Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Solstice Blessings    June 21, 2013
Beloved ~

I was going to finish this message with this short video…..I’m putting it at the beginning, so you don’t miss it.  ‘Imagine Peace’….. Feel….it’s a beautiful gift to feel….let your heart break open…
 Wow – it’s been up and down for many of us recently!  And the day of the Summer Solstice, the evening was absolutely perfect.  Clear, Present, Loving Energies, Gentle Breeze.  Well done Beloved – you helped create this Gracefilled Day. I hope you enjoyed the day and did something different and delicious for your self.  You deserve it!! 

What are you here for – to “be your self!!  Everyone else is taken!”   And now… remember how to accept all of you, because all of you…..every part of you is Divine, Holy, God.  There is nothing else.  You don’t have to do anything to earn this status.  It is who you are.  Let’s begin to move into and embody this Self Acceptance now….this Love of Self, of God in physical manifestation.  Holy, Pure, Perfect – You Are. 

Maybe I’ll write more tomorrow.  Today I just wanted to send you big hugs, celebrate YOU!!! and tell you how much I love you and admire your staying on this planet, during this crazy time of energies integrating, colliding, continuing to push up all the emotional and physical stuff that has been buried……it’s painful and challenging…..and still you stay! 

Thank you Mona and Ken for offering the labyrinth walk for the community at Baker Park.  It was exciting to see someone who had never walked a labyrinth before have the courage to walk it, to experience the loving support as she made her way along the pathways to arrive at the center - The Heart, The Beloved……Her Heart….because there is only One Heart…and it beats in all of us.  For me – the labyrinth walk was an opportunity to jump lanes.  I love jumping lanes, meaning doing something that allows me to show up totally different from who I believe my self to be, from how I’ve limited my self.  JUMP LANES – you can do it too! Just jump!

I’ve walked a labyrinth quite a bit.  The walking is a meditation … can be an opportunity to be in contemplation for what I want to receive, release, understand from another perspective, or sometimes it is just allowing myself to receive what is perfect for me….. AND THEN I come to the center of the labyrinth, The Divine, The Holy of Holies and bask in this Light, Divine Holy Energies. 

Most of us hesitate when we come to this place of Holiness in the center of the labyrinth.  Do we feel we are ready/worthy to move into the center and experience God’s Unconditional Love for us, or that we are ready to truly align with The Divine.   Most of us are still thinking - I still have something to do, to fix, to heal, to change, to get rid of, to grasp before I am worthy, ready…..before I am acceptable as I am.  This lack of self acceptance and the judgments against ourselves are so insidious…..we don’t even notice how constant this background noise of judgment is, and how it plays with us.  

Earlier in the day I had the impressions about my ‘jumping lanes’ at the labyrinth. The thought came - Forget all of this having to do something before I deem my self worthy/ready for Love (represented by walking the paths to the center).  No hesitation, asking, begging, questioning, because there is still something I think I don’t have correct, that I’m not okay ‘yet’, not ready yet for God acknowledgment.  
Tonight, for my self and for everyone there and for everyone on the planet - I was guided to walk directly into the center of the labyrinth, fully accepting my self as I am, as I AM, already Pure, Holy, Divine. Stand as the God that I AM, to stand there for everyone and claim me…. Walking without hesitation into the center, into the vibration of the Holy of Holies and as I did, I opened my arms wide and owned this!  I AM worthy now……I AM Holy, Pure, The Divine here, in this body.  Jesus, Buddha, you, me - same~same – one energy manifesting, vibrating in us, as us. ONE DIVINE ENERGY, Holy Pure – you, me, One Source Energy.

God in this body.  I just love ‘jumping lanes’… felt powerful and different and no more fooling around, hiding my self, making my self small, lying to me about me. I am LOVED and LOVABLE exactly as I AM!   JUST LIKE YOU!!  So let’s stop right now…..put your arms around your self and give your self a hug, a big yummy hug and say I Love You to your self.  Feel those arms hugging and loving you. Rock a little and say – well done Beloved, well done, I Love You. Take a deeeep breath.

I see You ~  I AM in Love with You


Sunday, June 9, 2013

May 30 - Allowing Emotions to Come Up

Beloved ~
I feel like a caterpillar in the cocoon these past few weeks….once again feeling like I prefer/actually need the quiet and my own company, not the crowds and being with people.  And like the caterpillar I feel things are definitely moving and changing……and I’m in the dark about the exact details…..

Do you feel like you/we are opening to something way different than we have ever experienced before……and you don’t really have details and specifics for this.....

What do I know about this phase…..and yet I sense something happening with those imaginal cells that they speak about when the caterpillar is in the cocoon.  Here is a beautiful short video from Deepak Chopra about imaginal cells,  butterflies and how these imaginal cells are about us too.
EMOTIONS - ENERGY IN MOTION. These times are about getting in touch with, allowing, being with and feeling our emotions.  We are healing the great disconnect that we have had with them…….and we have everything we need to accomplish this heartfelt and very important healing. 

All of the ways we go into thinking takes us away from feeling.  Notice this…..  it’s ok.  We’ve been wired to disconnect…..when emotions come up and we do not have permission to feel them or they feel too big, to scary to feel and we did not/ do not have someone to support us in navigating and allowing them…..we push them down deep inside ourselves and disconnect from them.  Life is meant to flow…..everything moves, changes…..  When we have not allowed these energies in motion – these emotions – to flow through and be felt ….yes, felt all the way without judgment, punishment, shame or story which is what stops the flow …..  these energies must, by our Divine Design Nature, come back up at some point for release … that they can once again join the flow of Light, of Energy.  Everything is meant to simply flow.

In my life so many ‘painfilled feelings’ are making their way up and into my awareness so I can finally say YES to them….. and be present to them.  I can now turn towards them and see what has been covered up. I can feel them and even ask them what they need……..    What am I ready to feel, to see. Byron Katie says her thoughts are like her children so for me these feelings/emotions are part of me, part of Awareness / Consciousness and I am no longer wanting to turn away from them…..and I am ‘usually’ no longer afraid to feel them (until one day something does grab me and it is very difficult….and even these, these too, I have discovered how to be tender with my self and with them and allow Grace to do the work.  That’s another message : -)  

So this morning I had another experience of a buried emotion wanting to come up.  Here’s what happened:  I caught a glimpse of an email as it was coming in …. It was in response to something I had done for another.  I did something for someone,  but I didn’t ask for permission,.  Rather I checked in intuitively and did what felt strongly like the right thing to do.  I wasn’t 100% sure how she would respond….and when I caught a few words in her email I defaulted to the place of I’m going to get into trouble here.  I observed the thinking and the heavy sinking feeling and I realized…. wow, so much a little child thought.  And I just watched it. 

I took a deep breath and distracted myself with something else.  A few minutes later I went to the email and with a little bit of trepidation and not breathing…I opened it up.  It was full of love and gratitude and of course I felt relieved and I also started to cry, actually to sob from some deep place in me.  The place that had been holding this constellation of pain energy that was all about ‘expecting to be yelled at.’  It was coming up in sobs…and I could be so tender with my self now instead of the shame or guilt or _____ I would have felt in the past.  The sobbing subsided.  Just allowing and watching and I noticed my arms moving around me, giving me a big hug.   Then more sobbing bubbled up.  I just allowed it.  No need to think and analyze what events caused it.  JUST let the emotion come up and allow it to run its course.  As I share this with you, I notice some sadness, some tenderness still ….. of course……  

Now I am in Love with this form of Release because this is Healing Presence and Love in action.  Just be present, allow what is coming up…..  let it come up so you can feel it through.  Let it all come up but do your best not to jump into analysis, looking for cause.  Just feel.   And then you too will notice a sense of completion.  This is all that is needed.  The constellation of stuck energy is unraveling and Grace will take care of the rest.  I have been given many opportunities to experience the deep healing and true and total shift that happens when I can finally be present, allow, feel …..just being with what is coming up without thought, analyses, judgments……   ((If this has been ‘stuck’ in me, obviously there were many times when I was blamed 'inappropriately' and this morning was my golden gracefilled opportunity to see this, to allow it……))  and maybe more will come up.  I don’t know.  Always something new Unfolds so that I can finally allow Love to Enfold me .   
I AM in Love with You~