Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Transforming How We See, Label and Define Ourselves

Beloved -  I’m inspired to share more about the subject from my last email - A Time of Endings and New Beginnings.  If you missed the message, you can read it below this one.

Endings and New Beginnings is not necessarily about the end of a relationship or career or a move you are having to make, though it can be.

Sometimes it can also be the end of the way you know yourself, label or define your self, especially the qualities about your self that you take great pride in… 

We can be so rock solid about our qualities and how we see ourselves.

We say - 'This is me...   I'm  ______. This is what I do best.  I'm not like that at all.  I can't be like that.  Oh, I would never do that! '  

Some of these qualities are there because they are actually part of our best coping self - the part of us that we developed in order to survive and thrive in an overwhelming or painful world. .

Here's an example - I'm a take charge person, often a leader.   I like that part of me,  and I see that sometimes it is to the extreme of being 'controlling'... thinking/believing that I need to do everything myself, having a hard time trusting others to do the tasks right, not being great at delegating. Familiar to some of you? 

This life is a play, and the parts we have been playing and the costumes we have been wearing are changing and this includes how we know, label and define ourselves.

We are being invited to see with greater honesty and self compassion about how we define ourselves, which in turn LIMITS us and what we think we are capable of. 

I  am also noticing that some of these rock solid qualities are not so solid.... Is this you too?  Do you also notice that you are beginning to show up differently, and are behaving in ways or making choices that are 'uncharacteristic' of how you have defined yourself?

You might be asking yourself - Hmmmm, Who am I??

We are disconnecting from patterns of who we think we are, how we need to show up to be liked and accepted... or what our 'right' path / goal is.

Maybe you are also noticing more emotions bubbling up ...

A new part of ourselves is already beginning to come forth.

We are disconnecting from who we think we are,
to discover who we truly are as we shift into
Soul Alignment ipo Ego Alignment. 

I know it's quite unsettling... and it's also quite exciting! 

Here's a short video I made for you on
Transforming how we see, label and define ourselves. 


We are Spirit having this human experience and a chapter is ending, Our Spirit is bringing forth something new.... and the new is more brilliant, amazing, clear, grounded and balanced than we could imagine or create an intention for!

Perhaps it's better not to create an intention which can be limiting.... and simply Allow Spirit to have her way with you.  She ultimately will !!
Are you finding yourself navigating through old stuff, the tender sensitive places... feeling uncomfortable and more vulnerable?

Would you like to stop beating yourself up about your inability to let go, and learn a better way to navigate through this change?

Would you like to have more 

compassion, understanding and kindness towards yourself 

instead of rejection, blame and shame for your self?  

If you would like support during your transformation process, please contact me for your free 30 minute phone consultation. hedymiri@gmail.com

If you missed my blog post about - 'Heaven to Earth,'  you can read it below. 

"My Complimentary Consultation.  
Miri, you were a blessing to me at my time of need. 

I was embarking on a move to someplace completely foreign to me and I was doing it alone for the very first time in my life.  

I read Miri’s email and I took advantage of the Complementary Consultation that Miri offered and was so comforted and inspired by her genuine warmth, connection and knowledge.  

It calmed the alarms that were going off in my head, got me recommitted to my inner truth and fueled trust and faith in the divine to a new degree of intensity. Thank you Miri. I have had another session with Miri and highly recommend her to anyone looking for some truly inspirational connection to spirit.  I look forward to working with her more in the future.”    DSA

If you're ready for faster shifts, new tools and understandings...

if you're tired of feeling stuck, anxious, depressed

please contact me for a FREE 30 minute Discovery Consultation. 

Big HeartHugs and Abundance of Blessings!


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