Monday, March 26, 2018

March 22, 2018

Miri Messages 
  “From Bondage to Living in the Promised Land’

I wrote this message five years ago and it still feels relevant -   Feb. 14, 2012  - 
"We are enamoured with our selves ...
with our personal self... our 'me.'

We primp it, we prop it up, we work on making it better, more attractive, more educated, we the hide parts we don’t like and accentuate the likeable pieces.

Always more, more, and more to do.
This personal self is a never-ending project.

Along with the fixing and working on making it better comes the belief that if I do it better - I will be happier, find love, fulfillment …

All by creating a better me.

Do you see how it just doesn’t work? 
Beloved, Please let that project go!"   


We do not need to make ourselves whole.
Remove the blinders, allow the veils to drop.  Allow your hearts to open.  Rest your weary eyes and place your attention on the part of you that is already whole, has never been broken, lost, wounded, in need of fixing … to the part of you that is not struggling.

This part of you is already present. We are made of this substance, already. Connect with the Light, the Essence of who you already are …
I AM that I AM already, here and now.
We are in an evolutionary revolution … a place on the spiral of life that is taking us out of this need to keep fixing and patching and adding more … to realizing that what we are seeking will not be found through this process. 

“God is not found by adding anything,
but by a process of subtraction.”   
 Meister Eckhart, Christian Mystic

The path of Unconditional Love blazes before you.  May you come to remember that Loving Your Self, and that means all of the different parts of your self, is the most important thing you are here to do now.

The Beatles sang it – ‘Love Love Love. Love is all you need.’ Not the sappy, emotional, oh I need you kind of Love... it is 
the Unconditional Deeply Allowing and Accepting Essence of Love that we are all made from.  Bring this forth now.  It IS already within you.  

We all have a personality, in fact, if you look you see that your personality has many aspects to it.... the persona that shows up at work, with a friend, with your partner or your child.  Our personalities are a necessary part of the human experience. 

Personality comes from the Greek word persona.  It means mask.

“Become a Stranger to Your Self” writes Maureen MossLet go of all the props and pseudo selves.  They are being washed away anyway … as you recover your True Essence and become authentically you.

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The Petals of Your Heart
Are Already Infused with The Light of
Your Divine Essence
Big HeartHugs and Abundance of Blessings!  

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