Friday, July 28, 2017

~ Sinking into Self Compassion ~ 

Would You Like to Experience
Your Own Heart's Unconditional Love For You?

How do you really feel
When you shame, criticize, judge, or compare yourself with another? 

How much love, goodness, abundance are you open to receiving when YOU make yourself wrong, unworthy, bad, ashamed? 
I did this self-criticism dance for most of my life. 

About 15 years ago Spirit held up a mirror and
 I could no longer deny or ignore what I saw.

I saw that I did not have my true voice. I was not authentic.
I could not express my true feelings or needs. 

I saw that the way I spoke to myself wasn't empowering me.

I was literally chipping away at my self

and destroying my own feelings of self worth and joy,

which was keeping me from everything
I really wanted in my life.

Then I learned how to change all of it.
I can help you change your war against yourself too.  

Sinking into Self Compassion

Please join me in a workshop for 
Self-Acceptance and Self-Love
Sunday, August 13, 1-6pm 

If you are tired of:
* The judging, critical voices in your head that have you feeling like you're never good enough, worthy or okay as you are

* Always being kind, understanding and compassionate with others, and being impatient, frustrated, angry and mean with yourself

* Feeling like there is always something to fix or change about yourself or something to do better

Imagine that you can: 
* Stop being so hard on yourself and silence your inner critics

* Feel more lovable, worthy, and more comfortable in your own skin

* Be patient, understanding, kind, and accepting of yourself -
no matter what!

Miri creates a unique environment that facilitates
deep lasting transformation... by allowing you to
   * COMPASSIONATELY UNDERSTAND how you got to this place
of struggle and self rejection
* LEARN  HOW TO RELEASE your limiting patterns and beliefs
* REPLACE them with kindness and understanding for yourself

You will learn new ways to be with yourself and to talk to yourself that are supporting, healthy and healing. 
From here you create your new life. 

Using Interactive Dialogue, Teaching, Meditation, Art and Music 
I will help you connect with
Experience the Warmth and Compassion of your own heart
 thawing and opening the frozen places inside of you 

~ Welcome Home ~

When:   Sunday, August, 13, 1-6pm.
Where:  Light House Spiritual Center, 645 Carpenter Ave, Mooresville
Cost:     $111.

Space is limited.  Please click here now to register! 

💛   HeartHugs and Abundance of Blessings  💛 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

You're invited to an Introductory Workshop for 

Self Acceptance ~ Self Compassion

Self Love
Can you imagine how different your life would be if you lived with
Self Acceptance and Self Kindness instead of Rejecting, Shaming, Criticizing, Judging, Comparing and Hating parts of yourself?

Can you imagine how differently you might feel inside yourself?

I know because I lived there for most of my life and was so used to it... until about 15 years ago when my Spirit held up the mirror... and I could no longer avoid seeing how painful my self talk was and how, bit by bit, I was destroying my self and also limiting my life, my freedom and my creativity.  

Learning how to change these toxic limiting beliefs and patterns was one of the hardest, and also most important things I had to do for myself.  I'm not done... but I've come far enough to know that if you want to 
swim in the sea of self kindness, self love and inner harmony I can help you and it will truly transform your life. 

If you’re feeling the call to bring more self kindness and self acceptance into your life and aren’t sure how to begin… I was there and I would love to support you.  

Please join me for this Introductory Workshop
Self Acceptance ~ Self Compassion ~ Self Love 

I'll be sharing some of my key processes with you, so that you can begin to
re-connect with and open your Kind and Loving Heart to yourself.  

Using Teaching, Dialogue, Meditation and Music
* Explore WHY it’s been so hard to be kind and accepting with yourself
* Connect to your own heart and truly feel the compassion
and love for yourself
* Learn simple practices for how to begin to bring compassion,
kindness and acceptance to yourself

When: Thursday, July 13, 7-9 pm
Where:  Sanctuary Imports 822 Lamar Ave, Charlotte
Cost: $33.
Our Space is limited. Please email Miri to register

HeartHugs and Abundance of Blessings!!

Miri Klements
Sacred Transformation Coach ~ Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher
Pioneer for Self-Compassion