Sunday, November 27, 2016

Please accept my Thanksgiving gift - and begin to release the tension you have been holding in your body so that you can once again feel the Peace and The Softness inside of yourself - your natural state.  

This year most of us found ourselves feeling pretty raw and tense by the time Thanksgiving came - after the elections, 11-11, Full Moon...

Many in fact are still feeling a bit uncertain, emotional, tense, concerned.  These feelings are translated into our physical body as tension, rigidity...

Take a moment and check in.
Can you feel some tightness in your own body?

This is how our body responds when we feel scared, anxious, uncertain or overwhelmed.  This automatic response of tightening is ancient, universal, primal. 

We aren't meant to stay stuck in this tight place.  It's not healthy or natural. Everything in life is meant to flow, and move and change... offering us opportunities for new creations...

In a short video, the link is at the end of this blog, I share an easy, effective process you can incorporate into your life to help you.  I call it "Softening."  
The steps for the Softening process are outlined below.

Like many of us, I too was trained to "Get over it! Just move on!"  I tightened up and kept going.  I moved on.... with the rigidity still in my body. 

The tension and tightness stays with us.  Another time I'll share about how to be present to your stuffed emotions.  But today, I'm wanting to focus on the tightness in your body.  Actually, the Grace is that doing this process actually helps every part of you to become softer and calmer - your body, your mind, and
your feelings. 

It's best to begin to use The Softening Method with simple, every day tasks.  Use if often and it becomes your new habit.

I often practice Softening as I am pouring my coffee or preparing tea.
If this seems like Mindfulness - you're right! 

#1 Simply notice how quickly you move through everything, and how 'unconscious' and not present to the details you are.  If you're like me, you're living in your mind... totally disconnected from your other senses and the richness of the actual experiences you are having. 

-Your mind is always thinking about something other than what you are doing in the moment. For example - we miss the beauty of fall because as we walk to our car, our mind is occupied with either rehashing something from the past or worrying about something in the future.  

    -Simply NOTICE without negative comment or trying to change anything.  We are just gently noticing and observing how we engage with life.  You can offer yourself the thought - "Isn't this fascinating"  as you bring your thoughts and awareness back into the present moment.

Let's go back to the example of pouring coffee or making tea. 
#2 As you get ready to pour your coffee or tea, gently pause and take a deep slow breath... softly and slowly breathe in... softly and slowly breathe out. 

Do this several times.  Can you make the exhale longer than the inhale?  Can you bring Noticing to your breath coming into your body, down through your body.... down your legs and into your feet?  Ignore your mind that wants you to hurry up...  focus on your soft breath...

#3 Slow Down the picture frames of the activity.  
Incorporating your
slow breathing, now gently notice what you are doing -  choosing a mug, slowly placing it on the counter... being present to the whole experience slowing down...  watching as you place sugar or a teabag into the mug. Breathing and watching with full attention as you pour the coffee or the hot water ... watching the hot liquid pour into the mug. Notice the steam....  the smells  Slow Everything Down. 
     - Breathing and giving your full attention to all the details.
     - Soft, slow, deep breathing the whole time... paying attention as your hand slowly raises the cup...
     -  Bringing the mind's attention to the sensations of the warm liquid in your mouth.... yum.  Savoring the taste.

You got it.  Slowing down.  Giving your attention to what you are doing instead of being lost in your mind trance will soften you and your interior world... allowing your body to begin to relaxAs the body softens this way... it can begin to  discharge the tension naturally.
This is a great thing - because stress is now recognized as the #1 cause of illness. Tension in the body is stress's buddy.  Relax, and you will naturally release and return to peace. 

Softening and Slowing Down will feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning... only because it is something different from your habitual...

As you soften this way, the body begins to relax, and easily and naturally let go of the tension and stress...  This is the same thing that happens during a Reiki Session!  

One more deep breathe in and out.... can you add your smile please... Ahhhhh - sweet

Here's the video link - I think you'll like it!

Softening and slowing down...  creates Inner Peace... just the same way that a Reiki session does. 

Inner Peace...  my Thanksgiving Gift for you!    

We Create Peace in Our World by creating peace within ourselves first.
Being Peace~
I Love You.  I see You.  I bow to The Peace nestled within You.


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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The elections will result in extremes of emotion.
Your job…. is to embody and hold Peace
Embody and Hold Peace – regardless of what happens in the elections.

Do your best to not get pulled into the dramas and extremes of conversations.

This is the call of the hour. This is the need.  Watch yourself please.

Be Peace.  Choose Peace.

Take some deep breaths, slow everything down and focus on the rising and falling of your chest for a minute…. Allow Peace to settle in. When you feel Her nestled in…. breathe in and let Him gently expand in your body.  Take a few more breaths, just like this.

Then breathe in again,  and on the out breath, let Her~Him  expand out beyond your body. Gently breathe in, and on the out breath let this beautiful peace that is nestled inside you spread out…to your family and community.

BE PEACE… now.   Do your best to not get caught up in the emotions all around you. This is the opportunity of the hour.

 Welcome and Create Peace in Our World by Being Peace

I Love You.  I see You.  I bow to The Peace nestled within You.