Thursday, June 15, 2017

Circle of Namaste' ~ A Sacred Talking Circle 

Beloved -  I took a trip to Medjugorje in Bosnia - Herzegovina in 2002. As I walked around the simple village, I watched the townspeople nod in acknowledgement to each other.

As they smiled and nodded, they would say the word BOK.  I assumed it meant hello or have a good day.  It does.  "Bok is usually considered as an informal way to say HI, Hello, or Bye"

Looking further, I discovered that one of the original meanings of the word BOK is GOD.

I am sure that most of them had forgotten the derivation of the word... and did not realize that they were saying God, just at the moment that they were bowing their heads and acknowledging their neighbors and friends. Pretty Profound~

We use a similar word here in the U.S.  When we complete a yoga class, we finish by bowing to each other and we say - Namaste'.  The word has sanskrit and hindu derivations.

Namaste' means I bow to the Divine in You.  I see, behold, recognize
The Divine / God in you... and I bow.  

Yoga teacher Aadil Palkhivala says: "The gesture Namaste' represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart charka" (in the center of our chest).  My guess is that most of us say Namaste' without really groking it. 

  Bok - Namaste' 
 Wayne Dyer says that God is our very nature:  

"Recognizing your own divinity,

“I Am God” is not blasphemy, it is your identity...

We are the God that is Love."

Circle of Namaste' - A Sacred Talking Circle
How often have you looked to someone else for guidance, knowledge, acceptance, kindness… and felt frustrated that you couldn’t access these for your self?

Most of us have not been taught how to trust ourselves… and validate our own feelings, wisdoms, and ways of knowing.

Is it time for you to reconnect with the Wisdom and Self-Compassion within yourself?

In this Sacred Talking Circle, we will hold the intention of Namaste’.

We will not offer advice or try to fix or change anyone.

We will simply listen deeply from our hearts and focus on the Divine in each other.  

In this safe space, each one will have an opportunity to speak about what they are struggling with or seeking clarity for. 

As we speak and share we will discover the truths, answers, solutions, wisdoms, self-compassion and self-acceptance...  already there … within.

Our Circle of Namaste’ is about

Recognizing and Receiving The Divine in ourselves and
Allowing ourselves to Know what we Know and that we Know.

Please join us - 
WHEN:    Thursday, June 29, 7-8:30pm 
WHERE:  Sanctuary Imports  822 Lamar Ave., Charlotte, NC 28204
COST:      $5.
TO REGISTER:   Please Call 980-237-4780  
HeartHugs and Abundance of Blessings!

Miri Klements
Sacred Transformation Coach ~ Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher
Pioneer for Self-Compassion

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Transforming How We See, Label and Define Ourselves

Beloved -  I’m inspired to share more about the subject from my last email - A Time of Endings and New Beginnings.  If you missed the message, you can read it below this one.

Endings and New Beginnings is not necessarily about the end of a relationship or career or a move you are having to make, though it can be.

Sometimes it can also be the end of the way you know yourself, label or define your self, especially the qualities about your self that you take great pride in… 

We can be so rock solid about our qualities and how we see ourselves.

We say - 'This is me...   I'm  ______. This is what I do best.  I'm not like that at all.  I can't be like that.  Oh, I would never do that! '  

Some of these qualities are there because they are actually part of our best coping self - the part of us that we developed in order to survive and thrive in an overwhelming or painful world. .

Here's an example - I'm a take charge person, often a leader.   I like that part of me,  and I see that sometimes it is to the extreme of being 'controlling'... thinking/believing that I need to do everything myself, having a hard time trusting others to do the tasks right, not being great at delegating. Familiar to some of you? 

This life is a play, and the parts we have been playing and the costumes we have been wearing are changing and this includes how we know, label and define ourselves.

We are being invited to see with greater honesty and self compassion about how we define ourselves, which in turn LIMITS us and what we think we are capable of. 

I  am also noticing that some of these rock solid qualities are not so solid.... Is this you too?  Do you also notice that you are beginning to show up differently, and are behaving in ways or making choices that are 'uncharacteristic' of how you have defined yourself?

You might be asking yourself - Hmmmm, Who am I??

We are disconnecting from patterns of who we think we are, how we need to show up to be liked and accepted... or what our 'right' path / goal is.

Maybe you are also noticing more emotions bubbling up ...

A new part of ourselves is already beginning to come forth.

We are disconnecting from who we think we are,
to discover who we truly are as we shift into
Soul Alignment ipo Ego Alignment. 

I know it's quite unsettling... and it's also quite exciting! 

Here's a short video I made for you on
Transforming how we see, label and define ourselves.

We are Spirit having this human experience and a chapter is ending, Our Spirit is bringing forth something new.... and the new is more brilliant, amazing, clear, grounded and balanced than we could imagine or create an intention for!

Perhaps it's better not to create an intention which can be limiting.... and simply Allow Spirit to have her way with you.  She ultimately will !!
Are you finding yourself navigating through old stuff, the tender sensitive places... feeling uncomfortable and more vulnerable?

Would you like to stop beating yourself up about your inability to let go, and learn a better way to navigate through this change?

Would you like to have more 

compassion, understanding and kindness towards yourself 

instead of rejection, blame and shame for your self?  

If you would like support during your transformation process, please contact me for your free 30 minute phone consultation.

If you missed my blog post about - 'Heaven to Earth,'  you can read it below. 

"My Complimentary Consultation.  
Miri, you were a blessing to me at my time of need. 

I was embarking on a move to someplace completely foreign to me and I was doing it alone for the very first time in my life.  

I read Miri’s email and I took advantage of the Complementary Consultation that Miri offered and was so comforted and inspired by her genuine warmth, connection and knowledge.  

It calmed the alarms that were going off in my head, got me recommitted to my inner truth and fueled trust and faith in the divine to a new degree of intensity. Thank you Miri. I have had another session with Miri and highly recommend her to anyone looking for some truly inspirational connection to spirit.  I look forward to working with her more in the future.”    DSA

If you're ready for faster shifts, new tools and understandings...

if you're tired of feeling stuck, anxious, depressed

please contact me for a FREE 30 minute Discovery Consultation.

Big HeartHugs and Abundance of Blessings!


Monday, May 15, 2017


Beloved ~ I find myself once again at a major ending in my life, which means that something new is coming.  A dear friend once told me - It's not when one door closes that another will open.  It is - When one door is closing, another door is already opening!  

I know many of you are feeling this completion and new beginnings too. Giving Birth is uncomfortable...  and we are too far along in the birthing to go any direction other than forward.  I remind myself that whatever is next- my success is assured.  That's just the way it works.  

Not success according to my ego's ideas - success according to my Divine Plan, my Divine Template. 

I am great at Working Hard and Doing.  Now... at this time, I am called to something different.  I can no longer exert great effort, in my old 'doing' ways. I can no longer exert 'my will.'

I am called into more Being. I find I am more and more able to choose to follow the flow, the inner guidance and I AM Allowing and Receiving and Trusting -that everything I need comes to me as I need it, so that I can actualize my highest potential here.   

I am allowing myself to receive the support in every way it can come * and recognizing that it IS here and will continue to be here!  Pretty amazing for a Type A, lone wolf and I can take care of everything type person.  I know how to 'be responsible' and take care of so much.  This way of living is no longer.

You too? Deep changes?  It's quite the unraveling!

The lone wolf  and being the responsible one were the costumes many of us wore for a while...  We are in the process of taking these patterns/costumes off.  We need to be gentle with ourselves, because this all seems to take time.

We are realizing that it is all about collaboration and allowing The Divine Plan to flow through us now... creating a magnetic resonance that draws to us everything we need.  

I AM / We Are Connected to a Divine Directive of Fulfillment. 

I love reading.

"Flames of Grace, An Adventure of Spirit" by Susan Walker called to me earlier today.  I had read it at least ten years ago. 

This morning, I took the book off the shelf, and as I always do with a book that I know has a message for me in the moment... I held it to my heart and then thumbed through and allowed it to open where it wanted to open.  

Here is the chapter from "Flames of Grace" that I opened to...  called:

'Heaven to Earth.'  The texts in bold are mine.

Susan Walker writes:
"As I continued on my journey with the feminine Masters, I began to reflect on my spiritual path.  At that point in my evolution, I had passed through seven spiritual thresholds, each representing one of the seven major chakras. Giving away all that I had, evoked the final of these clearings.  Each passage had been massive, and as I had muddled my way through, I had many moments of wondering if I would survive each one.

The last few years had felt like a constant process of peeling away all that had been taught was truth.  I had left behind just about everything I was raised to hold dear.  I had left the academic world, the professional world and my family values.  I had left men I loved and money I believed kept me safe.  I had lived through a perpetual test of hearing Divine guidance and making the choice to follow all that I knew to be true in my heart, even as fear coursed through my veins.

As I had passed through each doorway and the gifts were showered upon me, it was easy to see the grace in it all.  But there was always a period of extreme darkness just before the end of each tunnel, when all of the fear was making its final attempt to be honored, and I wondered if I would make it to the clearing.

The beings of light who accompanied my journey knew it was my prayer that others would pass through the tunnels with more ease than I, just as my path had been smoothed by those who had come before me.  So whenever I contemplated quitting the entire spiritual process, they were quick to remind me that every moment one person honors truth, it becomes easier for every other person that walks on this earth to do the same. 

In my search for that which could fill me, I had honored my guidance, and time and time again, the world of spirit graced me with love, generosity and blessings. Along the way, I came to realize that my role, like all others, is to bring the seemingly separate world of spirit and matter together.

While I had been gifted with a beautiful connection to the spirit world, I could feel that my true work would be rooted in the physical.  The importance of my life would be in bringing the grace of the heavens to the earth plane and to all of us who walk upon Her. The importance of my life would be in bringing the grace of the heavens to the earth plane and to all of us who walk upon Her."  Susan Walker

 You know who you are, and you know why I am sharing this with you today.  

                            -Stop criticizing your self please.  Please do not give up - you are exactly where you are meant to be.  The caterpillar does not reject the darkness of its cocoon.  It knows it is a necessary part of the journey and supports its deepest transformations. 

                            -Get support.  Sometimes it's a vulnerable conversation with a friend.  Sometimes it's working with a professional like me, who can help you see from a different perspective, and support you to hold the Light of your true vibration, so you can  more easily make your way across the bridge.   

We are living in new vibrations now.  What took so long to work through before – now with the ‘right tools, understandings and wisdoms’,  we can shift more and more quickly.

I am all about helping you lift your self out of our old patterns and ways that no longer serve you.... as quickly and efficiently as possible.   


Are you tired of feeling stuck, anxious, depressed?

If you're ready for faster shifts, new tools and understandings,

please contact me for a FREE 30 minute Discovery Consultation. 

HeartHugs and Abundance of Blessings!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Confession ~

I have spent the last few days feeling like I ‘should’ be doing certain tasks and yet I felt stuck and uncomfortable and couldn’t move forward with them.
* I had a challenging phone call to make that required me to speak up and ask for what I needed.

* I had a recording and a blog post to share…. that I didn’t want to post – for a myriad number of feelings and thoughts around fear of rejection, abandonment, need to be liked and accepted ( know what I mean... familiar words for you too? )

I felt stuck, kept trying to find the underlying issues and fears and allow and love that part of me that was scared… some self-kindness... and nothing was working.

I know Matt Kahn says when this discomfort is happening, it means old stuff is just leaving our systems.  And I was still trying to do something about it, in the midst of 'allowing.'   :-)

The feelings and thoughts that kept running in the background were  
“I can’t do this.  I’m not comfortable doing this.  I can't.”

AND THEN - I remembered the video that is on my website.  

The video is about my experience of going
the thoughts of
‘I CAN’T  ride this bike up the hill. I can't”   

the thoughts of  
“ I Can!  YES I CAN!  YES I CAN! ”

And then I was able to do it!   
And I remembered what a magician I AM!  

and that we all are magicians.

So this afternoon, after remembering the video and after saying 'Yes, I Can' to myself a few times, I started to feel a shift inside of me, the blockages and distress started to dissolve and transmute and within ten minutes I made the phone call and asked for what I needed. 
          The response was – ‘Sure!  We can do that!

And now I'm joyfully typing this up and posting.  The other audio will have to wait because it’s too complicated for this grandma to figure out how to upload an mp3 audio recording, so I’ll make you a video soon instead.

That simple, and that powerful.

Here’s the video that helped me change everything this afternoon. 
 ‘Grandma on a Bicycle’   It’s on the right side of the page  

Here's an extra little gift - a Miri Message I wrote years ago and never shared. Feels appropriate for now and these energies.

I’m listening to the poet and mystic David Whyte.
“Start close in,” David says.
“Don’t take the 2nd and 3rd step… just the first step to what’s right there… the step you don’t want to take.”

And my mind jumps on that – “How will I do this? This is not easy.  I’m afraid.”

Then a sound of laughter bubbles up with these thoughts – “Ah, it’s actually too late for this human mind.”

You see I’m already there. Just like you….  If you’re thinking about it and struggling about something…  we are already in the midst of the first step.
We are already heading in the direction of
where our Soul wants to be going.
Don’t wrestle; just take a deep breath and look around you honestly.

HONESTLY My friend once told me I shouldn’t write in caps.  She says it’s yelling.  I Am yelling.

I don’t want you to miss this!  HONESTLY – only your mind is struggling to make sense out of and accept what The Divine is creating in each moment.  Stop struggling, take a deep breath and look around…

Discover how beautiful the world around you is !!

Find the beauty HERE AND NOW.  GRACE is already present, holding you and guiding you… bringing you everything you need to remember and realize
Who You Truly Are.

Stop and find what is beautiful in your life right now.  There is always something beautiful. Be with that beautiful for a few moments.

God is working out all the details for you and doesn’t need your help.

Find the beauty.  Take some slow deep breaths…. in and out a few times.

And stop bringing your past to interpret the present moment; your past is you’re his-story, your story.  It’s not all of who you are. 

Allow, open……breathe…..breathe in The Light and let Life flow through you. Breathe in the sacred crystalline breath.

Feel your body begin to relax with the breath.  All Is Well ~
We are living in new vibrations now.  What took so long to work through before – now with the ‘right tools, understandings and wisdoms’  we can shift more and more quickly.

I am all about lifting my self and helping you lift your self out of our old patterns and ways that no longer serve us.... as quickly and efficiently as possible.   

Are you tired of feeling stuck, anxious, depressed?

If you're ready for faster shifts, new tools and understandings,

please contact me for a FREE Discovery Consultation.
I'll help you get clear on your next step to Freedom! 

HeartHugs and Reiki Blessings!


Monday, March 27, 2017

Are you tired of feeling like you always need to be fixing something about your self or your situation…. and that you need to hurry up and do it fast? 

My mailbox is filled with messages from Teachers who want to help me dissolve the blockages in my life so that I can BE BETTER and HAVE MORE. 

I’ll take responsibility for the fact that they didn’t end up there by chance.  I signed up for them!

It sounds very spiritual and the right thing to be doing...
making me 'better...  faster."

Heck, you don’t even have to see yourself as spiritual to be on this ‘never ending self-fixing and improvement journey’

Of course I should be looking to do everything so I can dissolve what I believe is in my way asap, for ‘a better life, a better more improved me...”

And somehow,  most of this just doesn’t feel good to me anymore. I'm exhausted. 

Part of me is rebelling because I'm beginning to notice the thoughts of –  Am I really that broken, bad, wrong, hopeless...? 

I think not, especially if you’ve been following me, you know that I’m all about reconnecting with ourselves in a different way –            
     -recognizing and experiencing ourselves as Divine 
     -which means naturally shifting into accepting, understanding and loving every part of ourselves just as we are.

I’m a coach, so it’s a funny thing to be sharing with you about being exhausted from the self improvement journey!

And yet I believe there is a middle way –
> a way to honor yourself and be with yourself right where you are 
> understand the Holiness and Perfection of your situation and your feelings
> truly accept and respect your self
> be in the present moment instead of avoiding it because of your uncomfortable thoughts and feelings
> experience greater peace in your life
> end the war with your self... stop beating yourself up about where you should, could, ought to be or really should be doing now
> respect the times of 'pause' that come
> while allowing and integrating change into your life

I love helping you find the middle way so you can have
* self-acceptance and self-compassion 
* the ability to truly be in your life with greater ease and peace, instead of resistance, exhaustion and feeling that you MUST change your self because you are somehow not 'okay' as you are
* tools and wisdoms that support your continuous evolution and transformation with greater ease and inner peace.


Nature was my reminder about these truths this afternoon and so I made you a short video, sharing how nature helps us all remember how everything moves in perfect sequence and harmony and to help you discover that perhaps this drive for self improvement IS MISSING A KEY piece.

Yes, change is always happening – and what if you don’t have to keep beating yourself to get there faster or feel like you’re never quite right or doing enough to make it happen…

Honestly, wouldn’t you like to feel better about your self?  Do you realize that this stress you are causing your self, is destroying you? 
What would it be like to lean into life with greater acceptance, feelings of inner peace and a greater ability to accept what was and what is…. instead of always rejecting or fixing or wanting something different?

What if You Could Stop Beating Your Self Up and Making Your Self Wrong or Bad?
More and more I find myself living in deeper peace and harmony with what is… releasing the painful conflict created by the feelings and thoughts about how I should be different... how my relationships, career, health, family, abundance should be different…. that I should be working to hurry up and change or fix something about me and my life...  It is Exhausting and Painful.  Is this you too? 

If you’d like to
     > stop pushing so hard 
     > have greater peace in your life 
     > have new skills that allow you to move through transformations and changes with Grace and Ease
     >  stop beating your self up and stop feeling like you’re never okay as you are, that what you do is never quite enough or good enough.
Please contact me
for your Complimentary Phone Consultation.

You’ll be amazed what can begin to shift in your life
in just 30 minutes of conversation together!

Here's the video... the wisdom of nature... how the tree and my orchid plant helped me remember, yet again :-) that everything is always moving along perfectly, never randomly, and in perfect harmony with your Spirit. Are you ready to step into that?

Sunday, April 2 10-6pm in Ballantyne 
 Cost $222

I AM in Love with You
Big Heart Hugs & Reiki Blessings

 Want to talk?  Feeling stuck and ready for new choices? 
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

 "Do not wait for perfection
to be the continuous way
in which you live
before you celebrate.
Whenever there is a crack
in the shell of illusion, give a party.
When you catch the sun
streaming through the clouds,
buy yourself a dozen roses.
Whenever you feel
like waltzing down the street,
let nothing stop you.

Is joy the dance?  Is that all there is?

To get to that joy,
one must recognize in oneself
and in others
that the suffering is not the person.
Joy is.
A miracle is waiting for you -
not to create it, but to remember it.

You are not a beggar at the table of life.
You are the honored guest."

From Emmanuel's Book III -What is an Angel Doing Here? 


I was having a moment of feeling forlorn.  That's probably too dramatic a word.  

It was a moment of 'following my thoughts and slipping into doubt about myself..."
I know - one of the 'teachings' is to allow things to be as they are....

But I like feeling happy and light.  Of course I prefer that!
And now, many times I can choose, can change how I'm feeling....

I'm not suggesting that you avoid your feelings.  At times it is very necessary and important to allow yourself to feel the painful emotions and learn how to be a compassionate presence for yourself. Other times, one can choose joy ipo doubt and self bullying.  

So I pulled the book off my shelf, opened to a page and started reading the words that I copied for you above.   

It made me smile, lightened my heart, brought the sunshine back and  
totally changed my vibration .  So I'm sharing some of this sparkle with you.

Think outside the pillbox.  
If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, monkey mind, chronic illness, or roller coaster emotions and feel like you can't move forward

or need help with some difficult emotions or inability
to forgive yourself or another and move on...
Reiki Can Help.

  Let's talk -
Please click on my email to schedule a
FREE 30 minute Discovery Consultation 

Big Heart Hugs & Reiki Blessings

Self-Compassion and Sacred Transformation Coach
Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher ~ Medical Reiki Master

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day 

2 weeks ago I created this very short video and titled it - 
Caring For Your Tender Heart  
How perfect to have saved it till today.  

In it I share how Reiki has helped me and so many others care for our tender hearts,
ultimately allowing us to
let go of the fear and anxiety of being and expressing our true self...

and re-discover the strength and courage
to share our softness and our vulnerability and our beautiful tender hearts. 

Reiki is EASY to learn and everyone can! 
Usui/Holy Fire ll Reiki One Class

Reiki is a holistic treatment that 
cleanses and rebalances our energies and our chakras,
quiets the active busy mind, and calms our emotions.

After this one day class you will be a
Certified Reiki Level One Practitioner
 able to give Reiki to yourself, your children, other family, friends, and pets too.

Reiki treatments strengthen your connection with Spirit, Source...
and fill you back up with all the energies that have been depleted
through the stresses of daily living.

 Reiki One Class
When:  Sunday, February 19, 10-6pm
Where: Ballantyne
Cost:  $222
Additional practice time 2 weeks after class

Reiki supports you in taking your power and your energies back from everyone you have given them to ... your parents, siblings, spouses, friends, bosses...  
At the time you didn't have a choice.  Now you do and Reiki can help you.

Isn't this enough of a reason for you to take this class!  

If you are interested in Reiki 2 or Master Class please contact me.

** Please click here to email me and get started ** 

Big Heart Hugs & Reiki Blessings