Monday, May 15, 2017


Beloved ~ I find myself once again at a major ending in my life, which means that something new is coming.  A dear friend once told me - It's not when one door closes that another will open.  It is - When one door is closing, another door is already opening!  

I know many of you are feeling this completion and new beginnings too. Giving Birth is uncomfortable...  and we are too far along in the birthing to go any direction other than forward.  I remind myself that whatever is next- my success is assured.  That's just the way it works.  

Not success according to my ego's ideas - success according to my Divine Plan, my Divine Template. 

I am great at Working Hard and Doing.  Now... at this time, I am called to something different.  I can no longer exert great effort, in my old 'doing' ways. I can no longer exert 'my will.'

I am called into more Being. I find I am more and more able to choose to follow the flow, the inner guidance and I AM Allowing and Receiving and Trusting -that everything I need comes to me as I need it, so that I can actualize my highest potential here.   

I am allowing myself to receive the support in every way it can come * and recognizing that it IS here and will continue to be here!  Pretty amazing for a Type A, lone wolf and I can take care of everything type person.  I know how to 'be responsible' and take care of so much.  This way of living is no longer.

You too? Deep changes?  It's quite the unraveling!

The lone wolf  and being the responsible one were the costumes many of us wore for a while...  We are in the process of taking these patterns/costumes off.  We need to be gentle with ourselves, because this all seems to take time.

We are realizing that it is all about collaboration and allowing The Divine Plan to flow through us now... creating a magnetic resonance that draws to us everything we need.  

I AM / We Are Connected to a Divine Directive of Fulfillment. 

I love reading.

"Flames of Grace, An Adventure of Spirit" by Susan Walker called to me earlier today.  I had read it at least ten years ago. 

This morning, I took the book off the shelf, and as I always do with a book that I know has a message for me in the moment... I held it to my heart and then thumbed through and allowed it to open where it wanted to open.  

Here is the chapter from "Flames of Grace" that I opened to...  called:

'Heaven to Earth.'  The texts in bold are mine.

Susan Walker writes:
"As I continued on my journey with the feminine Masters, I began to reflect on my spiritual path.  At that point in my evolution, I had passed through seven spiritual thresholds, each representing one of the seven major chakras. Giving away all that I had, evoked the final of these clearings.  Each passage had been massive, and as I had muddled my way through, I had many moments of wondering if I would survive each one.

The last few years had felt like a constant process of peeling away all that had been taught was truth.  I had left behind just about everything I was raised to hold dear.  I had left the academic world, the professional world and my family values.  I had left men I loved and money I believed kept me safe.  I had lived through a perpetual test of hearing Divine guidance and making the choice to follow all that I knew to be true in my heart, even as fear coursed through my veins.

As I had passed through each doorway and the gifts were showered upon me, it was easy to see the grace in it all.  But there was always a period of extreme darkness just before the end of each tunnel, when all of the fear was making its final attempt to be honored, and I wondered if I would make it to the clearing.

The beings of light who accompanied my journey knew it was my prayer that others would pass through the tunnels with more ease than I, just as my path had been smoothed by those who had come before me.  So whenever I contemplated quitting the entire spiritual process, they were quick to remind me that every moment one person honors truth, it becomes easier for every other person that walks on this earth to do the same. 

In my search for that which could fill me, I had honored my guidance, and time and time again, the world of spirit graced me with love, generosity and blessings. Along the way, I came to realize that my role, like all others, is to bring the seemingly separate world of spirit and matter together.

While I had been gifted with a beautiful connection to the spirit world, I could feel that my true work would be rooted in the physical.  The importance of my life would be in bringing the grace of the heavens to the earth plane and to all of us who walk upon Her. The importance of my life would be in bringing the grace of the heavens to the earth plane and to all of us who walk upon Her."  Susan Walker

 You know who you are, and you know why I am sharing this with you today.  

                            -Stop criticizing your self please.  Please do not give up - you are exactly where you are meant to be.  The caterpillar does not reject the darkness of its cocoon.  It knows it is a necessary part of the journey and supports its deepest transformations. 

                            -Get support.  Sometimes it's a vulnerable conversation with a friend.  Sometimes it's working with a professional like me, who can help you see from a different perspective, and support you to hold the Light of your true vibration, so you can  more easily make your way across the bridge.   

We are living in new vibrations now.  What took so long to work through before – now with the ‘right tools, understandings and wisdoms’,  we can shift more and more quickly.

I am all about helping you lift your self out of our old patterns and ways that no longer serve you.... as quickly and efficiently as possible.   


Are you tired of feeling stuck, anxious, depressed?

If you're ready for faster shifts, new tools and understandings,

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HeartHugs and Abundance of Blessings!

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