Saturday, October 21, 2017

You come to a point in your life when nothing is working ...
And you’re not certain who you are anymore.
Your old ways and connections are not working-
the marriage, the job, even some friendships...
When you reach out for the familiar…. it isn’t there the way it was, or the way you need it to be.

It’s a very uncomfortable time, maybe even scary... to say the least.

Your foundation is crumbling.
I was introduced to Reiki and energy healing, the angels and spirituality during this time in my life... when nothing was working anymore.

Little did I know how important energy healing and Reiki would be, and how it would support the creation of a new foundation based in my True Self.  

Reiki supported my healing and transformation, and helped me truly establish the connection with my Higher Self - I AM That I AM.  

While Reiki is healing for the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit, everyone practices Reiki a little differently…. like teachers or car mechanics – we all show up a little differently.  😊  

Some Reiki practitioners are masterful at helping with the physical body issues.  

For me – an important part of my offering is to
connect you more deeply with your Spirit.

For me and through me, Reiki is experienced as a Gateway to Your Soul…. connecting you more deeply with your Spirit.

I call this Soul Infusion.  You can read more about this on my website

I’d love to share more about Reiki with you – I have two Reiki events coming up.

1 - INTRODUCTION to REIKI - Sat, October 28, 10-11am
at Sanctuary Imports, Charlotte
we will complete with a guided meditation
connecting more deeply with Infinite Source and Unconditional Love
2- REIKI ONE CLASS  Saturday, November 11, 10-6pm in Ballantyne, NC.

For more details about each event

Ready to register - please email me
".'The Beloved and The Beloved 
inspired by
'The Book of Awakening

Having the Life You Want
by Being Present to the Life You Have
by Mark Nepo

I don’t buy books the way I used to.  These days I just pull a treasured one from the shelf and begin to read it again, opening here and there…. having permission to not start at the beginning.
Today I opened to the passage titled - Beyond The Urgency – perfect of course, because there is a part of me that is always feeling an urgency 

to do, 
to speak, 
to correct, 
to fix myself or someone else,
to worry,
to decide, 
to know, 
to do….did I type ‘to do’ twice….  such is this part of my human self. 

We have so many parts to our human being self….  

Of course –
and this is the magic and mystery of being human – so many shades and hues and experiences to have and explore.

This is what I'd like to share from his book with you.

Mark Nepo writes:

“I learned this over and over, during the many crisis of cancer.

Unless someone is bleeding or can’t breathe, unless there is some true physical requirement to act swiftly, a sense of urgency is a terrible illusion, a trick that happens again and again, because life inside our skin and life outside our skin are forever different.

It is as hard as it is humbling. When feeling like I can’t sit still, I need more than ever to sit still. When feeling like I will die if I don’t have your approval, I need more than ever to die to my need for your approval…..

Now more than ever when you fear that being who you are is a knife to those you love, you must be strong inside where no one has seen you, for loving from there can only make those you love grow…..

In this way pray to know your place in the human family like you’ve never known it.

In this way, pray to have your True Self inch through the turmoil….

Love yourself the way you love your children or your dog or your dearest friend without reservation.

In this way, today with all its hardships will spill into tomorrow, and decisions will become as clear as streams thawing.”
I cherish my newly emerging ability to wait till I am clear, to pause until the clouds pass and I can feel with more certainty and see what is mine to do next.  Sometimes I can do this pausing and waiting …. and sometimes I still react too quickly out of habit.  

And BOTH of these ways of responding to life are me
the one who feels this sense of urgency and must act in some way
and the one who can pause and breathe, trust and allow life to reveal and
show me... in its time and way,
The Beloved AND The Beloved