Monday, June 26, 2017

"I See Your True Colors Shining Through"

Beloved -  We are so amazing… and it is so hard for us to see~ 

It’s no small thing to be willing to re-examine your self and your life
because you have come to have a healthy respect for the Awareness that arises with some of your habitual responses to life and people… I’m talking about the time when you just know that these old habits and patterns no longer feel good, appropriate, healthy or right for who you are now or for who you want to be.  

Ugh.  Today and yesterday was all about this. What a birthday gift!   

Our lives are becoming more transparent.  Sometimes it’s hard to look and know what to do with the mess or pain you feel inside of yourself… with the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.
What should I DO? 
I remind myself of the medicine that asks us to wait with as much SELF COMPASSION, SELF KINDNESS AND PATIENCE as we can give ourselves.  To BE with what is arising, with everything, as best we can... 

to get out of our heads and notice what we are feeling in our body – the sensations…

Can we acknowledge our true feelings?

Today it was hard for that part of me that learned to show up strong, deny my needs and feelings and take care of my family first….

To say: ‘I’m scared.  I’m afraid.’  It’s a challenge for me to acknowledge and say that, even though I know it is the little girl inside of me speaking who never had anyone to listen to her, and she needs someone (me) to hear her now and not dismiss or diminish her. It’s time.

Perhaps call a dear friend. counselor, or coach that you can trust…. who can listen and hold sacred space... be your holy witness.

My friend sang this song to me today - 'TRUE COLORS'- and I’m sharing it with you, because if I need it…. some of you need it too. The link to the song True Colors is below:

Speaking out loud and feeling safe to do so changes everything…. and allows what was stuffed and stuck to move and to rearrange itself into a more harmonious pattern that is reflective and supportive of who you are now... of the adult you are now….

so that you don’t keep living with your old reactive, protective and life limiting patterns – originally created by the brilliant innocent child who created these genius coping skills and patterns in order to protect and survive.  

We aren’t the child we once were. And it takes great courage to look honestly, and to speak honestly.  It’s hard, and yet I know this is where True Freedom and Opportunities for true lasting Transformation reside. 

 What are you being called to do? Mine is to look again at my beliefs (mostly unconscious) and assumptions, to feel my feelings, to listen and to take care of the little girl inside of me who did not have an adult capable of doing that for her.

I know how important and life changing it is to have someone who Listens with Compassion and Respect.  

Please join me at Circle of Namaste’ - A Sacred Talking Circle 
Thursday, June 29, 7-8:30pm at Sanctuary Imports, Charlotte. 

Are you ready to reconnect with
the Wisdom and Self-Compassion within yourself?

In this Sacred Talking Circle, we will hold the intention of Namaste’.

We will not offer advice or try to fix or change anyone.

We will simply listen deeply from our hearts and
focus on the Divine in ourselves and in each other.  

In this safe space, each one will have an opportunity to speak about what they are struggling with or seeking clarity for. 

As we speak and share we will discover the truths, answers, solutions, wisdoms, self-compassion and self-acceptance...  already there … within.

Our Circle of Namaste’ is about
Recognizing and Receiving The Divine in ourselves and
Allowing ourselves to Know what we Know and that we Know.

Please join us - 
WHEN:    Thursday, June 29, 7-8:30pm
WHERE:  Sanctuary Imports  822 Lamar Ave., Charlotte, NC 28204
COST:      $5.
TO REGISTER:   Please Call 980-237-4780

click here for the   TRUE COLORS link

I see your True Colors shining through - you are amazing, bright,
beautiful and lovable exactly as you are!  

HeartHugs and Abundance of Blessings!

Miri Klements
Sacred Transformation Coach ~ Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher
Pioneer for Self-Compassion

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