Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tenderness was the word from the meditation at the Healing Circle.  Tenderness. Begin simply..... to cultivate a noticing of how you still hold parts of your self outside your own acceptance ( we’re not talking about forgiving and loving, just noticing).   Parts that you continue to judge - what you  hate, dislike, feel inadequate, get angry or feel disappointed about, how you wished you would be able to show up differently, to act, look or feel differently……    All the ways that we do not give ourselves permission to be or to feel. 

Begin with just noticing when we disconnect from something coming up inside of us, separating and judging it as not ok, not right, not acceptable.  It happens so quickly. Just notice and then take a deep breath and then a few more deep breaths, staying in the body and just allowing……….  Maybe you can  think of something now that you don’t have permission for…..
Nothing to do.  In this moment just allow everything to be there exactly as it is….noticing how you close your own heart to parts of you.  Just allow and let it be – what you just cant open your heart to - a pattern, a habit, a reaction/response to someone or something,  something you totally don’t accept about your self, something you think you should have done or not done, how you show up, how you wish you showed up.  Just notice, without story or words.  Just watch and allow.  A few deep breaths……no words, no stories…….. 

Now bring your attention down into your heart and allow tenderness to arise within you.  How does tenderness feel in your heart?  Maybe spend a few moments gently gazing at the pictures here and breathe…..look from one to the other and breathe and allow tender feelings to arise in your heart.  Maybe nothing is happening in your heart or your body.  Maybe it feels locked up and frozen.  This is ok.   All we are doing is noticing – no words, no explanations, stories.  Gently watching ~ softness  ~  tenderness and breath…. for what ever is coming up……being vulnerable, soft just for this moment… in a different possibility. 

Now, come back to the part of you that you don’t accept/like………no words, no conversation….again just a few deep breaths, and then allow the tenderness to come up and move those tender feelings towards ‘that’  part of you that you can’t accept.   Hold it tenderly if you can.  Hold yourself tenderly.  Perhaps the tension in your body is beginning to relax and soften……maybe notice what is going on in your heart, your body.  Deep breaths.   All we are doing is noticing – no words, no explanations, stories……. Tenderness……..breath….softness……for what ever is coming up…… vulnerable.  Whatever is happening is perfect for you right now.

Let whatever feelings come up, come up and wash through.  I just did this as I was writing to you and some deep painfilled sobs came up.  How cleansing.  More space.  Deep breaths.  We’re all human.  We have all got human stuff still.  Closing your heart to something about your self is so painful.  What we don’t accept in ourselves we keep projecting onto others and disliking and judging them for it. 

Maybe next time you judge your self you can stop and breathe and try something different – just noticing without stories, allowing, softness, breathing, tenderness……see your self as The Angels see you……    Thank you for showing up as we continue to release and shift into heartcentered consciousness.  Some days are sweet, some days are challenging…..

Try a little tenderness ~ Share a little tenderness

All Love


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

         Even more than Happy New Year-                            
                      Happy New Life Beloved 
                         New & Fulfilling Life!
There is no 'way'....there is only your way now, wherever you are.....and it is are you.     For You are The One....       
Remember that The Compass is there already, inside you.....Your very own Heart.  Can you follow Your Heart now Beloved.  Your Heart, will take you Home....... as we remember how to Compassionately Listen, Love and Honor Our Self. 
As you enter 2013 may you expand into & dance with amazing possibilites and deeply fulfilling adventures.
"Nothing can stop you, because you're not stopping you."  Panache Desai

Miri Message 12/31/12:  Can I be honest in this transmission? I’m not feeling ‘the ecstasy’ I thought I would. ‘Chop wood carry water……’   We are all still integrating and grounding these new energies for 2013…..a little between worlds…..I feel settled (and unsettled at times), quiet and there is a sense of okayness and of being held and carried……somewhat disconnected, not feeling like I want to do very much….in fact after months of feeling the pressure of much to do and almost never enough time…..I’m feeling a strange expansiveness around time, without the drive to do very much…….  At this moment, I cant say I am experiencing the ecstatic bliss some are enjoying……though there is a calm, and a spaciousness.   Perhaps allowing and integrating these energies of 12/12, 12/21 and 1/1, and I understand another wave is coming around 1/15.  I would say that I’m feeling a deep level of surrender, not by any effort…..just noticing a surrendering into what is…..allowing it to be as it is and not caring to change anything …..not able to resurrect that old way of thinking – I ‘should’ be doing something.   Feels like a quiet cocooned time for me. What are you experiencing; how are you feeling?
Something different I do notice is an intense need for integrity and honesty and transparency…..inner feelings/experiences and outer expressions have to align….      No more hiding anything! 
Yesterday I had the thought – what if you had no past?    How would you behave….what would you do?  Play with that. 
Feeling a bit like a newbee entering The Promised Land…..finding my way..... one breath, one step….and yet feeling quite grounded, open and spacious.  Again I share these messages with the hopes that my words are supporting, nurturing, affirming and uplifting for you.