Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Part 1 - Monday evening, November 6, 2017
Part 2 is right below this 😊

I spent the day at the courthouse on jury duty.   I am exhausted….

Truth - I’m feeling a bit frazzled and overwhelmed and my head is buzzing a bit.  

Maybe the buzzing is actually in my ears and it’s the angels trying to get my attention.

A ‘wiser’ person would have given themselves 10 minutes to sit and breathe or meditate or do some self Reiki when they came home.

Not me.  Instead – I ignored the signs of stress... and continued with my ‘to do list’ ... followed my mind chatter.  

Here’s what I notice: 
This is a pattern that I’ve had for most of my adult life…

I ignore all the signs my body is giving me to
Pause and Take a Break. 

Instead I say –
“Let me just do one more thing and then I’ll take a break.”

But it’s never just one more thing.   There is always just one more thing after that… and then it’s several hours later...

Who is this phantom I am trying to impress with this insane work ethic?

Who is watching over my shoulder?
“Let me just do this one more thing and then I’ll take a break” is a lie and a life destroying habit… and I’ve had it for so long…

For who?  Why?  When did I get on this insane and self-destructive path?

The answers to these questions honestly don’t matter.

What matters is that I AM Noticing Honestly and Compassionately
especially today because my newest Reiki Students and I made a pact to check in with each other, to support and hold each other accountable to do some Self Reiki or meditation for ourselves every day for 21 days.

I know today is the day to break another way that I ignore me. I feel and know in my bones that I AM at the end of this pattern. 

Undoing it is not hard.  I know the medicine:
I just need to honestly notice when I’m falling into the old habit… 
and choose differently.
Slow Down     Pause     Take a Break

Make a different choice

Because I love and care about myself now….

I AM taking better care of me by being honest, paying attention and honoring what's true for me instead of ignoring when I’m stressed, tired, overwhelmed, frazzled because I have kept going for too long… and I need that pause and that break.

What are you ready to change, to stop doing…
And make a new and different choice for yourself
and your life 

instead of doing the same old thing?



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HeartHugs and Abundance of Blessings!  

Part 2 -Tuesday evening, November 7, 2017 

Well, maybe it’s not always quite so easy to make a new choice.

I realized this within 30 minutes of sending out the email last night

In just 30 minutes, I stumbled and I am humbled. 

I have a tendency to be on my computer late at night.  There I was ready to walk away and the thought arose - "Let me just check this one thing."
It would only take a minute.  Just one more thing please
I struggled. I wanted to walk away and not do just one more thing especially because the information I was looking for was not really important.

And the thought/impulse won and there I was back on my computer.  

This was an opportunity to 
deepen my compassion and understanding of how challenging it can sometimes be to make a new choice in your mind and then follow through and do it…. especially when the pattern has been in place for a long time.  
It helped me remember that our habits are woven into our brains…
and how deeply woven they are when they’ve been around for a while.
There is science behind this!

So sometimes it doesn’t happen on the first try. It can take time, commitment and persistence.  Do not give up or beat yourself up.  

Check out the work of Dr. Rick Hanson.  He makes it so easy to understand how the brain works and the latest brain science of neuroplasticity on his website and youtubes.

So today I’m your cheerleader, and mine too.   Don’t give up.  We can stop 'doing just one more thing’ or whatever it is you are ready to stop doing.
It may just take a bit of time.   And that’s okay. Remember you are undoing years of practice and habit.  Remember you are Spirit in a body 

 in Love with You

HeartHugs and Abundance of Blessings!