Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kindness For Everyone Else,  Except Me

It is so easy and natural to be kind and available for someone who is in pain...  to be compassionate with someone else’s wounds and traumas… Yet when it came to being tender, loving, generous, patient, compassionate with my self, my wounds, my own traumas… How easily I dismissed my self.  How impatient I was when I spoke to my self. How lacking in compassion I was with my self… How unkind I was with me.
About 15 years ago Spirit stopped me and showed me that in spite of my desires to transcend all my pain and suffering ...  I had to to come back … to all the parts and pieces and feelings that I had pushed under the rug because I didn’t know how to be with them before... didn’t have the support needed to do things differently at the time… 

I had disconnected from, rejected these parts of my self... and moved on, or so I thought.

"I'm good.  I'm fine. I got it covered," was my mask to the world, and to my self!                                         

And then the time came when I had to turn back and find the way to be with these parts, these feelings… to accept my self…  all the parts I didn’t like, felt ashamed of, hated, was scared of facing... 

I had to come back to the basics in order to truly and completely heal – self acceptance, self kindness, self compassion, self forgiveness. 
I remember finding Byron Katie’s Book – ‘Loving What Is.’ You must be kidding… ‘Loving What Is!’  I scoffed at the title. I can barely acknowledge and accept what I see in me… what is now starting to bubble up from under the rug where I had pushed everything.

I surely couldn't love what was showing up... and so I began much more simply, and with something I could do:  I began with Noticing what was showing up... and breathing deeply over and over so I could stay with this new practice of noticing without running away...

Noticing became Acknowledging … acknowledging what was present with as much honesty as I could muster.  This lives in me…  It was so hard to see my self honestly because I had been able to avoid a lot by shoving it down and disconnecting… and so much shame was coming up along with all these patterns, patterns that actually had helped me to cope... these patterns that I now saw were keeping me stuck and disconnected - from life.

Then Allowing gently showed Herself… Allowing mixed with drops of gentleness for my wounds, difficult emotions and traumas...

The Noticing

The Acknowledging of what was truly there

The Allowing as best I could opened the gates of Acceptance... 

An Acceptance for what was showing up along with a deep kindness, gentleness, compassion towards my self… for the parts of me that were suffering and in pain...   
Unconditional Acceptance
The mean, curt, annoyed, pushy voices in my head that were never satisfied, always condemning... changed to voices that now say "It’s okay sweet angel.  What do you need?  What would you like My Beloved?" 
I began to speak to my self as I would speak to a young innocent child in pain, a child in need, a child who was suffering…  And I finally began to give to my self, and continue to give my self the attention, the acknowledgment, the acceptance, the compassion and generosity I had given to everyone else.
Honestly, I was kind of shocked with my self... with my ability to be present, to become this Loving Understanding Presence to the wounded frightened parts of me… that allowed me to feel so much better inside... and with my self…  Self Acceptance is Powerful...
and I have even more love, kindness and compassion to give to others… to the world.

Now how does it get even better than this!!
Do you feel the Calling... to stop talking to your self, judging and treating your self as you do?  Are you called to begin to open your heart to your Self... because somehow you know that these missing pieces of Self Acceptance and Self Compassion will change everything - your relationships, prosperity, health, feelings of worthiness... yes, everything.
Maybe it’s hard to know where to begin, how to begin…

I can help… because I’ve walked the path.  I know how to get to the other side and I want to hold up the Light for you, to help you remember how to tap into your own innate abilities for Self Compassion, Self Acceptance.  Yes, these are your birthright…

Please join me as we Open The Heart of Compassion for Our Selves -             **Workshop in Charlotte details below OR watch for the Webinar coming soon OR schedule your Complimentary Phone Consultation by clicking here to email Miri now
A Workshop For
Self Kindness ~ Self Acceptance
Self Love 
Join us for an afternoon of Gentle Heart Opening Dialogue, Teaching, Meditation, Music and Art that allows for the Warmth and Compassion of your own heart to begin to thaw the frozen places inside your self.                                                                           Welcome Home  
When:  Saturday, February 27,  2-5pm
Where:  Body Mind Shift Wellness Center 5200 Park Rd,  Suite 213,  Charlotte
Cost:     $65.
Please click here to email Miri now to register for the workshop 

Big HeartHugs,