Thursday, February 21, 2013

It’s time to stop identifying your self as the character you have created.   It’s time to stop identifying your self as your personality, gender, your job, your status, your age, your history, your faults, your memories, your weaknesses, what parts of you still need to be corrected, healed, fixed.  It is time to claim your true identity.  We are in the process of removing the masks of our personality, the psychological entity that we’ve taken ourselves to be.

It is time Beloved – You are Only One Thing – You are Divine.  You are The Divine made manifest here  ……  You are The Divine.  
You are AS Holy as the most holy of saints, the wise and the godly/goodly ones  (I’m thinking Mother Teresa) who have come before to remind you.  You are as Holy because you are of the SAME substance.  You are as Holy because just like all the waves in the ocean are only 100% made of the same substance ……… so too – you are only of God Substance too, only 100% . At your very core, your trueselfbeingness is  the same as that of the Buddha, Jesus, Mary…   Feels strange doesn’t it.  So much easier to fall into judgment, doubt, criticism and not enough, not yet, need to fix this or that first……not good enough as I am.  I’ve still got these ‘few’ things, issues, this guilt and shame, these personality traits that I judge and call flaws, mistakes …… well………..    You’re looking in the wrong basket, the wrong mirror Beloved……

Stop.  Stop looking for your self through your weaknesses.  Breathe deeply.  Look out at the stars.  Look at the amazing colors of the sky at dawn, at dusk.  This is you.  Same~ Same.   Stop, please stop and open, breathe and receive the connections……  Let The Light of Your Divinity come in and expand and explode in you.

Let it touch your core, the same core essence that is within each and every one of us and explode a Remembrance that has been waiting to be born here on this planet.  As you let The Light of Your Divinity come in, it will shatter all these illusions and misunderstandings.  Nothing to do to earn it .  Just invite it in.   Remember.   Dare to see your self as holy, blessed and a blessing.  Each and every one of us.  You are Light Magnified here.  Namaste’

See the picture.  That’s an image of the Light of Your Being that is now ready and wanting to come into your body.  Let’s change the pictures people have been painting.  Let’s bring that Light into the body…..please……..  

A short and simple meditation to bring The Light of your Being into your body is on my Homepage at
The I AM Meditation is on the left side, almost at the bottom.  

 I AM In Love With You ~

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I thought about why I’m sharing this workshop with you now. Grace has been coming into my life more and more. As I think about what has brought Her/Grace into my life…… I would have to say that for me it is about the ability to more and more turn to those parts of my self that I have been estranged and disconnected from, parts of me that I could not/was not able to look at and acknowledge before, the parts that were cloaked in guilt and shame and the overwhelming emotions that were always there, but I was not able to allow, accept, or feel authentically.

It is about being able to FEEL, to acknowledge and to finally to be with and accept the discomforts, the shame,the anger, the pain …..all those uncomfortable and ‘previously’ unacceptable emotions and judgments and stories that I had against my self. All that was ‘wrong’ with me…...

More and more now, I can lean into life instead of pulling away from it. More and more I can acknowledge what is truly happening for me, acknowledge what is there and accept the feelings……and even put up boundaries or say no when I need to take care of me and be for my self. Loving and Attending to me. I am more authentic and more transparent…….because who cares!!! The masks and the walls are finally falling away

It has taken me years (maybe lifetimes!!) and as I am able to allow, accept and be, my heart opens more and more to me, and Grace fills my life. I am making Peace with me, I AM at Peace with me.  Abundance and Love fill my life. And yes, more ‘stuff continues to come up. There are still blips, big and small, on the screen….but they don’t last as long and there is so much less drama and fear, and more ability to be present to the emotions and sensations that I can finally let come up and move through me and be released. There is more authenticity and I love that I am free to love now in ways that I have not before. The word PERMISSION sits on top of my computer monitor. I have more PERMISSION than ever before for  the past to be as it was without judging and to feel, be, do what is arising for me– TO BE ME, as I AM – however I am showing up. And that is my job.  
 I Am living more and more in alignment with my Soul/Spirit, infused with The Divine that I AM……with so much less grasping, homage and concern for what is going on in the world, truly finally beginning to embody the knowing that my True Source and Substance is The Divine. No one and no things in this world are my true source. And it is not about not caring…..I care, I love, I cry, I hurt, I doubt and it’s all okay…. in ways I never thought possible. Grace.

For info about my upcoming workshop  Living Grace and Every Day Miracles

Friday, February 1, 2013

Every Day Living

I was out driving the other day and happened to look up when I was at a stop sign.  Above me was a bird and it was still….just being there in the sky.  No movement of wings, no soaring and gliding.  It was held there, gently.   Present, Aware, Still, Majestic and oh so magical how this can actually happen ……forces of the universe/nature that are beyond my eyes ability to see  ~ holding this magnificent creature gently in its place.

I observed it for a while and my first thoughts were:  Gee, I’m in a very ‘different’ place….. It’s been very quiet for me for an extended period of time.  My usual reference points (this is my life, this is how things happen, life feels ‘right and familiar  when this is present……) aren’t there so much.  This is somewhere I haven’t been before for such an extended period and some days I want to say:  Where did everyone go!  Anyone still with me?  Who am I?  Am I ok?  What’s going to happen….is this ‘normal’?   Anything wanting to happen…..oh, seems not.  And I clearly notice that I can’t get too involved with these questions and they easily pass like clouds in the sky.  I AM

 Now I know that some of you are off and running with the energies of 2013.  Lots of great things happening and moving for you.  For me it is quite the opposite.  Everything is quieter than ever before.  And the difference is that I AM quieter, slower, less reactive, there is pretty much no interest in drama….and when I am reacting and intensely feeling my way through something……it passes so much more quickly.    
The human mind very quickly looks to analyze, label and categorize our experiences….that’s it’s job.  As Presence/Our Divine Energies come more and more into our bodies, moving into our lives, perhaps this is how it feels.  It’s much quieter, calmer and there is very little movement to understand or label it…..tho it is curious J
And like the bird, unseen forces are holding us……holding us gently, lovingly, protectively~ Regardless of how things appear to our human eyes and thoughts – we are held, treasured, guided always and all ways. 
We are all on our path back Home……returning to living life from our True Essence instead of living life dominated by our personality’s struggles, pains, reactive patterns and beliefs….  Can you lean back and allow what ever is showing up in your life?
We are all designed to seek our natural state of harmony, peace and balance.  Either we are experiencing this harmony and peace OR our ‘stuff’ that is in the way of / the blockages to our Divine Peace are coming up so that these blockages can be seen and the feelings that hold it in place can be felt through and released  ……releasing them from our systems, never to return,  so that we can live as the Peace that is our natural birthright.
I used to believe that once I moved into higher consciousness, I would simply sit in bliss.  What a story that was.  Life continues to happen.  I get upset, I get frustrated, I cry when from out of nowhere stuff comes up for releasing, or I cry when I am deeply touched and my heart is breaking open, I have desires and preferences, things arrives as I wish they would and I get excited….then they leave and I wonder what that was about……   Sweet Gentle Surrender.  
Bottom line – I continue to live life…… And somehow I’m living it in a much more intimate way……and from a different perspective. Less resistance, more yeses.   There is much less fear, so much more allowing and living into every experience that comes.  And in this moment, perhaps I’m more like the bird.  Gently held in place while the storms continue all around me until I once again swoop and soar and glide. 
We are on the return Path……..perhaps this Quiet is the return of Presence in my life (ah, the human need to label J) .  This lack of frenetic movement and inner agitation (don’t we all know that one well J ) this new found ability/Presence  that has stayed for weeks, ……….. to simply rest in place, to breathe more deeply, to be with what is……
Wherever you are – it is so perfect……truly you are held and loved and guided and applauded for your ability to play at being human……as one friend describes it – we are God in Drag!!
And what is showing up in your life now, in 2013, to show you how much you have changed and released in 2012…….  I celebrate you.  I send you blessings of sweet patience, grace, and a big bushel of everyday miracles to enjoy.  Namaste’
And today I watched the vultures….they were flying in the sky……… AND then I watched as they just rode the currents without having to move their wings… they were carried on waves of energies and flow without having to do anything……they were carried to a new destination…….. get it??    :-)
All Love