Thursday, February 16, 2017

 "Do not wait for perfection
to be the continuous way
in which you live
before you celebrate.
Whenever there is a crack
in the shell of illusion, give a party.
When you catch the sun
streaming through the clouds,
buy yourself a dozen roses.
Whenever you feel
like waltzing down the street,
let nothing stop you.

Is joy the dance?  Is that all there is?

To get to that joy,
one must recognize in oneself
and in others
that the suffering is not the person.
Joy is.
A miracle is waiting for you -
not to create it, but to remember it.

You are not a beggar at the table of life.
You are the honored guest."

From Emmanuel's Book III -What is an Angel Doing Here? 


I was having a moment of feeling forlorn.  That's probably too dramatic a word.  

It was a moment of 'following my thoughts and slipping into doubt about myself..."
I know - one of the 'teachings' is to allow things to be as they are....

But I like feeling happy and light.  Of course I prefer that!
And now, many times I can choose, can change how I'm feeling....

I'm not suggesting that you avoid your feelings.  At times it is very necessary and important to allow yourself to feel the painful emotions and learn how to be a compassionate presence for yourself. Other times, one can choose joy ipo doubt and self bullying.  

So I pulled the book off my shelf, opened to a page and started reading the words that I copied for you above.   

It made me smile, lightened my heart, brought the sunshine back and  
totally changed my vibration .  So I'm sharing some of this sparkle with you.

Think outside the pillbox.  
If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, monkey mind, chronic illness, or roller coaster emotions and feel like you can't move forward

or need help with some difficult emotions or inability
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