Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Can't.  YES I CAN!!!

Mercury Retrograde has completed.  Hallelujah!                                                         
My ego mind is relieved to feel some lightness and movement.Once again I have energy to do things… and even though I remind my self that everything is always in motion and in support of my highest good – my personality/ego doesn’t like how 'it' feels stuck and stalled.  It’s like a traffic jam and you’re just sitting and waiting… 
And how do I love my impatience?  I have several practices for opening my heart.  I've just added Ho'oponopono.  So I settle into my heart chakra and I gently say to this feeling of impatience -  I’m sorry.  Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.   Ah…. The body begins to soften.                                                                                                  
Noticing my patterns has become my practice.  You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge…  Everything eventually must come out of the dark buried places within us ... and into the Light.  When I first started to notice my patterns, I honestly wanted to run away and reject them again… Oh my goddess; this can’t be me! 
Now… I actually welcome the opportunity to clearly see my patterns, my thoughts and beliefs that keep me in painful limitations, locked up in her/history …   I allow them to come forth ... to my softening, opening heart. 
I notice that the beliefs and thoughts that keep me down are often quite subtle.  I don’t even hear them.  But they are there, running… and they affect my feelings and my actions. 
It’s not Lent  ... and I’m giving up these two words - I CAN'T.
Actually I’m giving up the whole package labeled “I CAN'T.” It’s more like a virus because it infiltrates my life in so many ways and keeps me from moving forward, taking risks, taking the next step, moving into the Miracle Zone.                                                                                                                                                                “I can’t.’   I actually don’t hear it so much as I feel it... and it holds me back… It's me saying ‘no’ to life... automatic reaction... without thinking…  I don’t start a project.  I don’t complete a project.  I stay in, instead of going out.  I delay reaching out to the new person I met.  I don't write that letter. I don’t make that phone call. I don't spontaneously call to say I love you to the people that matter to me when I feel the urge to. I close my heart and turn away...
It’s all about “I can’t”… It’s so unconscious.  I can't becomes all the things I don't do... saying no to life.  It’s a habit and a virus and I’m done with it!

I could write forever about the different ways we unconsciously believe      I Can't, and how it runs our lives and limits us.  

   I can’t change.      I can’t afford that.    I can’t do that; it's not me.           I can't go.      I can't stay.    I can't ask for that.    I can't apologize.    
I CAN     I CAN     I CAN     I CAN     I CAN     I CAN     I CAN     I CAN      
I Can do this!   I CAN have that!   I CAN be like this!   I CAN say that!  I can do amazing things!   I CAN speak up!   I CAN write that book!  I CAN let go and move on.  I CAN have these feelings, because I already do.   
I CAN have what I want!  I Can Be Who I AM!!
We need to stop limiting ourselves. These new energies have brought new wonderful possibilities.  Put down the stop sign. Welcome to the buffet table.  What would you like? I love that we can create new habits, new neural pathways by simply choosing and doing things differently. Like building muscle, repetition strengthens them and puts them in place.  It is that simple! 
                                                YES YOU CAN
You can accept and love your self in spite of ______________
It’s a new moment    Breathe    Smile    Love Your Self     More   Breathe again    Smile    Hug Your Self   
I wrote a Blog about just doing one thing differently…  If you run a certain route every time, run a different way.  Take a new route to work.  Go to a new place for lunch.  If you're always late, be early. When you're thinking about how you can't - stop and say "Yes I can" and do it.  Start by changing just one thing and you’ll actually begin to feel differently.  The patterns of our lives need to break apart.  New energies are waiting to come in. Create the space for them.   Do something different.                        Smile!  You are Loved!   I Love You!                                                                HeartHugs,                                                                                                            Miri                                                                                         
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Different Way to Get Exactly What You Need in 2016 Without Writing Your Lists and Goals             

If goal setting for the New Year no longer resonates for you and you wonder if there isn't another way to come to the Peace, Fulfillment, Partner, Job, Love, Joy you crave, try this: 


Truth is, most of us have actually not been successful with our New Year Goals and Resolutions in the past.  After just a few weeks, we fall short of staying committed and then we begin to beat ourselves up and shame ourselves... 

I want to offer you something radically different for 2016 in place of setting goals and making your list...
Surrender, Yes, Surrender

I know you have situations, struggles, pain, people, relationships that you want to change, that have not been working … things you hate about your self that you want to overcome ...

We are taught to 'take charge' and to create our list, to state our intentions for the New Year ... to find ’the perfect words' and 'right' way to do this … so that the outcomes 'you' want and the changes you want to make in your behavior (aka I can't stand this about my self for one more second!) can happen. It doesn't work...  

Instead, I invite you to experience this visualization (written for you below) to clear the slate and create the space for the New Year. Most believe in a Higher Power - God, Consciousness, I AM, Spirit.  You're not really in charge.  You don't really make it happen. Your Higher Self, Soul, God already knows exactly what you need in order to bring you into greater alignment with Love... with Peace... to bring you fulfillment...  
I have come to this place of Surrender after many, many years of thinking it is my job to do, to control, to figure things out… to make resolutions… to ‘take charge’ of my life. 
Finally, I see.  I see that I do not know how to make things happen. Do you really know how?  How well have you done? 

I do not really know how to ‘release’ and get over my issues, my stuff, the people in my life that continue to make me feel less than, awful, unworthy and confused.  I want to say 'I release and I'm done' – and have it all disappear. Or 'I intend' and have 'the job or the partner' appear.  It doesn’t honestly seem to work that way… (be honest now). 
It's because we are begging and conniving and we have not been taught how to be truly honest with our selves ... We do what we're taught - and we set goals from our egos.   
I know what I need to make me happy, fulfilled…  I will get a new job by March, have a different partner in my life. We make that list of the things we want to have or achieve.  I’ll be happy, feel good about my self or I'll accept and love my self when_____ 
Do something different this year.  Make room for your Soul.    

Create the space and Allow for Your Higher Self, God, Spirit to bring you exactly what you need, what is truly in your highest good and what will ultimately bring you the greatest blessings and peace.   This is the way Beloved.  "I do not know what is in my Highest Good. And you- I Am, Spirit, God-  do know.  I surrender this mess to you.  I ask for a new perspective so that I might have peace in my heart regardless of what is going on.

I surrender this issue of _____to you.  I thank you, I am Grateful now, knowing that you always bring me exactly what I need, the people I need to meet, the home, the job I need to be in … that is perfect for me, so that I can fulfill my Soul’s longing for this lifetime" 

"Thy Will be done, not my will.”   This means not the will of your human ego that does not see the bigger picture of your life….

You are Blessed and Loved
     AlreadyNow~ Evermore~   

*Guided Visualization for Your Surrender*   

It is a warm spring day.  Imagine yourself at the ocean’s edge.  Take a few deep breaths as you watch the waves.  Feel the warm breeze and the sunshine on your skin.  Feel your breathing slowing down, entraining with the waves.  Relax and Be here. 

Think of your top 3 issues and goals and declare:

“I do not know what this is about.  I do not know what this is for or why it is happening this way. I do not know how to fix this.  I do not know what is best for me now. I surrender and give this to You…  

Imagine your self offering your struggles to the Ocean … as though you were truly giving it all to God.  Imagine that you are holding it all in your hands and gently pour it into the ocean. Surrender ... 

Surrender to the waves, to the ocean.  Breathe

Then take some moments and allow your self to be nourished by the warm sunshine.  Imagine this potent, powerful loving nourishing Light filling you and warming you everywhere. Breathe and receive The Light.

And then over the next few days and weeks see what comes back to you ... how you or the situation are changed ....

Do your best to not think about your issues.   Instead occupy your self with the things that bring you Joy.  Sing to your self, connect with nature.  Smile at your self when you start trying to figure things out. Smile and go back to the surrender with the thoughts:  'I give it all to you.  I trust you.  You know what is best for me.  Thank you.' 

See what comes to you over the next few weeks in Divine Perfect Timing.

You are not in charge. 
Surrender to The One Who Knows exactly what you need and
Who Loves You Unconditionally and Without End

Remember, do your best to not ponder or take back control  : -)  

Can you feel the peace already ... allow, trust, let go and surrender to The One

I am a Pioneer in Self Compassion and Self Acceptance

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