Sunday, August 9, 2015

Follow up to Blue Moon Energies of July 31~

You're not alone if the post Blue Moon energies have you feeling off, different, misunderstood and/or extremely emotional .... Someone said she felt 'slammed' by the energies .....

The interpretations for these energies were so positive and upbeat! Wow!
Big changes and opportunities await us ~

And the big changes and opportunities require MORE of the deep inner work so we can heal and move forward ...

I've experienced my own core issues and woundings coming up again. I know some of you feel like you've already dealt with what is showing up..... remember our issues are layered......allow the next layers to come up for reconciliation..... reconciliation in the only place this can happen - in our very own hearts.

Maybe you are seeing that this is the time for you to deal with what you have tried to deny for so long..... Please be gentle with your self.... you haven't done it wrong.... you're not alone.... Many report feeling very 'lost' and overwhelmed during this period of deep opportunity and healing. Reach out for support...

My Quick Tip to Help You Release Stress and Quiet the Mind - Take a pause of at least 20 seconds..... Bring your attention to your breathing by focusing on the rising and falling of your chest without efforting in any way. (Imagine your self as a curious child - watching your chest rise and fall......) The whole time just observe how your chest rises and falls with your breath. Do this any time you feel distressed during the day. Notice that you cannot think and focus on the rising and falling of your chest at the same time. At some point you may shift to inhaling to the count of 5, exhaling to the count of 7....easily, gently.

The Key for my inner work now is Honesty ~ about what is arising in my life now.... as more of my more of the parts of me that I've denied and rejected and judged ..... are coming up into the Light of my awareness.

Being Honest in my Self Observations is an art I 'began to cultivate' about 15 years ago at a time when my own healing work had accelerated. This was not easy or stay present to the parts of me that I had repressed, rejected and judged ....that were showing up.....

I've become truly skillful at Honestly Observing and Acknowledging these shadow parts with a Heart that stays open .....instead of closing my heart and rejecting these parts of me.....
Now as the deeper layers of my shadow and duality rise before me..... it is easier to observe and receive them with an open heart and tenderness for all these broken, wounded parts of me.....coming home......back to my heart.

I've been following my friend Panache Desai for a few years now.  
Panache writes: It's better to give than to receive. That's what we've been taught so when the donation plate is passed, we drop in a $5 or a $20, when Thanksgiving comes around, we go to the shelter and feed the homeless, and at the grocery store, we donate that extra $2 to the charity of the week. But there's always that nagging feeling that we should be doing more, that we should be on a plane to a starving country to build houses and plant vegetables, or tie ourselves to a tree to keep the rain forests from disappearing.
While these are all noble and worthy efforts, they are often carried out from a place of guilt or shame, sadness, fear or anger. To truly give however is to truly receive - yourself. To gather up all of the parts of yourself and love them, is to find peace through radical self-acceptance. And once you've found that peace, all that's required to make a true difference in the world is to simply allow that peace to emanate from you - and be the change you wish to see in the world.
Self Acceptance is A Master Key that unlocks the door to Your Peace, Joy, Prosperity .... to feeling that you do in fact belong here.....that you're okay and worthy and perfectly right.
Much Love and Abundance of Blessings~
Pioneer For Self Compassion

                 I found Self Acceptance and Self Compassion in my own heart. 

                                   May I help you find them too~ 
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