Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 27     Monkey Mind Judge  -   A Miri Message

I sit on the edge of the river bank, the river of life……  I sit on the edge of the river bank…..the water ripples and flows by….

 Shall I enter…..    I sit…..

 I watch the water flowing……..  It is lovely, enticing…..  I notice a deep hesitation to move, to let go and step into this flowing river of life.   I sit.   Is it fear?
I sit on the edge of the river bank.   I dip my toes into the water and then I pull them out, pulling my feet and my whole body back up onto dry land. 

 Is It Me that is holding me back……or is it The Timeless, The Great Mystery that is holding me there, still …..

And then at the perfect Divine Moment I see that there is an easy letting go; there is movement now…. Entering the flowing river once again… in Divine Time….  

What was all that monkey mind chatter judging my sitting on the river bank… thoughts telling me that I should be doing something already….. doing something different already.  Judgment.   Doubt.  All that mind stuff.  While all along The Divine Is in its perfect Knowing and Timing…..  

It IS SHE who holds me in place until the perfect Divine Moment.   It is always SHE who gently eases me down off the river bank. 

Monkey Mind Judge……..I see you.  And I surrender to that greater Knowing of Divine Time and Moment….the perfect Flow, Harmony, Happenings and Integration of All of Life.  MonkeyMindJudge… Ah, it’s okay…..I don’t pay you any more notice now…..don’t give you any more of my energies.  

May we give ourselves permission to pause, when it is the time for pausing….   remembering and knowing that we will be moved….and only moved when it is time for moving…    Can we relax just a little ….. remembering that knowing ……

And can we be in joy……. can we choose joy ….. in the midst of all this…..

I AM in Love with You