
Look for the blessings as often as you can and say - I AM SO BLESSED! 

And... it's hard to simply jump lanes and change your life.  Change is a process and it takes courage, more courage and faith... AND I want you to pause right now and truly CELEBRATE YOUR SELF FOR HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME. It's great to have a witness - so please email me and tell me about your story. Maybe how you began inch by inch, crawling your way into a new lane.  Tell your self and tell me HOW you are now and WHAT is different.  LOOK at where you were, LOOK at where you are now.  

Do a little dance of celebration, praise, and gratitude.  How would you respond to a friend who had accomplished what you have accomplished?
Don't be stingy and dismissive with yourself.

Rick Hanson says one of the things we must do is SAVOR THE GOOD. Negative experiences, memories, feelings etc stick with us like velcro, not because we're bad...  It is simply how the brain is wired.

Positive experiences, memories and feelings slide off of us like we're a teflon pan.

Look and see - Do you recall mostly positive things about your childhood, or more negatives?  Remember it is how our brain is wired to hold memories... The negative sticks, the positive slips away.  
So we must spend time and do some purposeful brain rewiring by celebrating and savoring the good.  Feels silly at first... then you get to enjoy it!

Go ahead.  You deserve it!  You earned it.  Do a dance of celebration!

I love Matt Kahn's new definition of humility - "Confidence is the new humility."   Breathe that one in.  Smile... Breathe it in all through your body and down to your toes!  Grow yourself some new branches - of Self Confidence. 

BE CONFIDENT.  Do you think God feels ashamed of Her/His Creations? And WHO is made in the likeness and image of God?  Give yourself permission to Enjoy, to Celebrate! Many of us are questioning the dogmas of our religions... It is our nature to Love and Be Loved... to share Love.  It's why we somehow don't feel quite comfortable in our hearts when we see ourselves, or someone else behaving in a way that is missing the sensitivity, kindness and compassion of the heart.  Love is our natural state.  Let your self be burned in the fire of that Love, so that everything that is not that Divine Love can be burned away.  

Homework!!! Each night before you go to sleep, find something to celebrate yourself for.  Tell yourself how amazing you are and watch that beautiful innocent child within you sparkle! 

I See You ~ I AM In Love With You

Self-Acceptance and Sacred Transformation Coach
Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher ~ Medical Reikitm Master 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Clearing, Cleansing as we countdown to 1/1 - 7 days

There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth, 
Beyond us all, beyond the heavens,
Beyond the highest, the very highest heaven.

This is the Light that shines... in our Heart.
Chandogya Upanishad

They say we teach what we are learning.  It is a big thing for me to get it
in my bones, 
in my body... to get it as more than words...
to shift into living a life that is different
from my human  programming and limiting beliefs...
that would allow me to realize and live the words above
or the words I shared yesterday (in the message below this)-

And here's what I've also found to be true in my life.
  It's not like I will ultimately go around
with a literal understanding of this in me.

That's not how it happens.
 Instead, what happens is that one day
I just realize that I Am in a different place
that I  'understand' what this means -
not from my ego or from arrogance.

I just get it. I've changed.  How I'm showing up has changed. I grok it.

The Mystery 

Thank you for the opportunity to share yesterday's message with you.
I practiced saying it out loud - I AM Blessed. I AM the Blessing.
I acknowledged the many blessings in my life, and I cried.
It's how the heart opens... little by little.

We're funny like that.
"It's just easier to believe the bad things about ourselves."
Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. 

I find that it takes serious commitment to a practice
to break the tendency towards negativity...
All patterns can be changed.  You just have to practice... heartfully.

I continue to find and share the ancient wisdom teachings -
like this one... because somehow, some part of me
resonates deeply with them...

Some part of us knows and feels the words as Truths...
Perhaps a memory is stirred in us when we read them...
Allowing us to re-member what and who we truly are.   

There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth, 
Beyond us all, beyond the heavens,
Beyond the highest, the very highest heavens.
This is the Light that shines... in our Heart.

Chandogya Upanishad

I See You ~ I AM In Love With You

Miri Klements
Self Acceptance and Sacred Transformation Coach
Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher ~ Medical Reiki
tm Master

December 24 
I promised to share something simple,
powerful and inspiring each day  

as we countdown, finish up and prepare for 1/1.  


May you know this truth.  May you know it as an embodied living understanding... that You Are Blessed.  

Each of us is birthed from The Divine/God/I AM.  We are born/created in the likeness and image, with all the qualities of our creator. Each one of us... born with all the Divine Attributes.
Holy, Holy... everything... only Holy

And... we are all here on purpose, born into this life with a path and a destiny that cannot be denied us.  Everything we need to live out our divine plan and fulfill our destiny is in our blueprint, is in place.  
We are never off of our path.  It's not possible.  

We Are Blessed.  Everything our Soul needs, not what our ego wants, comes.  We Are Blessed. We are Holy God Stuff.  No matter how things look in your life or feel - everything is FOR you in your life... bringing you our of your limitations, struggles and suffering...  bringing you into God Consciousness... and the realization of your True Identity.  

You are never alone and you come with a toolbox filled with everything we need to move out of the pain and struggles. 

You Are Blessed ~ You Are The Blessing

I know.  Probably you're like me, and this is a lovely sentence that lives in your mind.   Do you get it in your heart... yet?  It's okay.  It's good to notice and be honest about your self with your self.  Please read it again and this time say:

I AM BLESSED ~ I AM THE BLESSING.  Next time you look in the mirror, say it out loud to yourself.  Look into your eyes... notice what you feel and think.  Wow, when I say it this way, it makes me tear up. 
I am blessed. WE ARE BLESSED BECAUSE we are given everything and everyone we need to fulfill our destiny.  So take a few deep breaths...

I AM Blessed  ~  I AM The Blessing

Just in this very moment check in and look around - is everything ok? Notice if you jump to the past or worry about how things will work out in the future.  

Come back here... to this moment  IF you're not reliving your memories and allowing them to be the filter or creator for the present moment,  or worrying about what 'might' happen, well then - how is this moment?  We miss the richness and the blessings... Look for them.  They are there.  Ah, much better.  See - you are blessed! 

Look around. Look for them. Find them and say - I AM blessed! 

And You Are the Blessing.  I am the blessing  
Can you take that in?  It's hard for me.  Notice if it is hard to live this knowing in your heart and not your head.  Breathe it into your heart. Breathe it through your entire body....
the world,  the entire Universe celebrates you, honors and cherishes you - YOU ARE THE BLESSING... more than your mind can ever understand. Thank you~

You deserve special treats if you've read this far.  LOL!! I love this song.  It will warm your heart.  Happy holidays.  

And here is Karen Druckers song too - "I Am So Blessed" - 

I See You ~ I AM In Love With You

Miri Klements
Self Acceptance and Sacred Transformation Coach
Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher ~ Medical Reiki
tm Master

Friday, December 23, 2016

9 Days Till  1-1

I promised to share something simple,
powerful and inspiring each day  
as we countdown, finish up and prepare for 1/1.

Today I made you a Guided Meditation for
Inner Peace, the Grace of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness

Roses are an ancient symbol.

Allow me to guide you into The Rose.
please click on this link for the guided meditation:


  10 Days till 1/1 
These days have me up and down.  Yesterday I was feeling strong and good. Today, I'm feeling off and needing to rest... It is exhausting releasing the old and integrating the new energies.  

If you are sensitive, you are definitely feeling the big waves of energies that are bathing the planet, continuing to bring up what we have buried and denied...

We are releasing our old patterns and beliefs, stuck emotions, our limitations, our masks, our fears.... all the ways we have lived in bondage and untruths.  As they release, we make space for our Soul, our Divinity to come in. 

"Remind yourself that you cannot fail at Being Your Self."

I See You ~ I AM In Love With You 


11 days till 1/1 - Finding My Voice 
I promised to share something simple, powerful and inspiring ... 
as we countdown, finish up and prepare for 1/1.

I've been blogging, maybe even before I knew the word blog.  I call them
 Miri Messages and today I wanted to share my very first Miri Message with you.
 It's from 2006 and it's still so relevant. 

It's about the difficulty we ALL have speaking our truths - asking for what we need, what we want, sharing our true self and being vulnerable.  

I was a total mess in this department.  It was so hard to ask for what I really wanted. I could take care of others really well.  I was their champion, protector and advocate - but I couldn't speak up for me the same way.  

I was a master people pleaser, careful not to say the wrong thing... Maybe you'll find a part of your self here too... the part that was/is afraid to be really honest, really vulnerable... and ask and speak up for your self.... because you matter.

Maybe you're saying - that's not me.  
BS - we all have some part of our lives where we do not have our voices. Being honest with your self about your self and what you see, this is the very first critical step to healing and changing.  And it's scary... and it takes practice. 

My soul was very ready to heal this human imbalance. So it brought me everything I needed to do that and succeed.

Whatever you're struggling with - you already have within you everything you need to heal and move beyond your struggles, pain, limitations. You came equipped,  and there is a part of you that knows how to take you from victim to victory. I promise!

Do NOT Settle in your life anymore.  It's time to Stop Settling and Stop BS-ing your self that it's okay and that you're okay with it.   

Okay, deep breaths... I get a little passionate when I see people believe that things can't change... 

Miri Message  July 26, 2006  It has been several months since my website went live.  Several months this section has been waiting for the words to be placed here… because I have been waiting for ‘the perfect’ message to arrive.  The other day I was out cutting the grass, on the riding mower,  which has come to be a favorite activity of mine.  I sing, I laugh, and sometimes the space opens for wisdom to make herself known as I ‘dance’ along on the riding mower. 

 The message that came to me the other day was that I’m practicing and waiting for the perfectly worded message to write here – so I can present myself to all of you – in some preconceived perfect way. 
What a joke – this is no dress rehearsal – life is passing me by.

I laughed at myself; do you know what a joy it is to be in my body and be able to laugh at myself – because I spent so much time being so serious about myself and when I discovered a mis-take - I’d be so hard on myself.  So, now I can laugh much more often and finally get down to writing and sharing with you.  

Perfection is a funny thing.  When you're a perfectionist - nothing is ever good enough and you never get the satisfaction of achieving perfection... of getting there.

So here we go. I hope you’ll come and visit Miri Messages again where you'll meet me in my sweet, joyous, profound nakedness.
Finding My Voice
 I participated in a wonderful Talking Circle at Unity over the past 6 months where each of us was able to slip into that place of vulnerability and intimacy because a sacred reverent space of non-judgment was held by everyone.
 I received many gifts from this Circle and one of the most profound was actually around the activity of lighting a candle.  
 At one of our meetings, I noticed that the candle that is usually lit when sacred activity goes on here wasn’t lit.  I tried ignoring the nagging feeling that it was important to light this candle for us.  

Stammering my way into a request – I managed to get out some jumbled mixture of words to the facilitator and the group about would it be all right, would anyone mind if we lit the candle.   Someone picked up on my difficulty in making such a simple request and asked why I couldn’t just ask to light the candle or just get up and light it myself? 

Well….  I could only gently observe how I was not able to.

The circle meets again, and the candle is again waiting for me.  I take a deep breath.  Breathing is sooo very important – notice how often you hold your breath, or are barely breathing, especially when we are in painful, uncomfortable places.

I look at the candle, take a deep breath and ask in a very simple and coherent manner – “Would anyone mind if I light the candle.  I’d like to light it.”  I’m smiling inside myself because there is no fumbling for the ‘right’ words…and of course, no one objects – so I light the candle.
Our circle is meeting for its final time.   The candle is again waiting for me.  This time I ingest the sweet air and allow it to fill my body. 

Smiling, and without a word, I lift myself out of my chair and go over to the candle to light it.  Everyone watches as I return to my seat. 
Tears of deep gratitude and joy are spilling over onto my cheeks as I look around at the smiling faces in this Circle of Love.

So humbling to be in the presence of Grace and Transformation – to hold so gently and tenderly the awareness of how difficult it is for me to ask for what I want or need. 

And to be grateful for the shift that I have been graced to experience, to light the candle at last without effort…
Because I was able to be truly present to all the different parts of myself as they bubbled up and made themselves visible to me... 

I See You ~ I AM In Love With You


12 Days till 1/1 - My Gift to YOU! 

I am pushing myself outside of my comfort zone... once again.   I know you do that too... It's a good thing.  

I'm going to email you something simple, powerful and nurturing for the next 12 days.  

I love writing messages.  I do not like pressing send.
The little gremlins in my head have won more times than I care to admit -  

“Oh no they say.  What will others think of this.”  I have a part of me that 'anticipates rejection... needs your approval.'   She does.  

Sometimes I have to trick myself and tell my self I’m simply sending these messages to a group of angels…
I love angels.

We all have different parts to our personality.  I've discovered that by turning towards them with more  acknowledgement and acceptance instead of rejection and denial, by giving them more kindness and compassion - which is all they ever really wanted - they are integrated back into my heart... wholeness.    

I have found this allows me to live less and less in reactive old patterns... More and more I AM able to live and create my life by conscious choice.  

Love is the Creative Force of the Universe. 
Everything is made of Love... including You. 



A Miri Message 
Namaste' and Big HeartHugs