Sunday, March 6, 2016

It was about being strong ~ Now it’s about being honest
It’s no longer about having to keep it together and having to present an image to the world...  a facade, your mask that says I’m good, I’ve got this…

It’s about discovering how to let go…
of every thing and
every way you thought you needed to be...
of every thing you think you need…

It’s about realizing that the things you hold on to for safety…
really aren't keeping you safe.

Love ~ God ~ The Divine  ~ The Force ~ Our True Nature
Is our True Source

We are waking up from a dream…
That we have worked and played so hard to keep intact

Letting go, surrendering…
 creating space for what wants to arise and grow and shine in you now…      

It's more like 
Holding On AND Letting Go
             are happening at the same time    

Breathing         Baby Steps    
Now there is space for this New...  For this very Truth of You
This Kernel of Light that has always been there...
It Is Time and It Is Happening

It feels like fire and destruction... It is
And all is held in a forcefield of 

It is Time. The door is opening… See that it is not you that is opening the door. It is being opened... Breathe Gently as you realize this…  The door is opening now and you are looking around in the basement of your life… where you have put so much stuff!  I know many of us have been clearing for awhile... and now we are going deeper and into the hidden places that want to be cleared out too.  Ah, this wild crazy human existence… 
So much stuff that covers our hearts… that closed the door to your heart
Come to the sea and surrender it all.    Breathe...  Allow
Allow and Receive what the sea brings back to you on the next wave
 ~Holding Tight AND Letting Go~ 
 Its okay to do it this way... 

We are not the stories we have constructed about ourselves… not this persona

We are being washed.  Breathe   Allow

We are being cleansed and purified in the Fire.   Breathe    Allow    Open

 We are LOVE

We are LOVE playing in form

We are LOVE weaving itself, delightfully dancing with itself here


LOVE    I AM Love    You Are Love    We Are Love    LOVE 
Hear the whispers in every cell of your body... awakening, stretching into 
The very Truth of You.   Remember~  I AM calling you Home  

 Let it burn...  let the fire of LOVE burn away all the delusions and illusions it created.  It is happening… all the pain is coming up now because it is ready to be burned up.  We are being consumed by the fire of LOVE.     

Allow…    Holding Tight WHILE Letting Go -
I AM in Love With You
Transmission through Miri Klements 3/5/16